Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting #21 ñ March 10, 2009


1.   The meeting was called to order at 3: 10 p.m. on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 in the Presidentís Conference Room in Green Hall, Chairperson Martin presiding. All members were present.


2.   The Minutes from Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting, February 17, 2009 were approved as corrected.


3.   The Executive Committee was brought up-to-date on the following matters of continuing concern:


      a.   The Presidential Search: Chairperson Martin announced that two all-day interview sessions had been scheduled for March 18 and March 26. The plan was to conduct 4 interviews at each session with time between each for discussion. She said the Search Committee planned to select the final three candidates by the end of the March 26 meeting.


            Chairperson Martin announced she would not be able to chair the March 26 Faculty Senate meeting because of the conflict with the Presidential interviews and asked Vice Chairperson Costello to chair the Senate meeting.


b.   JSPC: It was noted that the next meeting was scheduled for the following Thursday, March 12 from 3-4:30. The Executive Committeeís topics of concern to the faculty are:


1)   How will the provost prioritize his spending for Academic Affairs for the Spring of 2009, assuming there is any money left after final decisions are made by the legislature?


2)  What do groups other than Smart Money, US News and World Report, for example, use for data when they rank us? What are we doing well?

            What can we do to improve?

      c.   Blue Ribbon Study Commission: Chairperson Martin reported that the Commission seemed to be moving ahead with the understanding that their work might continue after the new President arrives.


      d.   Faculty Forum on Learning and Discovery: The Executive Committee discussed the March 3 Forum and agreed that while it hadnít been especially well attended, people who did attend seemed to be very involved and interested in the discussions.


Chairperson Martin reminded the FSEC that the April 16 Forum would focus more on directions for research for the global century and asked for suggestions for members of the faculty panel.


      e.   The Freshman Year Experience: The Executive Committee agreed to learn more about whether there are data on how freshmen feel about their orientation experience when they are freshman and then later in their years at the University.


      f.   Academic Planning Summit: It was agreed to review the summaries from the sessions once they are posted on the web.


      g.   General Education initiative. Ms. Grubman reported that she had written to the Provost about the possibility of working within the current General Education structure to promote innovation. She said that Vice Provost Beauvais, Dean Richmond, Professor Hicks and Dr. Hubbard, representing the Subcommittee on Assessment of General Education, had all agreed to meet during the vacation week to discuss the possibilities of such an effort.


      h    Board of Governorsí review of small programs: After discussion, Ms Grubman agreed to obtain materials on the Board of Governorsí review from the Office of the Provost before the next FSEC Meeting.

5. The Executive Committee met with Dean Killingbeck from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. He provided the group with materials on siting the Research Park in the Century Forest in the North Woods.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 p.m.


                                                         Respectfully submitted,


                                                         Sheila Black Grubman