University of Rhode Island
Faculty Senate

                                                                     December 16, 2005    

Faculty Senate Curricular Affairs Committee
Four Hundred Thirty-Eighth Report

At the December 12, 2005 meeting of the Curricular Affairs Committee the following matters were considered and are now presented to the Faculty Senate.


Informational Matters

A. College of Arts and Sciences

Department of History and African and African American Studies Program

CHANGE: Prerequisite for HIS 366 (or AAF 366) and HIS 367 (or AAF 367) to “Pre:  sophomore standing.”

B. College of Human Science and Services

Department of Kinesiology

ADD:  KIN 308X Health Instruction (3)
Instruction in contemporary techniques used in health education and intervention programs in school and community.  Students review and practice planning and instructional techniques of education, intervention, treatment, and rehabilitation programs. (Lec. 3) Pre: KIN major.    

C. Repeatability of Open-ended courses     

An open-ended course that does not specify the number of credits for which topics may be repeated, will be considered “May be repeated for a total of 9 credits.”   


Matters that Require Confirmation by the Faculty Senate

College of Arts and Sciences

1. Department of Political Science

ADD: PSC 312 Topics in Political Science (3)
Critical study of selected topics.  Subject will vary according to the expertise and availability of instructors. (Lec. 3) Pre:  Open to any major.  May be repeated for a total of 9 credits.

2. Department of Sociology and Anthropology

a. ADD:  A new criminal justice option within the B.S. Degree in Applied Sociology as follows:

B. S. in Applied Sociology option in Criminal Justice

126 credits are required for graduation. The total number of required sociology credits is 36.

In addition to SOC 100, 301, and two courses in the area of social inequality (from SOC 240, 242, 336, 413, 428, 452), there will be four courses required of all students selecting the Criminology and Criminal Justice option:

SOC 230 Crime and Delinquency
SOC 274 Criminal Justice System
SOC 370 Theories of Crime and Delinquency (in lieu of SOC 401, History of Sociological Thought, which is required of sociology majors in the B.A. program.)
SOC 476 Policy Issues in Criminal Justice (Capstone course, in lieu of SOC 495, Senior Seminar, which is required of sociology majors in the B.A. program.)

Four additional courses must be selected from the following list of electives:
SOC 330 The Police in Democratic Societies
SOC 331 Punishment and Corrections
SOC 420 Family Violence
SOC 497 Field Experience in Sociology
SOC XX1 Gender, Crime and Justice (to be developed)

When appropriate, and by permission of the Department Chair, students may substitute SOC 300, Topics in Sociology, or SOC 498 or 499, Independent Study, for one or more of the four elective courses listed above.

Sample Program of Study

Sample Program for Criminology
Criminal Justice

B. S. in Applied


Fall Spring
SOC 100 (3) SOC 230 (3)

Language (3) Language (3)

Gen Ed (9) Gen Ed (9)

Credits (15)
Credits (15)
SOC 274 (3) SOC 370 (3)

 PSC 113 (3) PSC 288 (3)

SOC 240 (3) SOC 242 (3)

Gen Ed (6) Gen Ed (6)

Credits (15) Credits (15)

SOC 301 (3) SOC 331 (3)

SOC 330 (3)
SOC 420 (3)

Credits (15)
Credits (18)
SOC 476 (3)
SOC 497 (3)

PSC 472 (3) Electives (12)

 Electives (12) 

Credits (18) Credits (15)

b.    DELETE:    Public Policy Option within the B.S. degree in Applied Sociology

3. Department of Theatre

            CHANGE:    Requirements for directing track under the B.F.A. in Theatre as follows:

1) Replace THE 413 with THE 484
2) Add THE 112

Joint Report of the Curricular Affairs Committee and Graduate Council on 400-Level courses

At the December 12, 2005 meeting of the Curricular Affairs Committee and the December 9, 2005 meeting of the Graduate Council the following matter was considered and is now presented to the Faculty Senate for information.

    College of Arts and Sciences

        Department of Mathematics

            CHANGE:    Title, description and prerequisite for MTH 420 as follows:

MTH 420 Re-examining Mathematical Foundations for Teachers (3)
Connects ideas covered in upper level math courses to topics taught in secondary school.  Designed for teachers. (Lec. 3) Pre: 316 or permission.