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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting


Meeting #12

November 1, 2005

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:05 p.m. on Tuesday, November 1, 2005 in the third floor conference room in Green Hall, Chairperson Rice presiding. All members were present.

2. Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings #8, October 4, 2005, #9, October 11, 2005 and #10, October 18, 2005, were approved as revised. The Minutes of Meeting #11, October 25, 2005 were reviewed. It was agreed to wait for revisions before approving them.

3. Announcements/Correspondence:

a. The Executive Committee discussed materials forwarded by Ombud Rose about what other universities are doing with regard to parent services, which had been compiled by Mr. Thomas Hardiman, the Student Assistant to the Ombud. Ms. Grubman noted that she had also sent a copy to the Provost

b. Ms. Grubman shared with the Executive Committee an e-mail posting to TheForum-L by Professor Vocino thanking Senator Ramsay for her coordination of the Gallery in the Library.

When Dean Cohen arrived at 1:15 p.m., the Executive Committee changed their order of business and moved to item 7, a on the Agenda.

7. a. Senate Action #05-06--3: Dean Cohen met with the FSEC from 1:15-1:45. She distributed a chronology of the activities of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee from fall 2003 through September 2005, including the procedures followed and votes recorded. She also provided the Executive Committee with a copy of committee correspondence and meeting notes for that period and agreed to supply the Executive Committee with all of her files if they thought it was necessary.

Discussion ensued during which the Executive Committee asked Dean Cohen questions regarding the committee, its composition and voting procedure as ell as deliberations and actions taken.

After Dean Cohen left the meeting, the Executive Committee decided that their next step was to invite to their next meeting Ms. Cristin Langwothy, a student member of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee and the Student Senator who was the handler for SS-05-06-23. It was agreed to meet with Ms. Langworthy from 1:00-1:30 p.m.

The FSEC then returned to their regular order of business, item 3, c.

3. c. Ms. Grubman announced that she had been informed earlier that morning that The Board of Governors wants to interview current members of the FSEC along with former members from 03-04 and 04-05 on November 15 as part of their review of President Carothers. She said that she hadn't been given a specific time but had suggested that it be scheduled for the 1-3 p.m. block set aside for the FSEC's meetings.

d. Ms. Grubman reminded the Executive Committee that they were scheduled to meet on November 8 at 1:30 with Dean James Lynch. It was agreed to discuss his observations during his initial months and whether he has developed any strategies for the future, especially in light of URI's increased dependence on the recruitment and retention of out-of-state students.

4. The Executive Committee discussed their meeting with AAUP Executive Committee on October 26, 2005. Among the matters discussed were the Administrator Evaluation process that was sponsored by the Faculty Senate and the Provost's review of deans in accordance with their contracts, and the on-line committee proposed by the Provost. In addition, there had been a hopeful update on travel by Dr. Annunziato based on discussions with Vice President Weygand, as well as discussion about per course faculty which the FSEC did not believe was under their purview. Ms. Grubman was asked to request a copy of the draft Minutes from the AAUP meeting in light of the AAUP EC's request that the FSEC join them in a resolution in support of improvements to the travel policy.

5. The Executive Committee reviewed the draft Minutes from the October 6, 2005 meeting of the JSPC and reviewed the Agenda for November 3, 2005.

6. Ms. Grubman provided the Executive Committee with an overview of the items she expected to be on the Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting #3, November 17, 2005.

Following discussion, the Executive Committee approved a draft of their report recommending the abolition of the Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation (ACRA).

7. The Executive Committee discussed the following matters of continuing concern, beginning with item "b." noting that they had already discussed item "a." with Dean Cohen.

b. Administrator Evaluation for Dean Nassersharif: Ms, Grubman reported that Professor Rosen, the Administrator Evaluation Coordinator, was scheduled to meet that afternoon with Provost Swan and Dean Nassersharif to review the administrator evaluation process.

c. Administrative bottlenecks: The Executive Committee to work with other groups, such as the AAUP and the President's Commission on the Status of Women to pursue remedies to the bottlenecks associated with administrative processes, including travel restrictions and the burdens imposed on staff as a result of the move to People Soft.

d. Academic Investment & Improvement Model (AIIM): Chairperson Rice reported that responses to the surveys varied. He said that while some departments had a very high response rate others had minimal involvement. It was agreed that department chairs should be reminded of the importance of participation by their colleagues in the process.

e. Health Services vs. Professor Wenisch: Chairperson Rice said he had not received a response from Vice President Dougan to his memorandum proposing a compromise position on the compromise. Ms. Grubman said that she had received a copy of a note that Senator Wenisch had written to Provost Swan saying that he would be satisfied with the proposed compromise as long as students would receive the generic note only if they had "been examined by a health professional rather than...renewing a prescription, scheduling an appointment, etc.";

9. Chairperson Rice asked if there was any new business.

a. Senator Kowalski informed the Executive Committee that he and Associate Dean Beckman would be coordinating the University's NEASC Accreditation. He noted that they had attended a workshop on the accreditation self-study and that assessment was included in every standard. He reported that in response to his question about the assessment of and administrative functions, he had been informed that although they were not included in the current standards, there were discussions underway for future standards.

Senator Kowalski suggested that the Executive Committee plan to include updates on the Accreditation self-study as part of their reports at Faculty Senate meetings.

b. Ms. Grubman reported that Provost Swan had forwarded a copy of the notes of a recent meeting of the Program Review Group of the Council of Presidents of New England Land-Grant Universities. She said that she would distribute copies of the materials at the Executive Committee's next meeting.

c. Ms. Grubman also shared with the Executive Committee a memorandum from Professor Wenisch to Provost Swan expressing concern that a number of students in his classes had asked to be excused for URI 101 community Service. It was agreed that an absence for this reason should not be an excused absence. Ms. Grubman said she would discuss this matter with the Provost and report back to the Executive Committee on the conversation.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheila Black Grubman



Sheila Black Grubman

Faculty Outstanding Award

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