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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting



October 30, 2009

  1. The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, October 30, 2009 in the President's Conference Room, Green Hall, Chairperson Swallow presiding. All members were present.

  2. Ann Morrissey met with the Executive Committee and discussed recent reports on Higher Education and steps on moving the Academic Plan forward. She referred the members of the Executive Committee to the Planning Services web site at, where the following reports can be found: Good Planning, Good Practice, the Boyer Commission Report, and the Delta Project Summary.

  3. The minutes from FSEC Meeting #14, October 23, 2009 were approved as amended.

  4. Announcements/Correspondence:

    1. Ms. Grubman pointed out that she still has no assistance, and she is doing the best she can to move materials forward. Without the badly needed assistance, the Executive Committee minutes would be delayed as CAC and UCGE matters take precedence. She asked members of the FSEC to take minutes at FSEC Meetings until she could catch up.

    2. The Executive Committee discussed the comments they received regarding the October 28, 2009 post, Coming Home, that President Dooley made to his blog at

    3. Ms. Grubman reported that after the Faculty Senate Minutes for Meeting #1 were approved she had been informed by Senator LaPlante that the Senator had been present at the meeting, despite being marked absent.

      It was agreed to edit the FS Minutes for Meeting #1 editorially on the web by removing Senator LaPlante's name from the list of absent Senators.

  5. The Executive Committee discussed the following matters of continuing concern:

    1. Administrator Evaluation: It was noted that the appointment of two Administrator Evaluation Committees were completed. Dean Maslyn's Administrator Evaluation Committee: Faculty Senate Executive Committee's representatives are Joanna Burkhardt, Peter Larsen & Sarina Wyatt; Provost DeHayes' representative is Mary MacDonald & Dean Maslyn's representative is Mona Anne Niedbala. Dean Higgins' Administrator Evaluation Committee: Faculty Senate Executive Committee's representatives are Cynthia Blanthorne, Robert Comerford & Charles Hickox; Provost DeHayes' representative is Tong Yu; Dean Higgins representative is Albert Della Bitta.

    2. Academic Plan Task Forces: The Executive Committee discussed the role of the Committee once the task forces have been implemented.

    3. Strategic Budget and Planning Council: They discussed reaction to the SBPC in the Faculty Senate Committee meeting of October 22, 2009 and discussed the next steps in moving forward.

    4. Update on Committees: Ms. Grubman is still looking for a chair for LOOC. Vice Chairperson Ordoñez asked for an update on her appointment to SEDA. Possibilities for the President's appointment to APRC were discussed. Professor Rathemacher, Dean Bonn and Ms. Grubman met with Vice Provost Libutti this week to clarify the charge of the Enrollment Management Task Force in relation to the existing Admissions Advisory Committee. It was determined that there was no conflict. Deans Bonn and Richmond are on both the committee and the task force.

    5. Progress toward NEASC review: It was noted that the APRC is getting under way the week of November 2 with their first meeting, at which the committee Chair, Celest Martin, has indicated the committee would review the work of the previous committee on improving URI's program review instrument.

  6. Topics for meeting with Provost DeHayes on November 6: The Executive Committee determined the issues they would discuss at the meeting, including the task forces and partnering to implement the Academic Plan.

  7. Planning for November 19 Faculty Senate Meeting: The Branding presentation originally scheduled for the October meeting was initially postponed to November. The Branding group has since requested postponement until the December meeting, but it may conflict with VP Weygand's budget presentation. The FSEC discussed the positive reaction of the Senate to President Dooley's October presentation on the Strategic Budget and Planning Council and considered whether it should be a topic for the November Senate meeting.

  8. Unfinished business: Senator Honhart asked about the status of the surcharge for the Spring semester. Board of Governors did not approve the surcharge at the previous meeting.

  9. New Business: Board of Governors' triggered program review: Senator Eaton noted that all chairs with triggered programs received a framework and a seven-day extension on the deadline.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Amanda Izenstark



Sheila Black Grubman

Faculty Outstanding Award

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