April 11, 2001


Faculty Senate Curricular Affairs Committee

Three Hundred and Ninety-Seventh Report

At the Curricular Affairs Committee's meeting of April 9, 2001 the following matters were considered and are now presented to the Faculty Senate.


Informational Matters

College of Arts and Sciences

1. Department of Economics

a. CHANGE: Title for ECN 337 to "Industrial Organization and Public Policy."

*b. CROSS-LIST: LRS 480 as "LRS 480 (or ECN 480) Seminar in Labor Studies."

*No action by Graduate Council. Not for graduate credit.

2. Department of English and African and African-American Studies Program

CHANGE: Prerequisite for ENG 364 (or AAF 364) by deleting AAF 250.

3. Department of History

a. CHANGE: Title of HIS 339 to "Emergence of Industrial America: 1877-1914."

b. CHANGE: Title and description for the following courses:

1) HIS 340 United States History from 1914 to 1941 (3) Social, political and economic developments in the U.S. from the onset of WW I through the end of the Great Depression.

2) HIS 341 United States History from 1941 to 1974 (3) U.S. Involvement in WW II. Social, political and economic developments in the postwar era. Equal emphasis on the domestic sphere and America's role in world affairs.

4. Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

ADD: The following temporary courses:

1) CLA 292X Bioscientific Terminology (3) Students learn Greek and Latin roots of bioscientific terminology. Course goal is to learn to deduce the meaning of new terms. Not for major, minor, or general education credit. (Lec. 3)

2) GER 211X Introduction to Scientific German (1) Study of scientific text with emphasis on the acquisition of vocabulary and grammatical structures pertinent to German for science and engineering. (Lec. 1)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Curricular matters which require confirmation by the Faculty Senate

College of Arts and Sciences

Department of History

ADD: The following new courses:

1) HIS 366 Black Political Thought During the Age of Civil Rights and Black Power (3) Examines black social and political thought during the Civil Rights and Black Power eras. (Lec. 3) Pre: Junior standing or permission of instructor.

2) HIS 367 Contemporary African-American Political Thought (3) Examines the contradictions of American social and public policy over the past quarter-century and analyses black responses to a shifting domestic and international terrain. (Lec. 3) Pre: Junior standing or permission of instructor.