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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting

Minutes   #38

May 10, 2010

1. The meeting was called to order at 11:10 a.m., on Monday, May 10, 2010 in the President's Conference Room, Green Hall, Chairperson Swallow presiding. All members were present except Vice Chairperson Ordoñez; Ms Grubman was unable to attend the meeting.

2. In preparation for the Committee's meeting with President Dooley, Chairperson Swallow relayed concerns he had heard regarding the budgeting for research and teaching and the need to integrate teaching and research to reflect the in the budget principles to better reflect the mission of a research university. There was also some discussion of feedback Executive Committee members had received regarding the Provost's approvals for faculty searches and how they aligned with the colleges' priorities. It was reported that at least two colleges did not receive approval for faculty searches in line with the priorities they presented to the Provost.

3. President Dooley met with the Executive Committee from 11:20 until noon. The following matters were discussed:

a. Capital Projects: President Dooley described plans for the new dormitories in the area of the Terrace Apartments and Weldin Hall, and a new Student Wellness Center that is also planned for development starting this summer. He noted that private funds would be supporting some of the development of the Student Wellness Center.

b. Strategic Budget and Planning Council (SBPC): Chairperson Swallow stated that he was concerned that the SPBC had not yet struck an adequate balance between high-level and fine detail. President Dooley noted that would be important for the SBPC to look at issues about capital projects, and be informed about financing.

c. The Senate and How It Fits With the President's Vision: President Dooley noted that both the AAUP and the Faculty Senate are important, and suggested that he hold regular and formal joint meetings with the two executive committees, as many of the groups' concerns overlap, such as Academic Planning and the Promotion and Tenure process. It was agreed that one meeting a semester might be appropriate. President Dooley suggested a retreat in August might be beneficial.

d. Intellectual Property and Royalties Policy: President Dooley reported that he has asked General Counsel Saccoccio and Vice President Alfonso to offer a resolution to the issue and asked Chairperson Swallow to also share his ideas for a resolution so that the issue can be resolved soon. President Dooley acknowledged that it appears that the decision and change was made without consultation with the Faculty Senate. Chairperson Swallow reiterated the concern that the illustration in Appendix H of the University Manual should be viewed as acknowledged by the University Administration to be operational as opposed to illustrative. President Dooley reiterated that it would be helpful to understand exactly what the facts are in the situation, and to wrap up the issue within the week

e. Update on Review of Centers: Chairperson Swallow said that the topic has been turned over to the Council for Research (CfR) and there are plans to ensure that the Provost's office is involved in the review process. Chairperson Swallow also noted that each Center will come up for approval as an individual item to facilitate future approvals.

f. Ad Hoc Committee on Four-Credit Courses and Curricula: Senators Eaton and Honhart provided a brief update on the Ad Hoc Committee's work, and provided a copy of the committee's final report to the President. There was discussion of what NEASC requires of a General Education program.

4. President Dooley left the meeting at noon.

5. Discussion continued regarding the report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Four-Credit Courses and Curricula. Senator Eaton noted that there is no one-size-fits-all solution across the University; instead, each college should determine what works for the college. She noted that the professional schools need to meet the requirements of their accrediting bodies, and common double majors also need to be considered. It was noted that the members of the committee representing the professional colleges were concerned about the number of credits students would be required to take; as a result, the report acknowledges that four-credit courses may not be feasible across the board. It was agreed that having another committee continue investigation in the fall would be helpful. The Executive Committee agreed that the faculty should have adequate time to read and review the report before voting on it, so a vote will be scheduled for the fall. Senator Honhart noted that the Ad Hoc Committee was formed to give the faculty a voice in the process, and reiterated that this document contains many of the necessary considerations. Chairperson Swallow noted that a future four-credit committee and/or the Executive Committee should make a recommendation regarding which option would be most appropriate for the University.

6. The minutes of meeting #37 from May 3, 2010 were approved.

7. Academic Plan Task Forces: Senator Honhart reported that the Advancing General Education Task Force is meeting next week.

8. Agenda for the Faculty Senate Meeting of May 13th: The Committee discussed agenda items, including an announcement to alert new senators that the start of the Rosh Hashanah holiday on the Wednesday evening coincides with the day that classes start for the fall semester. This could potentially affect out-of-town students as they might miss Wednesday and Friday classes. The Committee also discussed the procedure for voting at Thursday's meeting, and Senator DiCioccio provided an update on the slate.

9. Administrator Evaluation: Chairperson Swallow reported that the names that have been forwarded to him for Vice Provost Alfonso's review committee have been approved.

10. Interim Administrator Appointments: The Executive Committee accepted Allan Graham's appointment to the search committee for the Vice Provost of Enrollment Management position.

11. CELS Dean Search: Chairperson Swallow reported that he had seen one of the candidates and was impressed.

12. The meeting was adjourned at 1:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Amanda Izenstark



Sheila Black Grubman

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