1. Check only one box. Temporary courses are new courses. Courses which were formerly temporary courses and are being proposed as permanent courses are new courses.











2. If a new three-letter course code is being created, departments should contact the Office of Enrollment Services to get clearance for the code before proposing it to the curriculum committees.











 7. In most instances "1=Regular credits" will be the appropriate box.

More information on CEU's






 8. In most instances "1=A-F grades apply" will be the appropriate box. Students may take A-F courses pass/fail under the Pass/Fail option.

If "2=Only s/u grades" is proposed, "S/U only" should also appear in the description in item 4 of the form.

The committees discourage the use of "4=any grade is valid." Under exceptional circumstances this option may be approved. A rationale for this grading method and an explanation as to how students are to be informed about the two possible grading methods is always required.






10. For additional information see Open-Ended Courses and Temporary Courses.