Election of Officers

April 8, 2011

Approved by the Faculty Senate on May 12, 2011

During the current academic year Faculty Senate Executive Committee agreed that it was important to provide for greater continuity on the Executive Committee given the number of issues that remain from year to year as well as the steady increase in responsibilities of the Chair and Vice Chair.   After considering several options, including a discussion at the Faculty Senate Meeting, the FSEC decided that one change in the election procedures might resolve some of the issues of concern.   The FSEC thinks that if the Faculty Senate Chair and Vice Chair were elected earlier in the spring semester (February rather than May) the new officers would have the opportunity to observe and become familiar with the major issues being considered by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, the Strategic Planning and Budget Council (SBPC) and the Joint Committee on Academic Planning (JCAP) and when they assume their offices in May there would be little or no interruption in continuity. In addition, when Senators are asked to run for office they consult with their respective department chairs and deans about their schedule for the following academic year.  When this takes place in May, there is less opportunity for some Senators to run for office since commitments have already been made for the following year. Also Senators and their departments must rush to figure out what can be done to compensate for the ½ and 1/3 reduction in load to which they are entitled.

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee recommends that the Faculty Senate approve the following amendments to the Faculty Senate By-Laws to allow officer elections earlier in the spring semester.  Changes and additions are in yellow and deletions are shown by strikethrough.

If these changes are approved, the Faculty Senate Chairperson and Vice Chairperson for 2012-2013 will be elected in February 2012 and other new members of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee for 2012-2013 will be elected in May 2012.


 5.1   Each year at its organizational meeting, In February of each academic year, the Senate shall elect for one-year terms a Chairperson and a Vice Chairperson, and one member of the Executive Committee. for the following academic year.  At its organizational meeting in May, the Senate shall elect at least one senator for a one-year term on the Executive Committee. In order to ensure continuity, the remaining three members of the Executive Committee shall be elected to serve for two years. To stagger their terms, two of the 2-year term members shall be elected on even numbered years and the other 2-year term member on odd numbered years. 

5.2   At its regular meeting in April January of each year the Senate shall elect a nominating committee of three members chosen from the members whose terms expire that May. This committee shall present two nominations for each position of the positions of Chair and Vice Chair in February.  The remaining one or two year positions on the Executive Committee shall be elected at the organization meeting at the end of the academic year in May. In selecting its nominees for terms on the Executive Committee, this committee the nominating committee shall consider the senators newly elected as well as those who have served for one or two years, shall consider continuity of membership, and shall, moreover, seek to maintain a reasonable distribution and rotation of the positions to be filled among the various colleges and schools.