AGENDA for the seventh meeting of the 2008-09 academic year to be held on Monday, March 30, 2009 in Library Conference Room A.


I.       Call to order at 3:00 p.m.


Consent Agenda items are labeled with a C.  Any member can request that a consent item be discussed. 


II. Disposition of Minutes of Meeting #6, February 23, 2009  


III.         REPORTS


      A.  Update on Sakai


      B.   Requested Lab Fees Legislation - 462 Report of the CAC Section IV


      C.   Update on Summer Fellows Program on Online Courses - Vice Provost Libutti (See also item V, G)





         V.     NEW BUSINESS


                  A.  College of Arts and Sciences


            1.   Department of Chemistry


                        Change in credit requirements for the Chemistry B.S. degrees


            2.   Department of Communication Studies


                  C   Change in prerequisites for the following courses:


                        1)   COM 202,

      2)   COM 207

      3)   COM 208

      4)   COM 209

      5)   COM 210 

      6)   COM 221

      7)   COM 251


            3.   Department of Journalism


                        Change in requirements for BA degree


            4.   Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures


                        Addition of a minor in Chinese


            5.   Department of Mathematics


                  C   Changes in the following courses:    


                              1)   MTH 208:   description and prerequisite

                              2)   MTH 307:  prerequisite

                              3)   MTH 445*: number to 455 and prerequisite

                              4)   MTH 471*:  prerequisite and description

                              5)   MTH 472*:  title, description and prerequisite


            6.   Department of Psychology


                  a.   Change in curricular requirements for the B. A. in Psychology


                  b.   Change in requirements to transfer from University College


                        c.   Addition of the following new courses:


                              1)   PSY 487

                              2)   PSY 488.


            7.   Department of Sociology


                  C   Change in prerequisites for the following courses:


                              1)   SOC 301

                              2)   SOC 330

                              3)   SOC 331

                              4)   SOC 370  

                              5)   SOC 420  


            8.   Department of Theatre


Change in requirements for the B.F.A. Acting and the B.F.A. in Directing.


                  B.   College of Engineering


                        1.   Department of Electrical, Biomedical and Computer Engineering


                              a.   Biomedical Engineering


                                    1)   Addition of the following new courses:


                              a)   BME 360

                              b)   BME 361

                              c)   BME 461

                              d)   BME 468

                              e)   BME 484

                              f)   BME 485


                                    2)   Changes in the following courses:


                              a)   BME 181:  level, number from 282, prerequisite and description

                        C.  b)   BME 207:   prerequisite 

                        C.  c)   BME 281:   level, number from 382, prerequisite and description

                              d)   BME 462    prerequisite and description


                                    3)   Change in curriculum for Biomedical Engineering


                              b.   Computer Engineering - Change in curriculum


                              c.   Electrical Engineering


                                    1)   Changes to the following courses:


