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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Agenda

Number 9

Regular Meeting of the Faculty Senate on Thursday, May 15, 2008 in the Cherry Auditorium, Chester Kirk Building

1. Call to order at 3:00pm

2. Disposition of Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting #8, April 24, 2008 (attached).

3. Reports of Officers and Executive Committee

A. Annoucements

B. B. Activities of the Executive Committee (Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings #25, #26, #27 and #28 (attached pp. 4-14) -- Vice Chairperson Martin.

C. Report of the Nominating Committee (attached p. 15) - Professor Beauvais.

D. Recommendation of the Executive Committee - Vice Chairperson Martin

  1. That the Faculty Senate endorse the revised charge to the Blue Ribbon Study Commission (attached pp. 16-20)

E. Update on IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction Pilot Project -- Professor Kowalski

4. Report of the President - President Carothers

A. Status of Actions Forwarded to the President:

#07-08--28 The Four Hundred Sixty-First Report of the Curricular Affairs Committee. Portions are subject to approval by the Board of Governors.

#07-08--29 Curricular Report No. 2007-08-6 from the Graduate Council to the Faculty Senate.

#07-08--30 Curricular Report No. 2007-08-6A from the Graduate Council to the Faculty Senate: Ocean Engineering Professional Practice Degree. Subject to final approval by the Board of Governors.

#07-08--31 The University College and General Education Committee Report #2007-08-5.

#07-08--32 Report of the Constitution, By-Laws and University Manual Committee for 2007-08: Policy #04-1.

#07-08--33 Report of the Council for Research on the URI Center of Excellence in Undersea Technology. Subject to final approval by the Board of Governors.

#07-08--34 Report of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee: Sections 5.74.12, 5.75.11 and 9.23.10 of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL.

#07-08--35 Recommendations from the Athletics Advisory Board on Amendments to the UNIVERSIITY MANUAL.

B. Announcements

5. Reports of Standing and Special Committees

A. The Four Hundred Sixty-Second Report of the Curricular Affairs Committee (attached pp. 21-42) - Professor Honhart.

B. Curricular Report No. 2007-08-7 from the Graduate Council to the Faculty Senate (attached pp. 43-47) - Vice Provost Pasquerella.

C. The University College and General Education Committee Report #2007-08-6 (attached pp. 48-54) - Professor Hicks.

D. Academic Standards and Calendar Committee Report #2007-08-4: Summer 2009; 2013-14 and 2014-15 (attached pp. 55-58) - Senator DiCioccio

E. Report of the Providence Campus Initiative Committee (attached p. 59) -- Senator Martin.

F. Report of the Learning Outcomes Oversight Committee (attached pp. 60-65) - Professor Stevenson.

G. Report of the Academic Program Review Committee (attached pp. 66-68) - Professor Rice.

6. Unfinished Business

7. New Business

Full agenda are in the hands of all senators and department chairs. They are also available through email on Facsen-Bus and on the Faculty Senate home page (Facsen). Contact the Faculty Senate for detials.




Michael W. Honhart, Professor of History 2014 Recipient of the Sheila Black Grubman Faculty Outstanding Service Award



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