18. The committees will refuse to consider course proposals that do not provide the additional information required under both a. and b.:

a. 1. The rationale should include any information on the course if it was offered originally on a temporary basis - the number of students who participated, any improvements or modifications resulting from the temporary offering, etc.

2. This item should include an explanation of how the course fits into the faculty member's teaching load, what will happen to the course the instructor leaves, a review of the library facilities, and if computer facilities are required, an indication from Information and Instructional Technology Serices (IITS) that the computer facilities are available. Prior to proposing courses which require use of the University's computer facilities, departments should consult with the IITS.

3. Copies of the written statements from other departments should be attached to the proposal.

4. Self explanatory. A proposal for a curriculum change should accompany the course proposal if the course is to be made a requirement.

5. Self explanatory.

b. The syllabus or an outline (including a bibliography, course requirements and grading criteria) must be included.