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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Minutes for Faculty Senate Meetings

December 8, 2005

Number 4

1. Immediately following a meeting of the General Faculty-Graduate Faculty, the regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 3:10 p.m. in the Cherry Auditorium, Chester Kirk Building, Chairperson Rice presiding.

All members were present except Senators Boatright-Horowitz, Carroll, Ginis, Hara, Koske, La Luna, Manfredi, Shim, Sun, Suzawa and Wortman; Vice Presidents Beagle and Weygand (Provost Swan was represented by her designees); Vice Provost McCray (Vice Provost Pasquerella was represented by her designees); Deans Farmer, Joseph, Letendre, Lynch, Mazze, McKinney, and Richmond; Mr. Freeman and Mr. Mills.

2. Chairperson Rice asked if there were any additions or corrections to or questions about the Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting #3, November 17, 2005. There were none.

Chairperson Rice ruled that in the absence of additions or corrections, the Minutes were approved as distributed.


A. Announcements:

  1. Chairperson Rice reported that the Executive Committee had asked Provost Swan to bring the Faculty Senate up-to-date on several issues under announcements. He said that the Provost had asked him to convey her apology to the Senate for not being able to attend the meeting and had also requested that he read the announcements for her. He then read the following:

    a. The University will undergo its ten-year University-wide accreditation review by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, October 21-24, 2007. Senator James Kowalski and former Faculty Senate Chairperson Judy Beckman will serve as co-chairs of the self-study process. Both attended a workshop with the President and the Provost in Massachusetts on October 27-28, 2005.

    The process requires that several standards be addressed (e.g., Mission, Resources, Assessment, the Academic Program and Faculty). We will be setting up a major committee (to be co-chaired by Judy and Jim) and a committee for each standard. There will be wide campus participation in this process from faculty, students, staff and administration.

    b. The on-line learning committee (November 21, 2005 memorandum attached) will address several issues to ensure that we are meeting our goal to deliver quality on-line programs and courses. To this end, the committee has been asked to develop recommendations, policies, guidelines and procedures necessary to support the operations of all asynchronous web-based courses and programs sponsored by the University. There is Faculty Senate and AAUP representation because the work of this committee covers several areas.

    c. Administrative Searches

    Vice Provost for Information Services: This search is chaired by Bahram Nassersharif. He has informed me that the committee will have a list of recommendations for interviews by the end of the semester. I plan to fill this position by July 1, 2006.

    Dean of University Libraries: Dayle Joseph is chairing the search. The search is underway with an appointment date of July 1, 2006.

    Vice Provost for Academic Affairs: An additional candidate will be interviewed next week.

    Vice Provost for Graduate Studies, Research and Outreach: I am appointing the committee now for a July 1, 2006 appointment date.

  2. Chairperson Rice expressed his appreciation to Vice President Weygand who was the sponsor of that afternoon's reception. He invited everyone to the University Club after the meeting.

  3. Chairperson Rice said that since this was the last Faculty Senate meeting of the calendar year, he wanted to wish everyone a successful completion of the semester, a joyous holiday season and a happy and healthy new year.

B. Vice Chairperson Martin said that the Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings #11 through #14 appeared on pages 3-16 of the Agenda. She then responded to a question about the minutes.

C. Vice Chairperson Martin moved approval of the following new section of the Faculty Senate By-Laws:

4.69 The University College and General Education Committee shall be responsible for the assessment of General Education student learning outcomes. The UCGE Committee shall appoint a subcommittee on General Education Assessment which includes faculty members who have interest and expertise in assessment of learning outcomes and faculty who represent the General Education core areas, as well as representatives from the UCGE committee. This subcommittee shall develop a process and be responsible for assessing General Education learning outcomes on a continuing basis. The subcommittee shall report at least once each semester to the University College and General Education Committee. The UCGE Committee will forward subsequent recommendations to the Faculty Senate for approval.

She explained that the recommendation was a By-Laws change and could not be voted upon at the meeting at which it is first moved.

Discussion ensued.

Following discussion, Chairperson Rice announced that this proposed new By-Laws section would be on the January 26, 2006 Agenda as a matter of Unfinished Business.

D. Vice Chairperson Martin announced that the Executive Committee's response to Faculty Senate Action #05-06--3 appeared on page 17 of the Agenda. She asked if there were any questions about the report of the Executive Committee. There were none.


A. President Carothers reported that he had approved all of the legislation forwarded to him after the last Faculty Senate Meeting. He explained that his actions hadn't been received in time to be included on the printed Agenda.

