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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Minutes for Faculty Senate Meetings

October 28, 2004

Number 2

1. The regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 3:08 p.m. in the Cherry Auditorium, Chester Kirk Building, Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels presiding.

All members were present except Senators Barbour, Carroll, Conley, Dholakia, Dicioccio, Logan, Luebke, Oviatt and Thiem; Vice Presidents Beagle and Weygand; Vice Provost McCray; Deans Farmer, Gandel, Joseph, Letendre, Mazze, McKinney, Richmond and Taggart (Dean Seemann was represented by his designee); Mr. Sutherland and Mr. Lopes.

Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels reminded everyone that the Faculty Senate abides by Sturgis' Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure and tries to adhere to the principles and procedures outlined in the code. She announced that Senator Jim Kowalski has agreed to serve as Parliamentarian for the 2004-05 academic year.

Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels asked Senators to address all questions and comments through the chair to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly under parliamentary rules. She also requested that speakers continue to identify themselves before speaking.

2. Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels asked if there were any additions or corrections to or questions about the Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting #1, September 23, 2004. There were none.

Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels ruled that in the absence of additions or corrections, the Minutes were approved as distributed.


A. Announcements

  1. Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels reminded the Senate that the State of the Budget Address, which was originally scheduled for the current meeting, had been postponed at the request of Vice President Weygand because he had to be out of town. She said that the Budget Address had been rescheduled for our November 18 meeting.

  2. Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels noted that the Faculty Senate Executive Committee has as one of its goals to learn more about the issues that from the perspectives of various members of the URI community are most pressing. She explained that the distribution of a short survey had been expanded beyond members of the Senate to additional faculty, administrators, staff and students. She asked everyone to encourage their colleagues to complete the very brief surveys and return them to the Faculty Senate Office.

    Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels noted that if Senators would like to take some surveys back to departments, copies were available in the front of the room. She said that very few surveys had been received from administrators, and indicated that the Executive Committee also requested that Vice Provosts and Deans take the surveys to Assistants and Associates and ask that they complete the surveys and return them to the Faculty Senate Office as well.

  3. Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels also announced that President Carothers had graciously agreed to sponsor a reception following today's Faculty Senate meeting. She said that receptions provide an opportunity for people to get to know one another better in an informal setting and encouraged everyone to come to the University Club after the meeting.

B. Vice Chairperson Rosen said that the minutes of Executive Committee Meetings #3, #4, #5, #6 and #7 appeared on pages 3-19 of the Agenda. He asked if there were any questions. There were none.

C. Vice Chairperson Rosen announced that the Joint Strategic Planning Committee's minutes from their August 5, 2004 and September 9, 2004 meetings appeared on pages 20-23 of the Agenda. He asked if there were any questions.

Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels, Vice Chairperson Rosen, Vice President Dougan and President Carothers responded to questions about the minutes.

D. Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels announced that time had been set aside to discuss the initial goals established by the Executive Committee and referred the Senate to her memorandum to the faculty which appeared on the web at She presented the following outline of the items identified in the memorandum:

  • 2004-05 Faculty Senate Executive Committee.
  • Preliminary Goals
  • ...Identify faculty concerns
  • ...Increase faculty engagement
  • Shared governance
  • Policy development
  • ...Seek mechanisms to increase resources
  • classroom support services
  • Library
  • ...Facilitate interdisciplinary research efforts
  • ...Continue pro-active role in design and implementation
  • Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (mandated by BOG)
  • Academic Program Assessment (Murphy's Factor Method)
  • ...Monitor adherence to policies and procedures during re-organization planning
  • ...Continue to serve on JSPC
  • advisory role on faculty issues
  • Influence budget recommendations
  • ...Promote value of graduate education and research to URI, state,...

Discussion ensued.

After discussion, the Senate moved to the next item of business.


A. President Carothers announced that, as indicated on the Agenda, he had approved Bill #04-05-1, Curricular Report No. 2003-2004-5a from the Graduate Council to the Faculty Senate, on October 4, 2004.

B. President Carothers introduced Dorothy Escribano, who was serving as his American Council for Education (ACE) Fellow during the 2004-05 academic year. He noted that former Senate Chair, Dr. Judy Beckman was an ACE fellow at the University of Vermont.

President Carothers reminded the Senate that there were four bond questions that affect higher education on the ballot for the upcoming election on November 2. He urged everyone to vote in support of the bond issues and to encourage others to do so as well. He said that Ms. Andrea Hopkins was organizing volunteers at the various polling places and suggested that if anyone was interested in working at the polling places they should contact Ms. Hopkins.

