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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting

Minutes   #11

September 25, 2009

1. The meeting was called toorder at2:05 p.m. on Friday, September 25, 2009 in the President's ConferenceRoom,Green Hall, Vice Chairperson Ordoñez presiding. All members werepresent exceptChairperson Swallow, who assumed the chair when he arrived at 2:25 p.m.

2. The Minutes from FSECMeeting#10, September 18, 2009 were approved as corrected.

3. The Executive CommitteereviewedFaculty Senate Meeting #1, which had been held the previous afternoon.They agreed that the meeting had run fairly smoothly for the first meetingof theacademic year, especially with regard to the discussion of the AcademicPlan. They also discussed the chair's role when presiding at a formalmeeting.

The FSEC agreed that they should follow upon the Ombud's report with regard to the issue of faculty members not adhering to therequirements for final examinations as outlined in sections 8.51.16-17of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL. They decided the matter should be a discussion topicattheir next meeting with Provost DeHayes.

4. Announcements/Correspondence:

a. TheExecutive Committee discussed a memorandum from Professor Swift toProvostDeHayes on behalf of LOOC requesting more support for outcomes assessment. Itwas noted that Professor Swift had resigned from LOOC and a newchairpersonwould have to be appointed in consultation with the Provost.

b. Ms.Grubman brought the Executive Committee up-to-date on the Evaluation ofAdministrators during the 2009-10 academic year. She said that letterstomembers of the constituency groups for Deans Higgins and Maslyn were e-mailed on September 10 and September 16, respectively. Ms. Grubman alsoreported thatDean Farmer's Administrator Evaluation has been postponed until the spring semester.

c. The Executive Committee briefly discussed the online correspondence on TheForum-L about freshman experience this fall. They agreed that the bulk of the complaints were related to instructionaltechnology (copyingin the Library, access to SAKAI, etc.), which was likely a result of shortage of staff.

d. TheExecutive Committee discussed President Dooley's address to the Student Senate as reported by the Cigar. They noted that with President Dooley out of town and unable to clarify any possible errors, they would wait for more information about the budget.

e. Ms.Grubman announced that the Executive Committee was scheduled to mee tnext with President Dooley at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 15 because shehadn't been able to find a meeting time on any Friday afternoon in October.

f. Chairperson Swallow reminded the FSEC that there would not be a meeting on October 2 because both he and vice Chairperson Ordoñez had commitments out of state.

Ms.Grubman reminded the FSEC that she would not be available on Monday,September28 because she planned to observe Yom Kippur.

5. The Executive Committeediscussed thefollowing matters of concern:

a. AcademicPlan: Following discussion, the Executive Committee agreed to propose a resolution through which the Faculty Senate would express an endorsement of the Goals of the Academic Plan.

Inaddition, the Executive Committee agreed that they should have anactive rolein the establishment of the Task Forces. They noted that they were already moving ahead on the task force to propose a pilot program fo rmodernizing theGeneral Education program and the experiences for incoming freshmen as the UCGE SAGE continues with their assessment of the program.

Senator DiCioccio reported that Senators Honhart and Hicks, along with Vice Provost Beauvais, Professor Stevenson and Dr. Hubbard were scheduled to meet on September 30 to initiate planning for the task force.

b. Budget and PlanningCouncil: The ExecutiveCommittee agreed to postpone their discussion of a draft proposal for the Budget and Planning Counciluntil theirnext meeting.

ChairpersonSwallow was asked to inform President Dooley and Provost DeHayes that the FSEC intended to draft proposed MANUAL sections on the proposed charge to and membership of the Council for consideration and approval by the FacultySenate.

Update on Committees: It was noted that the nomination of Senator Thiem from the floor was a welcome addition to the membership of the Academic Program Review Committee (APRC), although the committee still needed a chair and possibly additional members. Chairperson Swallow agreed to pursue clarification of thecharge to the APRC with Provost DeHayes before completing the appointments to the Committee andasking them to begin their work.

TheExecutive Committee discussed the necessity for getting the LearningOutcomes Oversight Committee (LOOC) back in operation. It was noted that Professor Anne Veeger from CELS had been asked to replace Professor Cathy English, but that the appointment of another representative from the College of Arts and Sciences and a chair remained unfinished.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sheila Black Grubman



Sheila Black Grubman

Faculty Outstanding Award

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