AGENDA for the eighth meeting of the 2008-09 academic year to be held on Monday, April 20, 2009 in Library Conference Room A.


I.       Call to order at 3:00 p.m.


Consent Agenda items are labeled with a C.  Any member can request that a consent item be discussed. 


         II. Disposition of Minutes from Meeting #7, March 30, 2009.


         III.      REPORTS






                  A.  College of Arts and Sciences (Items from Meetings #6 and 7)


            1.   Department of Journalism


                        Addition of JOR 411


            2.   Department of Mathematics


                  a.   Addition of MTH 106


                  b.   Change in curricular requirements for the B.S. Mathematics degree.


            3.   Department of Music


                  a.   Changes in the Bachelor of Music degree


                  b.   Changes in, Bachelor of Arts degree


            C.  c.   Change in title and description for MUS 421


            4.   Department of Psychology


                        Addition of PSY 477


            5.   Department of Sociology and Department of Political Science


            C.  Change in prerequisite for SOC 476 (or PSY) 476


                  B.   College of Engineering


            1.   Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics



Addition of new temporary course - CHE 474X (or MCE 474X) [This course will appear in the April 30 edition of the Temporary Course Newsletter and cannot receive final approval until May 13, 2009]                                    


            2.   Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics


                              .     Addition of MCE 472


            3.   Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics and Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering


Merge departments into the Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering.


      C.   College of the Environment and Life Sciences


                  Department of Plant Sciences 


                        Change in credits for PLS 306


      D.   College of Human Science and Services


            1.   School of Education


                  a.   Change in description of requirements for the School of Education               


            C.  b.   Change in credits for EDC 452


                  c.   Addition of the following new courses:


                        1)   EDC 422


                        2)   EDC 425


            2.   Department of Human Development and Family Studies


                  C.  Change in prerequisite for HDF 225   


            3.   Department of Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design


            C.  a.   Change TMD 402: prerequisite


                  b.   Remove HDF 225 as a requirement for TMD and reduce credits required to 120.


      E.   College of Pharmacy


            1.   Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences


                  C.  Change in prerequisite for BPS 333


            2.   Department of Pharmacy Practice and Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Science


                        Change in title, credits, description and prerequisite for PHP 410 (or BPS 410)


            3.   Department of Pharmacy Practice


            C.  a.   Change in title and prerequisite for PHP 450


            C.  b.   Change in title for PHP 451


      F.   Online Courses for Summer 2009 as of 4/15/09


            1.   Submitted by faculty in the Online Fellows Program


                  a.   COM 415 (Roth)

                  b.   SOC 212 (Mederer)


            2.   Submitted by faculty members not in the Fellows Program::


                        AAF 300 topic:  Black Identity and the Social World (Barber)


      G.  Summer Procedures for consideration of Temporary Courses


Recommendation:  That the CAC follow its past practice of considering and approving X courses by mail between the last meeting in the spring and the first meeting in the fall as long as there are no objections. If objections are raised, consideration of the temporary course(s) will be postponed until the first CAC meeting in the fall.