B. President Carothers reported on a recent joint meeting of the RI House and Senate with the Commissioner and the Presidents of the three public institutions of Higher Education. He explained that the meeting followed a national conference for state legislators on the future of higher education and funding. He said that the three issues of concern were 1) retention and graduation rates, 2) K-16 links, and the 3) relationship of higher education with business and industry. He then responded to questions.

President Carothers then shared with the Faculty Senate portions of a PowerPoint presentation on Methamphetamine (crystal meth) from a recent juvenile justice conference that he had attended. He explained that the presentation had been developed by the Honolulu Prosecutor's Office and described the drug, outlined the drug's movement from Asia through Hawaii to the west coast and its potential for becoming a major problem in the northeast. He said that he hoped everyone would become aware of the problems associated with the drugs and would continue to inform others and be aware of the symptoms of drug use. He then responded to questions about his presentation and his decision to share it with the Faculty Senate.


A. Senator Luebke introduced the Four Hundred Thirty-Sixth Report of the Curricular Affairs Committee: Proposal for a B.A. Degree in Writing and Rhetoric, which appeared on pages 18-25 of the Agenda. She said that Section I provided background information and that Section II contained the CAC's recommendation and the proposal.

Senator Luebke then moved approval of the proposal for a B.A. Degree in Writing and Rhetoric at the Class A* Level. The motion carried.

B. Senator Luebke introduced the Four Hundred Thirty-Seventh Report of the Curricular Affairs Committee, which appeared on pages 26-28 of the Agenda and said that Section I was informational. She asked if there were any questions. There were none.

Senator Luebke announced that Section II required confirmation and moved approval of Section II. The motion carried

Senator Luebke said that Section III was a joint report of the Curricular Affairs Committee and Graduate Council on 400-level courses. She said that Section III was informational and asked if there were any questions. There were none

C. In Vice Provost Pasquerella's absence, Professor Sadd, representing the Graduate Council, introduced the Curricular Report No. 2005-06-3 from the Graduate Council to the Faculty Senate, which appeared on pages 29-31 of the Agenda. Professor Sadd said that Section I was informational and asked if there were any questions. There were none.

Professor Sadd announced that Section II of the Graduate Council Report No. 2005-06-3 required confirmation by the Faculty Senate and moved approval of Section II. The motion carried.

D. Senator Wenisch introduced the Constitution, By-Laws and University Manual Committee Report #05-06-1, which appeared on pages 32-33 of the Agenda.

Senator Wenisch reviewed for the Senate Part A, the informational portion of the report and responded to questions regarding Part A.

Senator Wenisch said that Part B required confirmation of the Faculty Senate and moved approval of recommendation 1, of Part B:

  1. Change the last sentence of 4.50.10 to read: "The college faculty shall elect a secretary and committees including a scholastic standing committee and a curriculum committee."

Discussion ensued.

Following discussion, Senator Roworth moved to amend the proposed sentence by adding "faculty" before "secretary."

Discussion ensued on the amendment.

After discussion, the amendment failed.

The main motion carried.

Following is the approved section 4.50.10

4.50.10 College Faculties. Faculty members assigned to a college of the University shall constitute the faculty of that college. A faculty member affiliated with more than one college shall be considered a member of the faculty of each. The dean of the college shall be the presiding officer. The college faculty shall elect a secretary and committees, including a scholastic standing committee and a curriculum committee.

Senator Wenisch moved approval of recommendation 2, of Part B:

  1. Add a new section on parliamentary authority to the UNIVERSITY MANUAL as follows:

    4.45.10 Parliamentary Authority. Official meetings of all units at the University shall be in accordance with rules stated in the latest edition of Sturgis Standard Code unless the unit adopts another appropriate alternative parliamentary procedure.

Discussion ensued.

Following discussion, the motion carried.

E. Professor Rodgers announced that the preliminary report of the ad hoc committee on Graduate Education and Research appeared on pages 34-35 of the Agenda. He explained that his slides provided significant additional information, but he was unable to present them at that time. He said that he would present the full report, including slides, to the Faculty Senate in January.


Chairperson Rice asked if there was any unfinished business. There was none.


Chairperson Rice asked if there was any new business.

Senator Pegueros asked if the Executive Committee would look into the URI Foundation's policy of restricting teaching excellence awards to members of the continuing faculty. Chairperson Rice said that the Executive Committee would consider this request.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sheila Black Grubman

* 8.85.30 Classification. When new programs are approved by the Faculty Senate, approval may be classified as follows: approval Class A will mean that the program is deemed to be of such merit as to justify the recommendation of the immediate allocation of funds for its implementation...



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