University of Rhode Island

Faculty Senate


March 26, 2003


Faculty Senate Curricular Affairs Committee

Four Hundred Thirteenth Report


At the March 17, 2003 meeting of the Curricular Affairs Committee, the following matters were considered and are now presented to the Faculty Senate.


Informational Matters

A. College of Arts and Sciences

1. Department of Art

CHANGE: Title and description for the following courses:

1) ART 204 Digital Art and Design I (3)

Introduction to various digital technologies used in the production of fine art and applied design. Students gain the basic technical skills and theoretical knowledge of digital still imaging, animation and interactivity information design. (Studio 6)

2) ART 304 Digital Art and Design II (3)

Continuation of 204 with an emphasis on the development of professional quality resources, content and output. Assignments cover the fundamental elements of graphic design in the digital environment and the cross influences between fine art, mass media and new media. (Studio 6) Pre: 204.

2. Department of Theatre

a. CHANGE: Description for the following courses:

1) THE 111 Introduction to Acting by deleting "directing, stage design, stagecraft, and playwriting."

2) THE 250 Costume Laboratory by deleting "drafting theatrical patterns."

3) THE 350 Makeup by replacing "with chiaroscuro, prosthetics" with "..with prosthetics, wigs, and facial hair." Open to senior theatre majors only. Others by permission of instructor

4) THE 371 Stage Lighting by replacing "Šdesign projects introducesŠ" with "Šdesign projects and lab work introducesŠ"

b. CHANGE: Prerequisites for the following courses:

1) THE 211 Basic Acting to "Pre: 111, 112 and concurrent enrollment in 213."

2) THE 212 Basic Acting by deleting "Permission of instructor."

3) THE 300 Problems in Theatre Studies by deleting prerequisite.

4) THE 301 Acting Workshop by deleting prerequisite.

5) THE 311 Intermediate Acting by deleting "211" and "Permission of instructor."

6) THE 312 Intermediate Acting by deleting "Permission of Instructor."

3. Women's Studies Program

CHANGE: Description for WMS 150 Introduction to Women's Studies (3) by deleting "in American culture."

B. College of Human Science and Services

Department of Human Development and Family Studies

CHANGE: Prerequisite for HDF 303 to "Pre: 301 and admission to the early childhood education program or permission of instructor."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Curricular Matters Which Require Confirmation by the Faculty Senate

A. College of Arts and Sciences

1. Department of Art

a. ADD: ART 306 Digital Art and Design III (3)

Continuation of ART 304 with an emphasis on contemporary issues related to art, information technology, and social influence. Students are required to develop web-based projects from lecture materials, readings, and independent research. Pre: 304.

b. CHANGE: Curriculum for the B.A. in Art Studio by adding ART 204 and 304 to the list of sequences from which majors may choose.

2. Department of Biological Sciences

a. CHANGE: Title, credits description and method of instruction for BIO 311:

BIO 311 Plant Structure and Development (4)

Structure of vascular plant cells, tissues and organs. cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling developmental processes including cell division, leaf initiation, epidermal patterning and vascular differentiation. (Lec. 3, Lab. 3) Pre: 102 or permission of instructor.

b. CHANGE: The B.S. in Biological Sciences and the B.S. in Marine Biology areas from which students must take one course in four of the six areas as follows:

1) Change "Ecology" area to "Ecology and Evolution" and replace "BIO 206" with "BIO 350 (or GEO 350)."

2) Add BIO 311 and BIO 353 to Cell and Development area.

3) Add BIO 323, 432 and 465 to Organismal Diversity area.

c. CHANGE: The B.S. in Biological Sciences and the B.S. in Marine Biology by deleting option of fulfilling the Physics requirement with PHY 213, 214, 285, 286.

d. CHANGE: The B.S. in Marine Biology as follows:

1) add BIO 360 to the list of required courses:

2) add BIO 304 and BIO 466 to the Organismal Diversity area;

3) replace BIO 354 and BIO 541 with OCG 420, OCG 576, and MIC 211 on the list of professional electives from which students may take 9;

4) remove MIC 211 from the list of required courses;

5) increase the number of professional elective credits from 9 to 11.

3. Department of Theatre

a. CHANGE: The B.F.A. curriculum in Theatre as follows:

1) B.F.A. Core program requirements by requiring 3 courses rather than 2 to be selected from THE 381, 382, 383, 384, 481 and by changing the number of hours in the core from 34 to 37 to accommodate this addition.

2) Acting specialization by changing the requirement of THE 117 to THE 112 and by changing the total number of credits required from 133 to 136.

3) Design and Technology specialization by changing total credits required from 130 to 133 to accommodate the additional required course in the Core requirements.

4) Directing specialization by deleting the requirement of THE 481 or 482 or 483 or 484 and by deleting THE 411, 417, 412, and 418 (8) as a requirement.

5) Stage Management specialization by changing the total number of hours required from 130 to 133 to accommodate the change in the Core curriculum.

b. CHANGE: The B.A. curriculum in Theatre by substituting THE 112 for THE 117.

