Senate Bill #02-03--23


Proposed changes to the University Manual as approved by the Constitution, By-Laws and University Manual Committee on April 9, 2003 and amended by the Faculty Senate on April 10, 2003


The following committee would replace the Joint Educational Policy Committee (JEPC) and assume all of its functions and responsibilities. All references to the JEPC throughout the University Manual will be replaced by the JSPC.

Add the following new sections to the University Manual

5.70.10 The Joint Strategic Planning Committee shall advise the President and the Faculty Senate on broad policies and principles affecting the general direction of the University of Rhode Island in conjunction with its vision, mission, and values as a learning community. The Committee shall assist in the implementation and progress of the President's strategic plan; including, but not limited to, modifications, additions, and deletions to the strategic planning document as time or circumstance warrant. The Committee shall monitor the development of a university strategic planning process, which shall integrate aspects of financial, human resources, academic programming, student affairs, fund raising, and capital projects. The planning process at the University and the priorities established through it shall guide decisions on institutional funding. The Committee shall be provided, upon request, with necessary data and information by university departments and officials. The Committee shall be assisted by the Office of Planning Services and Professional Development (see section 3. 45.10).

5.70.11 The Joint Strategic Planning Committee shall be comprised of the President, who shall serve as Chair, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Vice Presidents for Business and Finance, Student Affairs, and University Advancement, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, two administrative staff members appointed by the President, the President of the Student Senate and the President of the Graduate Student Association.

5.70.12 The Joint Strategic Planning Committee shall meet on a regular basis and submit recommendations falling under the purview of the Faculty Senate to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee for transmission to the proper channels. Other recommendations shall be directed to the President. The President shall delegate the implementation of recommendations to the appropriate officials. The President and the Chair of the Faculty Senate shall report on the progress of the Committee to the Faculty Senate at least once each year and to the university community as appropriate.