The President also noted that the Board of Governors meeting that had been scheduled for the previous Monday had been cancelled and they did not intend to meet again until December, which meant that the AAUP's contract with the Board had not been ratified as intended. He said that efforts were underway to have the Board consider the contract before December.

President Carothers expressed his appreciation to Vice President Dougan and his staff, as well as the many faculty, staff and students who had been able to keep the campus relatively calm after the Red Sox won the pennant and the World Series. He said he was especially appreciative of the efforts of the student leadership for doing a masterful job in diffusing potentially volatile situations.

The President then responded to questions from members of the Senate about Bond Issues and how items are included on the referendums as well as the decisions by the state administration on when and which bonds to sell. He also responded to questions about funding for the Ryan Center.


A. Professor Peters moved approval of the Four Hundred Twenty-Sixth Report of the Curricular Affairs Committee, which appeared on pages 32-34 of the Agenda. He said that Section I was informational and asked if there were any questions. There were none.

Professor Peters said that Section II required confirmation by the Faculty Senate and moved approval. The motion carried. Professor Peters announced that Section III was a report on 400-level courses. He said that part A was informational and asked if there were any questions.

There were none.

Professor Peters said that part B required confirmation by the Faculty Senate and moved approval. The motion carried.

B. Vice Provost Trubatch presented the Curricular Report No. 2004-05-1 from the Graduate Council to the Faculty Senate, which appeared on pages 35-37 of the Agenda. Vice Provost Trubatch said that the requirement that graduate certificate programs be classified as either Class A, B, or C was not appropriate and recommended that a new category be assigned for such programs.

Discussion ensued.

Following discussion, Senator Kowalski moved to refer section 8.85.30 of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL to the Graduate Council with the request that they consider whether an alternative to the classification system should be developed for graduate certificates programs that do not require additional funding, and if so, to recommend appropriate language for inclusion into the UNIVERSITY MANUAL.

After discussion, the motion to refer to committee carried.

Vice Provost Trubatch then moved that the proposed Graduate Certificate in VLSI Design and Testing be approved at the class C level.

The motion carried.

C. Senator Jackson introduced the University College and General Education Committee Report #2004-005-1, which appeared on page 38 of the Agenda.

He then moved approval of the proposed amendment to section 8.20.24 of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL.

Discussion ensued.

Following discussion, the motion carried.

The amended section 8.20.24 of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL as approved reads as follows (changes are in boldface italics):

8.20.24 To ensure that students are exposed to courses that include a multicultural or diversity requirement, two of the courses taken as part of a student's general education program must include the examining human differences skill. These two courses shall be selected from courses designated by a "D." Only one course in a foreign language may be applied to the diversity overlay. This overlay does not increase the number of credits required in the general education program.


Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels reminded the Senate that at its September 23 meeting the following recommendation to change Section 4.22 of the By-Laws was introduced. She explained that because By-Laws changes may not be voted upon at the meeting at which they are first moved, the recommendation was returned to the floor at that time.

The motion to amend section 4.22 of the By-Laws of the Faculty Senate by adding "the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee" to the list of ex-officio members of the Academic Standards and Calendar Committee. Was approved.


Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels asked if there was any new business.

Senator Grubman-Black moved approval of the following resolution:

WHEREAS: United States Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island worked tirelessly to help pass a bill he co-sponsored - namely, the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act (originally called the Campus Care and Counseling Act), which includes among its provisions $10 million for suicide prevention initiatives for college counseling centers, and

WHEREAS: The University of Rhode Island and the American Psychological Association will honor and thank Senator Reed for his efforts on behalf of this bill and mental health in the United States on Friday, October 29, 2004 in the Galanti Lounge of the URI Library,

BE IT RESOLVED: That the Faculty Senate of the University of Rhode Island extends our appreciation and congratulations to Senator Jack Reed for his work, efforts and accomplishments on behalf of the bill.

After discussion, the motion carried.

Senator Leo requested that in addition to Senator Reed, the Student Senate receive a copy of the resolution.

Chairperson Boudreaux-Bartels asked if there was any additional new business.

Senator Strom requested that something be done as soon as possible to reduce the amount of time and paperwork involved in travel, as well as to increase travel funds.

Discussion ensued, during which the Executive Committee reported on their ideas with regard to an Ombud for administrative issues and President Carothers discussed difficulties encountered by most state institutions and efforts to seek alternative sources of funding.

Senator Kirschenbaum urged the members of the Faculty Senate to keep apprised of the AAUP's efforts with regard to health care.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sheila Black Grubman



Sheila Black Grubman

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