Faculty Senate

Constitution, By-Laws and University Manual Committee

Annual Report for 2000-01

The Constitution, By-Laws and University Manual Committee met on November 3, 2000 and on April 10, 2001 and considered the following matters which are now presented to the Faculty Senate.


A. Graduate Faculty Meetings

At the May 11, 2000 meeting of the Faculty Senate, Vice Provost Rockett proposed a change to section 4.70.11 of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL to permit graduate faculty meetings to coincide with the April and December meetings of the General Faculty. This fall, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee forwarded the proposal to the CBUM Committee. The CBUM Committee reviewed Vice Provost Rockett's proposal and agreed that a change to the UNIVERSITY MANUAL was not necessary because the Vice Provost already has the authority to call graduate faculty meetings when it is deemed appropriate, including in conjunction with general faculty meetings.

The CBUM Committee was concerned about the difficulty of achieving a quorum for graduate faculty meetings and suggested to Vice Provost Trubatch that the quorum be reduced officially in section 4.70.15 from 50 members of the graduate faculty to 25 members. The committee did note that a quorum of the graduate faculty must be present to vote to reduce the number.

Ms. Grubman was asked to contact the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies, Research and Outreach and the Deans of the Graduate School and to suggest a procedure for accomplishing the changes.

B. Recognition of Student Organizations

At the request of Assistant Vice President Dougan the CBUM Committee discussed the addition of new sections to Chapter 9 of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL on recognition of Student Organizations. They agreed to the following changes that were subsequently accepted by Dr. Dougan:

1. Add the following new sections 9.10.10 and 9.10.11 to the UNIVERSITY MANUAL:

9.10.10 Recognition of Student Organizations. The University of Rhode Island recognizes the Student Senate, Inc. as the representative of URI undergraduate students, and the Graduate Student Association as the representative of graduate students.

9.10.11 Recognition of student organizations shall be the responsibility of the Director of the Memorial Union in consultation with the Student Senate for undergraduate student organizations and the Graduate Student Association for graduate student organizations.

2. Renumber existing 9.10.10-13 as 9.12.10-13 Intercollegiate Competition

C. Inclusion of Approved Centers into the UNIVERSITY MANUAL

During the 1999-2000 academic year, the Faculty Senate, and subsequently the President and the Board of Governors, approved the establishment of two permanent new centers. In order to ensure that these permanent new centers are in the UNIVERSITY MANUAL, The Constitution, By-Laws and University Manual Committee agreed to include the following new paragraphs in Chapter 3:

3.86.10 The John Hazen White Sr. Center for Ethics and Public Service offers ethics and public service programs for elected and appointed officials, public managers, graduate and undergraduate students and citizen groups. The Center is a critical component of a vision for learning which assumes public universities must play a leadership role in creating a culture of ethical and civic responsibility among students and the larger community as part of their educational mission. The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences shall administer the Center.

3.87.10 The Center for Student Leadership Development provides opportunities for students to become inclusive, effective leaders in current and future career, community, and family roles. The Center offers for-credit classes through academic departments and co-curricular positions, workshops, conferences, and programs. The Center also provides leadership and group development consulting services to student groups. The Director of the Memorial Union and Student Activities shall administer the Center for Student Leadership Development.

D. Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate and University

In response to a request from the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, the CBUM committee agreed to form a subcommittee of the CBUM Committee to review the committees of the Senate and University and make recommendations to the President and the Senate for streamlining the committee structure. The Subcommittee will comprise Faculty and student members of the CBUM Committee and two members of the administration (one appointed by the President; one appointed by the Provost).


A. Field Trips

At the request of Assistant Vice President Dougan, the CBUM Committee considered a change to a UNIVERSITY MANUAL paragraph on field trips. In consultation with Dr. Dougan, the CBUM Committee agreed to the addition of the phrase "or other duly authorized representatives of the University" to the first sentence of 10.33.12 and a new third sentence defining "duly authorized..."

The revised paragraph to read as follows (changes are in red):

10.33.12 A member of the faculty or administrative staff or other duly authorized representatives of the University shall accompany students on all authorized class or student activity trips, except for trips sponsored with Student Activities approval for recreational purposes only. A duly authorized representative is a student, faculty or staff member who is given written authorization by a faculty or staff member of the university to accompany a class on all authorized class trips. A student may receive authorization to travel separately from his/her class or team if he/she signs a waiver form releasing the University from all liability and claims of every kind and nature arising from or incidental to said separate travel.


The CBUM Committee discussed the feasibility of maintaining the most current version of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL on the Faculty Senate website. It was noted that sections of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL are changed and approved throughout the academic year and go into effect long before the next edition of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL can be printed. The CBUM Committee agreed to designate the web version of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL as the Official UNIVERSITY MANUAL and to authorize the Coordinator of the Faculty Senate to maintain it. The CBUM Committee agreed that the updated printed changes to the UNIVERSITY MANUAL should continue to be made available on a regular basis acknowledging that printed copy can never be as timely as web copy.

The CBUM Committee therefore recommends that section 11.10.13 be amended to read as follows (changes are in red):

11.10.13 The Coordinator, Faculty Senate Affairs shall be the editor of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL; shall maintain an accurate current electronic copy of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL on the Faculty Senate website and publish periodically printed copies incorporating all changes as of the date of publication. The Coordinator shall also assist the Constitution, By-Laws and University Manual Committee to ensure that all changes are properly incorporated.


Members of the CBUM Committee for 2000-01:

Joel Alban, undergraduate student

Gordon Dash, CBA

Michael Honhart, HIS (fall 2000)

Mimi Keefe, LIB

W. Donald Rankin, MUS

Fritz Wenisch, PHL, Chair

Muhammad Yunas, undergraduate student

Sheila Black Grubman, ex officio