                        C.  a)   ELE 202:    description  

                                    C.  b)   ELE 301:    number from 306 and prerequisite 

                        C.  c)   ELE 302     number from 307, title, prerequisite and description

                        C.  d)   ELE 313:    prerequisite 

                        C.  e)   ELE 338     prerequisite

                        C.  f)   ELE 339:    number from 342, title, prerequisite and description  

                        C.  g)   ELE 343     prerequisite                            

                        C.  h)   ELE 344     title and prerequisite

                        C.  i)    ELE 401*    prerequisite

                        C.  k)   ELE 402*    prerequisite

                        C.   l)   ELE 405*    prerequisite 

                        C.  m)  ELE 406*   title and prerequisite 

                        C.  n)   ELE 408*    prerequisite

                        C.  o)   ELE 409*    prerequisite 

                        C.  p)   ELE 423*    prerequisite 

                        C.  q)   ELE 427*    prerequisite 

                        C.  r)   ELE 428*    prerequisite 

                        C.  s)   ELE 432*    prerequisite 

                        C.  t)    ELE 435*  prerequisite

                        C.  u)   ELE 436*    prerequisite 

                        C.  v)   ELE 444*    prerequisite 

                        C.  w) ELE 445*    title and prerequisite

                        C.  x)   ELE 447*    prerequisite 

                        C.  y)   ELE 448*    title and prerequisite 

                        C.  z)   ELE 458*    title and prerequisite 

                        C.  aa) ELE 459*    title and prerequisite 

                        C.  bb) ELE 480     prerequisite

                        C.  cc) ELE 481     prerequisite


                                    2)   Change in curriculum in Electrical Engineering


                                    3)   Addition of an Accelerated BS-MS in ELE *


                        2.   Department of Chemical Engineering


                                    Addition of an Accelerated BS-MS in CHE^


                        3.   Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


                                    Addition of an Accelerated BS-MS in CVE


            4.   Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering


                  a.   Change in ISE 220


                  b.   Change in curriculum in Industrial and Systems Engineering 


                  c.   Addition of Accelerated BS-MS in ISE*          


            5.   Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics


                  a.   Changes in the following courses:


                        1)   MCE201

                        2)   MCE 426 


                              b.   Addition of an Accelerated BS-MS in MCE*


      C.   College of the Environment and Life Sciences


            1.   Department of Biological Sciences


                  a.   Addition of new temporary course - BIO 263X [This course will appear in the March 31 edition of the Temporary Course Newsletter and cannot receive final approval until April 13, 2009]


                  b.   Addition of the following new courses::


                        1)   BIO 412/512

                        2)   BIO 480/580


                  c.   Changes in the following courses:


                        1)   BIO 465: level, number to 365 and description

                        2)   BIO 321: credits


            2.   Department of Cell and Molecular Biology


                        Change in credits and method of instruction for MTC 195


            3.   Department of Marine Affairs


                  C.  Change in prerequisite for MAF 312


            4.   Department of Nutrition and Food Science


                        Addition of NFS 440*


            5.   Department of Plant Sciences


                  a.   Addition of PLS 415


                  b.   Change in credits for the following courses:


                        1)   PLS 301

                        2)   PLS 331


      D.   College of Human Science and Services


                  Department of Kinesiology


            C.  a.   Change in specializations in Exercise Science and Health Fitness


            C.  b.   Delete the following courses:


1)   KIN 105 B, D, E, G, W

2)   KIN 362

3)   KIN 330

4)   KIN 340

5)   KIN 346

6)   KIN 347

10) KIN 355

7)   KIN 364

8)   KIN 384

9)   KIN 386

10) KIN 415


            C.  c.   Changes in the following courses:


                        1)   KIN 243:     title and prerequisite

                        2)   KIN 278:     prerequisite

                        3)   KIN 322      prerequisite

                        4)   KIN 325      title


      E.   College of Nursing


            C.  Change in prerequisite for NUR 234  


      F.   Honors Program


      C.  1.  Change in description for the following courses:


a.   HPR 107:  

b.   HPR 108:  

c.   HPR 109:  

d.   HPR 110:  

e.   HPR 125:  

f.    HPR 311:  

g.   HPR 312:  

h.   HPR 319   

i.    HPR 323:  

j.    HPR 411  


            2. Change in title, credits, description and prerequisite for the following courses:


                  a.   HPR 301:  

                  b.   HPR 302   


      C.  3.   Change in prerequisite for HPR 401, 402:

      G.  Online Courses for Summer 2009 as of 3/20/09


            1.   Submitted by faculty in the Online Fellows Program


                  a.   COM 240X (Reyes)

                  b.   COM 326   (Dicioccio)

                  c.   FLM 101    (Healey)

                  d.   KIN 275      (Hatfield)     

                  e.   LAR 201    (Atash)             

                  f.    MTH 108    (Baglama)   

            .     g.   NRS 212    (Amador)

                  h.   NUR 103    (Misto)        

                  i.    PSC 288.   (Rothstein)  

                  j.    SOC 230    (Costello)  


            2.   Submitted by faculty members not in the Fellows Program::


                  a.   COM 310 Topic: Rhetoric of the Courtroom Drama (R. Smith)

*May require action by the Graduate Council.