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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Minutes for Faculty Senate Meetings

September 23, 2010

Number 1

1. Immediately following a meeting of the General Faculty-Graduate Faculty, the regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 3:12 p.m. in the Cherry Auditorium, Chester Kirk Building, Chairperson Swallow presiding.

All members were present except Senators Baxter, Blanthorne, Cohen, Collie, Dilworth, Fastovsky, Hamel, Hannel, Hutt, Kincaid, Krieger, Lofgren, Malik, Mitkowski, Ohley, Shen, Thiem, Watts and Wittwer; President Dooley; Vice Presidents Beagle, Dougan, and Weygand; Vice Provosts Libutti and McCray; Deans Bonn, Farmer, Kirby, Higgins, Jordan, Joseph, and Richmond; Mr. Szczepanski.

2. Chairperson Swallow asked if there were any additions or corrections to or questions about the Minutes of Faculty Senate Meetings #8, April 29, 2010; #9, May 13, 2010 and Summer 2010. There were none.

Chairperson Swallow ruled that in the absence of any comments or corrections, the Minutes were approved.

3. Reports of Officers and Executive Committee

A. Chairperson Swallow introduced himself and welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the 2010-11 academic year. He said that he had a few brief announcements before beginning his opening remarks

1) Chairperson Swallow offered his congratulations to Dean Libutti who has been appointed Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and welcomed Dean John Kirby, the Dean of the College of the Environment and Life Sciences.

2) Chairperson Swallow reminded everyone that the Promotion & Tenure Workshop, co-sponsored by the Provost's Office and the AAUP is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, September 24th, from 1-4PM at the University Club.

3) Chairperson Swallow noted that during the 2009-10 academic year last year the Faculty Senate had the assistance of Frank Pari who kept the Agenda slide show working. He welcomed Mr. Phillip Teixeira, who, thanks to support by the Office of the Provost will help us with the visual portion of our meetings as well as update the Faculty Senate website so it is consistent with other websites on campus.

Chairperson Swallow reminded the Senate that there would be a reception following the meeting. He said that the receptions help build an understanding of each other across campus and that toward that goal he had arranged with the University Club to provide each attendee with their first drink for showing up.

Chairperson Swallow announced that his second term as Chairperson would be short, explaining that he would be moving to the University of Connecticut in January. He said that the Executive Committee would follow the UNIVERSITY MANUAL procedures for transition to the new Chairperson in January and hold an election to replace him on the Executive Committee before January. He said that as prescribed in the By-Laws, Vice Chairperson Eaton had graciously agreed to move into the position of Chairperson.

Chairperson Swallow emphasized that his move should not be misunderstood and he believes "that the University of Rhode Island has a bright and brightening future," (the full text of Chairperson Swallow's remarks is available on the web at

B. Vice Chairperson Eaton said that the Minutes 2009-2010 Executive Committee Meetings #35 through #38 and the Minutes of the 2010-11 Executive Committee Meetings #1 through #6 had been distributed by e-mail and noted that they were accessible on the web at and She asked if there were any questions. There were none.

C. Recommendations of the Executive Committee

1) Vice Chairperson Eaton moved approval of Committee Appointments for 2010-11, which appear on the web at

Discussion ensued during which several typographical errors in names and departments on the list were identified. Ms. Grubman said that she would correct the list.

2) Vice Chairperson Eaton moved that the Faculty Senate adopt the following resolution on course credits recommended by the Executive Committee:


Each department or program's faculty are responsible for the quality of the curriculum it delivers and for the decision regarding what the role of 4-credit and 3-credit courses would play in the educational quality and outcomes delivered to students;

And Whereas,

The Senate, as representative of the faculty, is charged with responsibility to assure the academic quality of any programs proposed or delivered,

Be It Resolved That:

The Faculty Senate shall not pursue a uniform, University-wide 4-credit curricular model of education as a goal at this time. However, the Faculty Senate encourages all faculty to continue considering 4-credit options in relation to the goals appropriate to their disciplines or interdisciplinary collaborations.

The Faculty Senate encourages all faculty pursuing different credit options to evaluate their programs regarding effects on student learning (breadth and depth), impact of potential changes on other programs, neutral impact on faculty workload, and other dimensions (e.g., Academic Plan of URI and broader goals).

The Faculty Senate charges the University College and General Education (UCGE) committee with developing a proposal for a revised program of General Education that meets University accreditation standards and student learning outcomes while providing sufficient flexibility to allow for courses that have varied credit-hours.

Proposals to change curricula will continue to be reviewed through established procedures from departments and college curriculum committees, with review by the Senate's Curricular Affairs Committee (CAC) and UCGE as appropriate. The Faculty Senate expects this established process will assure that courses deliver academic content consistent with and proportional to the number of credits assigned to each course and that potential conflicts with other programs are actively identified and addressed.

Discussion ensued.

Following discussion, the resolution was adopted.

4. Report of the President

In President Dooley's absence, Provost DeHayes gave the President's report. Provost DeHayes said that President Dooley had asked that he apologize for the President's absence at the first Faculty Meeting of the year and noted that Senators had received an e-mail message to that effect from the President.

Provost De Hayes welcomed Senators back for the 2010-11 academic year and said he wanted to acknowledge and thank the faculty for their time and efforts.

Provost DeHayes reported that a sit-in by the GLBTQQ students on campus was being held in the Library. He said that he hoped everyone would be sensitive to the needs of all students at the University. The Provost acknowledged that there were real issues about the climate at URI and said he would welcome input and support from the entire community.

The Provost reminded everyone about the Honors Colloquium on Race. He thanked Senator Lynne Derbyshire, Professors Rae Ferguson, Kyle Kusz, Kendall Moore, Ian Reyes and Ms. Gail Faris for their work organizing an excellent program this fall.

Provost De Hayes also expressed his appreciation to the members of the Strategic Budget and Planning Committee, which he chairs, for their collegiality in grappling with the budget as a whole.

Dr. DeHayes reminded everyone that the URI Chemistry Building is on the Bond Issue in November and asked for help publicizing "Vote Yes on 2."

The Provost announced that President Dooley plans to have a conversation with the University Community on October 7 at the Memorial Union. The President will outline his plans for the future and would answer questions.

Provost DeHayes reported on the technical advances the University made during the summer in upgrading about 60 classrooms and bringing WFI to the entire Kingston Campus. He thanked Vice Provost Bozylinsky and his staff for making the upgrades possible.

The Provost then responded to questions from members of the Faculty Senate.

5. Reports of Standing and Special Committees

Senator Hicks presented the University College and General Education Committee Report #2010-11-1, which appeared on the web at She moved approval of the following recommendation:

That the Faculty Senate approve the following courses for the Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning (MQ) core area of the General Education program:

  • MTH 142 Calculus II (reading complex texts, using quantitative analysis, using information technology)
  • MTH 208 Numeracy for Teachers (writing effectively, speaking effectively, using quantitative analysis)

The motion carried.

She then moved approval of the following recommendation:

  • That the Faculty Senate approve the following course for the Natural Sciences (N) core area of the General Education program:

       - NRS 100 Natural Resources Conservation (reading complex texts, using quantitative analysis, writing effectively)

The motion carried.

6. Unfinished Business

Chairperson Swallow asked if there was any unfinished business. There was none.

7. New Business

Chairperson Swallow asked if there was any new business. There was none.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sheila Black Grubman



Sheila Black Grubman

Faculty Outstanding Award

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