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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Minutes for Faculty Senate Meetings

December 9, 2004

Number 4

1. Immediately following a meeting of the General Faculty-Graduate Faculty, the regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 3:06 p.m. in the Cherry Auditorium, Chester Kirk Building, Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels presiding.

All members were present except Senators Barbour, Cain, Cohen, Conley, Dicioccio, Hicks, Hutt, Jouaneh, Kogut, W. Lee, Manfredi, Martin, Oviatt, and Thiem; Vice Presidents Beagle and Dougan; Vice Provost McCray; Deans Farmer, Letendre, Mazze, McKinney and Taggart (Vice Provost Trubatch and Dean Seemann were represented by their designees); Mr. Sutherland and Mr. Lopes.

2. Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels asked if there were any additions or corrections to or questions about the Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting #3, November 18, 2004. There were none.

Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels ruled that in the absence of additions or corrections, the Minutes were approved as distributed.


A. Announcements:

  1. Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels said that she was pleased to welcome back to the Faculty Senate Commissioner Jack Warner who has agreed to participate in a Special Forum on Student Outcomes Assessment. She also noted that Chris Wessells, Acting Dean of the University Libraries, was taking his seat that afternoon as an ex officio member of the Senate. She said that she would like to welcome him as well.

  2. Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels said that there were a number of upcoming events that she wanted to remind everyone about:

    a) First, there is only one day left to register by fax for the Office of Higher Education's all-day workshop on Student Learning Outcomes, which will be held on January 10 at the Radisson Airport Hotel. If you need a registration form some are available in the front of the room. Remember - the registration deadline is tomorrow, December 10, 2004.

    b) An all day workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, January 11 on the integrated skills for people who plan to teach General Education Courses this spring. If you are interested in attending or want to encourage new faculty, graduate teaching assistants or new instructors to attend, please contact Ms. Lemoine in the Office of the Provost by December 24.

    c) Also, there will be an informational meeting on the Chafee Epidemiological Study and follow-up to the PCB crisis, cleanup, renovation and testing on December 14 at 2:00 p.m. in 271 Chafee. A meeting on the Independence Hall mold problem for residents of the building has not yet been scheduled.

  3. Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels announced that the reception at the University Club was sponsored by the Office of the Provost with support from the Davis Educational Foundation in support of the Student Learning Outcomes Initiative. She said that this would provide an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other, as well as to continue the discussion of student outcomes assessment informally at that time. Please join us at the University Club after the meeting."

B. Vice Chairperson Rosen said that the minutes of Executive Committee Meetings #10, #11, and #12 appeared on pages 3-14 of the Agenda. He asked if there were any questions.

Provost Swan, Vice Chairperson Rosen and Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels responded to questions about the minutes.

C. Vice Chairperson Rosen announced that the minutes from the Joint Strategic Planning Committee's October 21, 2004 meeting had been approved after the Agenda was printed. He said that they had been posted on the web, e-mailed to subscribers to FacSen-Bus, and were available in the front of the room. He asked if there were any questions. There were none.


A. President Carothers noted that he had approved all of the legislation from the previous two Faculty Senate meetings and they were listed on the cover of the Agenda.

B. President Carothers gave a PowerPoint presentation on issues that affect the state's economy and their relevance to the University. The presentation, which is from a report of the Rhode Island Economic Policy Council, is available on the web at


A. Senator Luebke moved approval of the Four Hundred Twenty-Sixth Report of the Curricular Affairs Committee, which appeared on pages 32-34 of the Agenda. She said that Section I was informational and asked if there were any questions. There were none.

Senator Luebke said that Section II required confirmation by the Faculty Senate and moved approval. The motion carried.

Senator Luebke announced that Section III was a report on 400-level courses. She said that part A was informational and asked if there were any questions. There were none.

Senator Luebke said that part B required confirmation by the Faculty Senate and moved approval. The motion carried.

B. Professor Loy introduced the Academic Standards and Calendar Committee Report #2004-05-1, which appeared on page 18 of the Agenda. He explained that the committee wanted the Senate to consider only one of their recommendations.

Professor Loy then moved approval of the addition of new section 8.26.13 of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL and renumbering of existing section 8.26.13 as 8.26.14:

8.26.13 Students who feel they have received an unfair grade in a course should discuss the matter initially with the instructor. If the issue remains unresolved, students should approach first the instructor's department chairperson and secondly, if necessary, the instructor's dean for mediation on the case. If the issue still remains unresolved and the dean believes the complaint has merit, the dean may refer the appeal to the college's academic appeals committee.

Discussion ensued.

Following discussion, Senator Leo moved to refer the recommendation back to the committee and ask them to reconsider the proposal in light of the Senate's discussion. The motion to refer to committee carried.


Commissioner Warner gave a presentation titled "The Context for Outcomes Assessment - Industrial Age or Information Age Education?" using a series of PowerPoint slides (These slides are available on the web at

Commissioner Warner's presentation was immediately followed by brief comments on student learning outcomes assessment by four members of the URI faculty:

*Professor John Stevenson, Psychology Department *Professor Cathy English, Nutrition and Food Sciences Department *Professor Nedra Reynolds, College Writing Program *Dean Bahram Nassersharif, College of Engineering

When all of the guests had completed their remarks, Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels announced that there was no time remaining for questions. She thanked Commissioner Warner and the additional speakers and encouraged Senators to ask questions at the reception at the University Club sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the Davis Educational Foundation.


Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels asked if there was any unfinished business. There was none.


Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels asked if there was any new business. There was none.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:58 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sheila Black Grubman



Sheila Black Grubman

Faculty Outstanding Award

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