September 2005

9.24.10 Jurisdiction of the Student Discipline System over Off-Campus Conduct. Off-campus conduct shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Student Discipline System if one of the following conditions is met:  1) an infraction of a community standard of behavior as listed in the STUDENT HANDBOOK occurs at:  a) an official University event, such as a field trip; b) a University sanctioned event as defined in Section 8.51.12 of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL; or c) an event sponsored by a recognized student organization, fraternity or sorority; or 2) an off-campus action performed by a person while he or she is a student is of a nature such that it would be subject to the Student Discipline System if it had occurred on campus, and the nature and circumstances of the infraction provide reasonable grounds for believing that the alleged offender posed or poses a threat to life, health, or safety of the University community, or to University property the safety of self or others or if the alleged offender is repeatedly arrested or cited for violating local, state or federal laws.  The decision to apply jurisdiction to off-campus conduct shall be made by the Dean of Students.
Rationale: Broadens University’s ability to act to protect safety of students and others. 17 out of 17 state colleges and universities regarded as peer institutions have jurisdiction policies that are broader than that recommended above. The proposed policy gives the University slightly broader discretion to decide whether or not to apply jurisdiction.  As indicated in the policy revision, safety will be a significant consideration.  In addition, the Manual already provides a process with which to appeal the application of jurisdiction.