B. College of Engineering

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

DELETE: CVE 251 CADD Laboratory for Civil Engineers (1)

C. College of the Environment and Life Sciences

Department of Plant Sciences

a. DELETE: The following courses

1) PLS 107 (or BIO 107) Plant Biology Seminar (1).

2) PLS 305 Population, Environment, and Plant Biology II (4)

3) PLS 315 Introduction to Horticulture Therapy (3)

4) PLS 324 Vegetable Science (3)

b. CHANGE: Title, description and prerequisite for PLS 350:

PLS 350 Herbaceous Garden Plants (3)

Identification and use of annual and perennial herbaceous ornamental plants in the landscape. Emphasis on sustainable landscaping and the use of native plants. (Lec. 2, Lab. 2) Pre: 150 or permission of instructor.

D. Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Continuing Education

Bachelor of General Studies

CHANGE: Requirement for the B.G.S. in Health Services Administration as follows:


Proposed Degree Plan

BGS 100


URI 101B


General Education






General Electives


Senior Project (BGS 399)




Proposed Major

BGS 100 - Pro Seminar


URI 101B -Traditions & Transformations


General Education Program (including 3 BGS seminars)




BGS 399 - Senior Project

Major: (30 credits)

ACC 201 - Financial Accounting


ECN 201 - Principles of Economics: Micro


ECN 360 - Health Economics


HDF 202 - Research Perspectives in HDF


HDF 357 - Family and Community Health


HSA 360 - Health Services Administration


HSA 380 - Introductory Practicum in Health Services Administration


PHL 314 - Ethical Problems in Society & Medicine


PSC 481 - Political Science Seminar: Health Care Policy & Politics



SOC 224 - Health, Illness, and Medical Care


Minor: (18 credits) 2


T otal


1 Electives: Students are encouraged to take the following electives as part of the 24 credits: NUR 103, CSC 101

2 Minor: With the approval of the BGS Coordinator and an appropriate faculty member and/or department chair, students may choose from departmental or interdepartmental minors listed in the University Catalog or may design an individualized minor. Examples of individualized minors are those that might focus on the political and social systems related to the health field, aging, communications, or health or nursing home administration.

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Joint Report of the Curricular Affairs Committee and Graduate Council on 400-level courses

At the March 17, 2003 meeting of the Curricular Affairs Committee and the January 31, 2003 meeting of the Graduate Council the following matters were considered and are now presented to the Faculty Senate.

A. Informational Matters

*1. College of Arts and Sciences

a. Department of Art

CHANGE: Title and description for ART 404:

ART 404 Digital Art and Design IV (3)

Independent work in digital art and design under the supervision of instructor. Students present project proposals and are guided in the development of a professional multimedia portfolio. (Studio 6) Pre: 306 and permission of instructor and department chair. May be repeated once for credit with permission of instructor and department chair.

*No action by the Graduate Council. Not for graduate credit.

b. Department of Theatre

1) CHANGE: Description for THE 420 Advanced Directing Practice (1-3) by adding "weekly tutorial required" after "... upon completion."

2) CHANGE: Prerequisite for the following courses:

a) THE 400 Advanced Individual Problems in Theatre Studies (1-3) and THE 401 Advanced Special Group Studies (1-3) by deleting prerequisite;

b) THE 411 Scene Study (3) by deleting " 311."

c) THE 412 Scene Study (3) by deleting "permission of instructor."

2. College of the Environment and Life Sciences

Department of Fisheries, Animal and Veterinary Sciences

**1) CHANGE: Prerequisite for AFS 400, 425, 432 and 483 from "281" to "102."

**2) CHANGE: Prerequisite for AFS 481 from "381" to "201."

**Former prerequisite courses no longer exist.

B. Curricular Matters Which Require Confirmation by the Faculty Senate.

1. College of Arts and Sciences

a. Department of Biological Sciences

ADD: The following courses:

a) BIO 475 Coral Reef Ecology (5)

Structure and function of coral reef ecosystems with emphasis on the biology of corals. Laboratory sessions focus on field surveys and research techniques. (Practicum, Lab. 8) Taught in Bermuda. Pre: 262 and junior standing; SCUBA certification required.

b) BIO 495 Tropical Marine Biology Research (6)

Independent marine research in Bermuda. Topics may include marine ecology, physiology, systematics, etc. Proposal, oral report and project paper required. (Practicum, Lab. 12). Taught in Bermuda. Pre: Junior standing 475, 469.

*b. Department of Psychology

CHANGE: PSY 499 by increasing the maximum number of credits to 12 as follows:

PSY 499 Psychology Practicum (1-6)

... May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits. No more than 6 credits may be taken in one semester. Not for major credit in psychology. S/U only.

*2. College of Human Science Services

DELETE: TMD 422 Fashion Retailing Seminar (1)

*No action by Graduate Council. Not for graduate credit