Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting #22 – December 8, 2010


1.     Call to order at 10am in the Alumni Center, 2nd floor conference room. Vice Chair Eaton presiding, Senators Ciccomascolo, Honhart, and Larsen present.


2.     Minutes for FSEC Meetings #14-18, 20, and 21 were discussed but not approved.


3.     Correspondence


The group which the Provost originally referred to as the Gateway Task Force is now being called the Gateway Ad Hoc Committee. We will suggest that it be known as the Provost's Ad Hoc Committee on Gateway Courses."


4.     Planning the Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting #4 – December 16, 2010

a.     Election – Discussion of procedure. Senator Ciccomascolo will handle the voting slips.

b.     Presentation by Mike Motta., Associate Director in University Computing Systems on the HR action forms project – limited to 15 minutes

c.     Terms of Office – Senator Larsen will create PowerPoint

d.     Other Reports – CAC, Grad Council (Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program), UCGE will likely not present


5.     Meetings with Provost DeHayes and President Dooley

a.     Report from Vice Chairperson Eaton on many meetings

b.     Upcoming meetings with Provost DeHayes – As there are no further meetings this semester, discussion was tabled.

c.     Upcoming Meetings with President Dooley – Meeting 15 Dec. Topics discussed: Mission Plan, Vision Statement, 4 Points, and Academic Plan – how do they fit together? Feedback on the 4 Points.


6.     Updates on Committee Work

a.     JCAP – Discussed

b.     SBPC – Discussed

c.     UCGE – Discussed

d.     Council for Research – IP – Discussed

e.     CBUM – Discussed report, needs to be sent to Provost for comments

f.       Library Committee Chair –Senator Larsen to gather more names


7.     Ongoing Matters – Tabled until Next Meeting


8.     New Business


a.     Student Senate wishes to change the Manual to address emergency decisions for the Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee.


9.     Unfinished Business

a.     Vice Chairperson Eaton will send out a revised To Do list


                                          Respectfully submitted,


                              Peter Larsen