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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting

Minutes #18

January 25, 2007

1. The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, January 25, 2007, in the Provost's conference room in Green Hall, Chairperson Rice presiding. All members were present.

2. The Executive Committee reviewed draft Minutes from the January 18, 2007 Meeting. The FSEC discussed the meeting which neither Senator Barbour nor Ms. Grubman had attended. Following discussion, Ms. Grubman was asked to revise the draft minutes based on the Executive Committee's discussion and to forward relevant portions to President Carothers and Provost Swan for review.

3. Announcements/Correspondence

a. It was noted that the Board of Governors had cancelled their January 22 Meeting and had forwarded a revised schedule which Ms. Grubman had sent to the members of the FSEC.

b. Ms. Grubman distributed an updated meeting schedule for the spring 2007. It was noted that the Executive Committee would hold most meetings in the Provost's Conference Room and when it wasn't available, would meet in the President's Conference Room. Meetings with the Provost and the President were scheduled as follows:

  • February 15 Provost Swan - Provost's Conference Room
  • March 15 President Carothers - President's Conference Room
  • April 5 Provost Swan - Provost's Conference Room
  • April 12 President Carothers - Provost's Conference Room
  • May 3 Provost Swan - Provost's Conference Room

c. Ms. Grubman reminded the Executive Committee that they were scheduled to meet on February 1 with Professor Spaulding regarding appeals process approved in the spring 2006. (See, section 8.26.13) This meeting will be held in the President's Conference Room. Senator Miller explained that he would be away that week and couldn't attend the meeting with Professor Spaulding but indicated that he was aware of the procedural issue Professor Spaulding wished to discuss.

4. The Executive Committee was brought up to date on issues of continuing concern:

a. January 18, 2007 meeting with President Carothers and Provost Swan: The Executive Committee agreed that the meeting was discussed adequately as part of their review of the Minutes from the January 18 FSEC meeting

b. January 23 Meeting of the JSPC: Members of the FSEC reviewed for Vice Chairperson Luebke, Senator Barbour and Ms. Grubman the meeting. They said that Dean Libutti and Dean Bonn had reported on progress of recruitment efforts for fall 2007 and had discussed possible bridge programs for incoming freshmen during the summer session.

c. Classroom Committee: The Executive Committee reviewed new draft sections of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL on the charge, membership and reporting structure for the new joint steering committee. After discussion, Ms. Grubman was asked to revise the draft based on the Executive Committee's discussion and to forward it to the President, Provost and Ms. Morrissey for review.

d. Online courses: Vice Chairperson Luebke reported that she had obtained the list of courses that were taught in the summer 2006 and had not been considered for 2007. She said that the list was the same one that the CAC had been using and that several of the courses were on the CAC's Agenda for January 29. Vice Chairperson Luebke noted that Ms. Lemoine in the Office of the Provost had contacted all of the faculty members whose courses have not been submitted for approval.

e. Administrator Evaluation: Ms. Grubman reported that the Evaluation Coordinating Committee had met and had provided Senator Rosen with an update on their progress.

Ms. Grubman said that she had been in contact with Senator Rosen about the evaluation of Dean Farmer during the spring semester and that Senator Rosen expected the process to begin on February 1 by an initial contact with the GSO constituency group.

f. Accreditation Update: Senator Kowalski reported on the status of the preliminary drafts and the Executive Committee provided advice and suggestions for the next stage which was to combine the various subcommittee reports into a single document. Senator Kowalski said that he and Dean Beckman hoped to have a discussion draft available to the community by the end of March.

6. The Executive Committee discussed Professor Ramstad's resignation as chair of the Athletics Advisory Board and URI's NCAA representative because of his recent health problems and the President's request for possible faculty replacements.

7. It was noted that The Provost had asked for faculty nominees to the Search Committee for the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management. Ms. Grubman said that the legislation on search committees had been revised during the previous academic year and that she would review the legislation for the Executive Committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheila Black Grubman



Sheila Black Grubman

Faculty Outstanding Award

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