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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Minutes for Faculty Senate Meetings

February 22, 2001

Number 6

1. The regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 3:10 p.m. with the ringing of the Novgorod Bell in room 113 White Hall, Chairperson Peters presiding.

All members were present except Senators Boyle, Burbank, Carroll, Feldman, Hebert, Heikes, Leo, Malik, McIntyre, Mundorf, Rose, Schwartz, Specker, Sullivan, Veyera, Wittwer and Wood; Vice Presidents Beagle, McCray and Stark; Deans Luzzi, Mazze, Richmond, Taggart, Wright and Yoder (Deans Brownell and Kim were represented by their designees); Mr. Strobel; Mr. DeMaria and Mr. Cormier.

2. A motion was made to approve the Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting #5, January 25, 2001.

Chairperson Peters asked if there were any additions or corrections to or questions about the Minutes. There were none.

The motion to approve the Minutes of Meeting #5 carried.


A. Chairperson Peters reminded the Senate that two receptions were scheduled for later that afternoon at the University Club. He said that there would be a farewell party for Charlie Daniels, who is retiring from the University after more than 35 years and a welcome reception for Frank Annunziato, the new Executive Director of the AAUP. Chairperson Peters noted that everyone was invited to participate in the festivities after the Senate meeting is adjourned.

B. Vice Chairperson Goldsmith said that the Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings #15 through #17 appeared on pages 3-8 of the Agenda and asked if there were any questions. Chairperson Peters responded to a question related to the Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting #17.

C. Vice Chairperson Goldsmith announced that she would introduce two recommendations of the Executive Committee at that time.

  1. Vice Chairperson Goldsmith moved approval of the appointment of Professor Kathleen Guglielmi, EDC, to the Social Regulations Committee. The motion carried.

  2. Vice Chairperson Goldsmith then moved that the Faculty Senate adopt the following resolution in honor of Charlie Daniels:

    Charles Daniels has served the University of Rhode Island community for more than 35 years. During that time, Charlie has

    • Crossed the digital divide, often in both directions on the same day
    • Endured the slings and arrows of anxious faculty baffled by burned out bulbs and disconnected cables
    • Survived balky equipment, blown fuses, power outages, missing take-up reels, and even temporary incarceration by the campus police
    • Soldiered happily on with the best and worst of student help
    • Played deus ex machina in more classroom productions than can be counted

    Through it all, Charlie has been the good and kind heart and the very soul of the University's classroom media enterprise.

    On this, the occasion of Charlie's retirement, we, the Faculty Senate of the University of Rhode Island, extend to him our deep gratitude for a job extraordinarily well done and our warmest wishes for a long, prosperous, and joy-filled life.

The resolution was adopted by unanimous vote.

Chairperson Peters thanked Charlie Daniels, who was in attendance because he was providing technical support to the Senate one last time.


A. President Carothers said that he had approved all of the legislation forwarded to him after the last Faculty Senate meeting but that it had been too late to be included on the printed Agenda.

B. President Carothers reported on the status of the University's Budget. He noted that the budget recommended by the Governor looks reasonably good in terms of the percentage increase. He explained, however, that the percentage increase is on already too small base and is not as encouraging as it appears.

President Carothers indicated that he was hopeful that the legislature would restore some of the positions had been removed from the total e cap when exceptions were made for federally funded positions. He also said that he anticipated that the legislature would act to provide the additional funds needed to cover the difference between the amount of the University's commitment to operating costs for the Shepard Building and the amount that the Director of Administration agreed was the state's share.

The President announced that the Providence Philharmonic Orchestra would be on campus that Sunday, February 25. He urged members of the community to support the event to encourage the Orchestra to continue to have performances on the Kingston campus.

President Carothers informed the Senate that an article about intercollegiate athletics and grade changes at the University was expected to appear in the Sunday edition of the Providence Journal. He said that the article was expected to challenge the appropriateness of some of the grade changes.

The President reported that he had recently attended a reception for athletes who were on this fall's Dean's List. He said that 115 students had been honored at that time.

President Carothers then responded to questions about the search for a new basketball coach and the impact on the University's budget of increased costs for energy, compensation and health benefits. He also agreed to look into the heating problems in the new coastal institute building.


A. Senator Hickox presented the Three Hundred and Ninety-Second Report of the Curricular Affairs Committee, which appeared on pages 9-16 of the Agenda. He said that Section I was informational and asked if there were any questions. There were none.

Senator Hickox said that Section II required confirmation by the Faculty Senate and moved approval. The motion carried.

Senator Hickox said that Section III was a joint report of the Curricular Affairs Committee and Graduate Council on 400-level courses. He noted that part A was informational and asked if there were any questions. There were none.

Senator Hickox announced that part B of Section III required confirmation by the Faculty Senate and moved approval. The motion carried.

B. Vice Provost Trubatch presented Curricular Report No. 2000-01-6 from the Graduate Council to the Faculty Senate, which appeared on pages 17-18 of the Agenda.

She said that the entire report required confirmation by the Faculty Senate and moved approval. The motion carried.

C. Professor Bide presented the University College and General Education Committee Report #2000-01-2 which appeared on page 19 of the Agenda.

Professor Bide said that Part I was a revision to the General Education Program approved by the Faculty Senate on January 25. He then moved approval of the following definition for the eighth integrated skill "engage in artistic activity":

Engage in Artistic Activity - Course requires assignments which involve the creative process in the practice of fine arts skills and aesthetic appreciation with instructor and /or group feedback.

The motion carried.

Professor Bide said that Part II of the Report was a recommendation to add courses to the existing General Education program. He moved approval of the assignment of FLM 101, FLM 201 and FLM 203 into the Fine Arts and Literature (A) area for a limited period of time.

Professor Bide noted that the film studies courses are subject to the provisions of the approved general education proposal that required that each course in each area be reviewed and, if the faculty member wishes, re-proposed in accordance with the new guidelines.

Following discussion, the motion carried.


Chairperson Peters noted that there was no unfinished business.


Chairperson Peters asked if there was any new business.

Senator Rosen requested that the Executive Committee consider ways to develop a strategy to promote the University of Rhode Island's importance to the state as a research university.

Chairperson Peters agreed to follow-up on Senator Rosen's request. He said that the Executive Committee would appreciate advice from the faculty about the best way to proceed.

Chairperson Peters asked if there was any further new business. There was none.

A motion was made to adjourn. The motion carried.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sheila Black Grubman
for Robert Strobel,



Sheila Black Grubman

Faculty Outstanding Award

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