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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Agenda

Number 3

Regular Meeting of the Faculty Senate on Thursday November 18, 2004 in the Cherry Auditorium, Chester Kirk Building

1. Call to order at 3:00pm

2. Disposition of Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting #2, October 28, 2004 (Attached).

A. Annoucements

B. Activities of the Executive Committee (Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings #8 and #9 attached pp. 3-7) -- Vice Chairperson Rosen.

C. Activities of the Joint Strategic Planning Committee (Minutes of October 7, 2004 Meeting attached pp. 8-9) -- Vice Chairperson Rosen.

D. Discussion of Survey on Matters of Concern - Senators Ramsay and Kowalski

4. Report of the President - President Carothers

A. Status of Actions Forwarded to the President:

B. Announcements

State of the Budget Address for 2004-05 (See pp. 24-31 of Agenda for Meeting #2 or - Vice President Weygand.

5. Reports of Standing and Special Committees

A. Curricular Report No. 2004-2005-2 from the Graduate Council to the Faculty Senate (attached pp. 10-11) -- Vice Provost Trubatch.

B. University College and General Education Committee Report #2004-05-2 (attached p. 12) - Senator Jackson.

C. University College and General Education Committee Report #2004-05-1 (attached pp. 38) - Senator Jackson.

6. Special Report

Capital Improvement Plan for URI (oral) - Vice President Weygand.

7. Unfinished Business

8. New Business