Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

        Assistant Provost                 

        Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

             Dean of Admissions

             Director of Enrollment Services

             Director of the Instructional Development Program

             Director of the Honors Program

          Vice Provost for Graduate Studies, Research and Outreach

          Vice Provost for Information and Dean of University Libraries

          Vice Provost for Urban Programs

          Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences    

          Dean of the College of Business Administration

          Dean of the College of Engineering

              Director of the Rhode Island Water Resources Center

           Dean of the College of Human Science and Services

           Dean of the College of Nursing         

           Dean of the College of Pharmacy        

           Dean of the College of the Environment and Life Sciences

                Director of Cooperative Extension Service

                Director of Agricultural Experiment Station

            Dean of the Graduate School of Oceanography

                  Director of Coastal Institute  

                  Director of Sea Grant Programs

                  Coordinator, Marine Science Library

                  Director of Facilities, Narragansett Bay Campus          

            Dean of the University College and Special Academic Programs

        Vice President for Administration              

            Assistant Vice President for Business Services

                 Director of Facilities Services                

                 Director of Safety and Risk Management

                 Director of Police and Security

                 Director of Purchasing

                 Director of Property and Support Services

                 Director of Capital Projects and Facilities Planning

            Assistant Vice President for Human Resources

                Director of Personnel Services             

            Director of Budget and Financial Planning


                Associate Controllers

                Assistant Controllers

            Manager of Conference and Special Program Development

            Internal Auditors

           Director of the W. Alton Jones Campus

        Vice President for Student Affairs

          Dean of Students

        Administrator of the University Bookstores

        Administrator of Dining Services

        Director of Office of Residential Life

        Director of the Memorial Union and Student Involvement

        Director of Health Services

        Director of the Counseling Center

        Director of Career Services

        Director of Student Services (ASFCCE)

        Director of Multicultural Student Services

        Director of Special Programs for Talent Development                   


    Vice President for University Advancement

           Associate Vice President for Development

           Director of Communications

           Director of Alumni Relations

               Director of Publications

         Directors of Planning Services and Professional Development  

         Director of Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and Diversity

         Director of Athletics

         General Counsel

         Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs

         NCAA Compliance Officer