Report #2005-06-1
November 25, 2005

At the Constitution, By-Laws and University Manual Committee’s fall semester meeting, the CBUM Committee considered several matters brought to their attention by the current and previous Executive Committees.  A second meeting is planned for November 30 at which additional requests will be addressed.

A. Informational Matters  

1. Pass/Fail option for non-matriculating students

After reviewing the relevant sections of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL (sections 8.19.10-15 and 8.37.10-17), the CBUM Committee determined that current regulations preclude non-matriculating students from electing the Pass/Fail option.  If a change is desired, the matter should be referred to the Academic Standards and Calendar Committee for consideration.

2. Faculty Governance in Colleges

The CBUM Committee also discussed issues related to Faculty Governance and has agreed to three recommendations. The first two are recommendations to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the third is a recommendation to the Faculty Senate for amendments to Chapter 4 (The Faculty).

The first recommendation is that the Faculty Senate Executive Committee impress on the Provost that it is essential for Deans to follow current University Manual procedures with regard to faculty governance issues within colleges.

In addition, the CBUM Committee thought that it is important to determine who belongs to the group of continuing faculty members as specified in 7.10.10.  In particular the status of full-time lecturers and long-term non-tenure track people needs to be addressed. The committee recommends that the FSEC consult with the AAUP and the Provost on this matter.

The last recommendation on faculty governance appears in the following section on matters that require confirmation by the Faculty Senate.

B. Matters which require confirmation by the Faculty Senate

The Constitution, By-Laws and University Manual Committee recommends that the Faculty Senate approve the following changes to Chapter 4  (The Faculty) of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL

1. Change the last sentence of 4.50.10 to read: “The college faculty shall elect a secretary and committees including a scholastic standing committee and a curriculum committee.  Following are the proposed changes. Portions to be replaced have a strikethrough, new wording is in BOLD:

4.50.10  College Faculties.  Faculty members assigned to a college of the University shall constitute the faculty of that college.  A faculty member affiliated with more than one college shall be considered a member of the faculty of each.  The dean of the college shall be the presiding officer.  The dean shall appoint or have elected a secretary and appropriate committees. The college faculty shall elect a secretary and committees, including a scholastic standing committee and a curriculum committee.

2. Add a new section on parliamentary authority to the UNIVERSITY MANUAL as follows:
4.45.10  Parliamentary Authority. Official meetings of all units at the University shall be in accordance with rules stated in the latest edition of Sturgis Standard Code unless the unit adopts another appropriate alternative parliamentary procedure.