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University of Rhode Island

Faculty Senate

Kingston, Rhode Island

Academic Standards and Calendar Committee Report


On April 21, 2005, the Faculty Senate voted to approve the following changes to Sections 8.32.12 and 8.70.23 of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL recommended by the Academic Standards and Calendar Committee:

8.32.12 Lecture courses taught during short sessions (i.e., sessions shorter than half a semester) must include between 650 and 700 minutes of instruction time (exclusive of “breaks”) for each academic credit which is offered. (A one-credit course in thirteen 50-minute sessions would equal 650 minutes; a course with fourteen sessions would equal 700 minutes.) Within these limits, the exact length of a short course is at the instructor’s discretion.  Appropriate justification for different contact times must be provided for courses using non-lecture formats.

8.70.23  A minimum of seven days shall be scheduled for final examinations.  Saturdays and Sundays may be used as final examination days under extraordinary circumstances.  A make-up date for a canceled day of final examinations shall be scheduled in the fall semester, when possible.