September 2005

9.21.29 Appeals Procedure. …. When a hearing panel or hearing officer recommends a judicial sanction, the accused student shall have the right to appeal the decision to the University Appeals Board (5.20.10-12). Such appeal requests, which must be presented in writing, shall be based only on evidence of fraud, denial of rights, procedural error, or on the claim of new evidence which was not available at the hearing, and which would have materially affected the decision of the hearing panel or officer. Following a hearing, a complainant has the right to submit an appeal request to the University Appeals Board based on new evidence (as described above).  Appeal requests must be filed with the Dean of Students within one week of receipt of the letter informing the accused student that a judicial sanction has been recommended. ….
Rationale:  This provision better balances the rights of the accusing individual and the accused individual if new evidence were found by either party within a week.