University of Rhode Island
Faculty Senate

Senate Bill #06-07--24

On March 29, 2007, the Faculty Senate approved the following amendment to section 5.70.10 of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL, the charge to the Joint Strategic Planning Committee (change is underlined):

5.70.10 The Joint Strategic Planning Committee shall advise the President and the Faculty Senate on broad policies and principles affecting the general direction of the University of Rhode Island in conjunction with its vision, mission, and values as a learning community. The Committee shall assist in the implementation and progress of the President's strategic plan; including, but not limited to, modifications, additions, and deletions to the strategic planning document as time or circumstance warrant. The Committee shall monitor the development of a university strategic planning process, which shall integrate aspects of financial, human resources, academic programming, student affairs, fund raising, and capital projects. The planning process at the University and the priorities established through it shall guide decisions on institutional funding. The committee shall be responsible for the periodic and systematic review of various aspects of institutional effectiveness and shall ensure that the results of these reviews are used for continuing improvement. The Committee shall be provided, upon request, with necessary data and information by university departments and officials. The Committee shall be assisted by the Office of Planning Services (see section 3.45.10).