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Scenes from the College of Arts and Sciences
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Faculty Senate Agenda

Number 4

Regular Meeting of the Faculty Senate on Thursday, December 8, 2005 in the Cherry Auditorium, Chester Kirk Building

1. Call to order at 3:00pm

Please note that prior to the call to order there will be a brief meeting of the General Faculty for the purpose of approving certification of degree candidates.

2. Disposition of Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting #3, November 17, 2005 (attached).

3. Reports of Officers and Executive Committee

A. Announcements.

B. Activities of the Executive Committee (Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings #11, #12, #13 and #14 attached pp. 3-16) -- Vice Chairperson Martin.

C. Recommendation of the Executive Committee -- Vice Chairperson Martin:

  • That the Faculty Senate approve the following new section 4.69* of the By-Laws of the Faculty Senate:

    4.69 The University College and General Education Committee shall be responsible for the assessment of General Education student learning outcomes. The UCGE Committee shall appoint a subcommittee on General Education Assessment which includes faculty members who have interest and expertise in assessment of learning outcomes and faculty who represent the General Education core areas, as well as representatives from the UCGE committee. This subcommittee shall develop a process and be responsible for assessing General Education learning outcomes on a continuing basis. The subcommittee shall report at least once each semester to the University College and General Education Committee. The UCGE Committee will forward subsequent recommendations to the Faculty Senate for approval.

D. Report of the Executive Committee on Senate Action #05-06--3 "Student Senate Bill SS-05/06-23 Referred to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee for Consideration" (attached p. 17) -- Vice Chairperson Martin.

4. Report of the President - President Carothers

A. Status of Actions Forwarded to the President.

B. Announcements

5. Reports of Standing and Special Committees

A. The Four Hundred Thirty-Sixth Report of the Curricular Affairs Committee: Proposal for a B.A. Degree in Writing and Rhetoric (attached pp. 18-25) - Senator Luebke.

B. The Four Hundred Thirty-Seventh Report of the Curricular Affairs Committee (attached pp. 26-28) - Senator Luebke.

C. Curricular Report No. 2005-06-3 from the Graduate Council to the Faculty Senate (attached pp. 29-31) - Vice Provost Pasquerella.

D. Report of the Constitution, By-Laws and University Manual Committee #05-06-1 (attached pp. 32-33). - Senator Wenisch.

E. Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Graduate Education and Research (attached pp. 34-35) - Professor Rodgers.

6. Unfinished Business

7. New Business

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