University of Rhode Island Small Research Vessel Policy


ORIGINATORS: Graduate Studies, Research and Outreach

DATE: December 2003

POLICY #03-3


PURPOSE: The purpose of the University of Rhode Island Boat Program is to assure that all boats utilized for University educational, research, and outreach activities are appropriately outfitted, reliable, safely operated and managed, and cost effective. The use of boats is essential to the teaching, outreach, and research missions of the University of Rhode Island. Therefore, effort will be made to promote the availability of small boats.

APPLICABLE TO: This policy is applicable to any University of Rhode Island educational, research, or outreach activity regardless of location or source of funding. It applies to all vessels less than 100 feet in length. Each faculty member, staff member, or student involved in the use of boats for instructional, research, and outreach programs of the University, is directly responsible for the safe and legal use of boats. The use of boats in sports, recreation, and on the Alton Jones campus is excluded from this policy.

RESPONSIBILITY: The Vice Provost for Graduate Studies, Research and Outreach is responsible for the general supervision of the Small Research Vessel Program . A standing committee, the Small Research Vessel Control Board (SRVCB), will be appointed by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, in consultation with the deans, to administer the day-to-day operations of the University's Small Research Vessel Program. A committee chair will be recommended by the membership of the SRVCB and appointed by the Provost.

The membership of the SRVCB will be representative of the URI user community.

Membership will be as follows: *

* This distribution is based on the current distribution of boat users and is subject to annual review.

POLICY: All applicable boating activities carried out by URI employees or students as part of their duties fall within the purview of the SRVCB. All such activities must conform to the standards and procedures of the SRVCB regardless of location or ownership of the boat(s) being used by URI employees or students.

All research activity, educational or outreach activities under the jurisdiction or control of URI and involving the use of small boats shall be reviewed and approved by the SRVCB. The Committee will be responsible for preparing, and enforcing guidelines and standards for the boat program. The committee will be responsible for preparing, and enforcing guidelines and standards for the boat program. In addition to its regulatory function, the SRVCB will be responsible for facilitating and improving the URI small research vessel program. Program guidelines and standards will address, at a minimum, training and certification of operators and users; physical status of boats and related equipment such as safety gear, trailers, and tow vehicles; insurance; licenses; operational constraints; and charters. The SRVCB will develop formal course training and record keeping procedures. The Research Office, Division of Compliance will provide administrative support.


BOAT: A watercraft of less than 100 feet LOA.

CERTIFICATION: A formal process by which a potential boat operator or user demonstrates required knowledge and skill before being allowed to use a boat.