The Graduate School

At meeting No. 406 held November 18, 2005, the Graduate Council considered and approved the following curricular matters which are now submitted to the Faculty Senate for information or confirmation as indicated.
I.  Matters of Information

    A.  College of Engineering
           1. Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering:      
               a.  Changes:
IME 549 (MCE 549) Advanced Product Design for Manufacture – change prerequisite to read:
Pre: 240 or 340 or permission of instructor.  Not for graduate credit for students with credit in 449.
IME 550 Design for Producibility – change prerequisite to read:
Pre: 449 or 549 or permission of instructor.

    B.  College of Human Science and Services
          1.  Department of Human Development and Family Studies
               a.  Changes:        

HDF 535 Families Under Stress: Coping and Adaptation – change prerequisite to read:
Pre: HDF 430 or equivalent course work in family development or family sociology and permission of instructor.
HDF 565 Family Therapy Practicum - change Method of Instruction:
Remove: Lab. 5 component.
HDF 573 Legal Issues in Higher Education - change prerequisite:
Remove:  In alternate years.
HDF 575 Cultural Competence in Human Services - change prerequisite to read:
Pre:  Graduate standing or permission of instructor.
HDF 576 Diversity in Higher Education - change prerequisite to read:
Pre:  Graduate standing in College Student Personnel or permission of instructor.

            2.  School of Education
                 a.  Changes to Catalog (Joint Ph.D. with Rhode Island College):      

Replace P. 133,   paragraph 2

“Designed for professionals involved in pre-kindergarten to adult education, this doctoral program admits 12 to 15 students per year.  This cohort-based research program is for students who previously earned a master’s degree in education or an allied field (e.g., social and human sciences) or have at least 30 graduate credits from a regionally accredited institution of higher education.  The graduate level work must include three credits in each of the following areas a) educational foundations, b) curriculum, and c) research.  A major segment of each student cohort will be made up of educators from Rhode Island committed to developing advanced teaching, leadership, and research skills.”

II.    Matters Requiring Confirmation by Faculty Senate

    A.  College of Engineering
           1.  Department of Mechanical Engineering
                a.    New Course:        

MCE 552 Advanced Experimental Methods (3)
Theory and application of various experimental techniques used in fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, and tribology.  Emphasis on mechanical and chemical methods of wear detection, and strain and optical techniques of stress evaluation.  (Lec. 2, Lab. 3). Pre:  MCE 354 and CVE 220 or Permission of Instructor.

    B.  College of Nursing
          1.  New Courses:        

NUR 508 Physical Assessment of Older Adults (1)
Applying a developmental framework, expands and refines history taking and physical exam techniques learned in NUR503 and utilizes additional assessment tools to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of older adult clients. (Lec.1).  Pre:  Concurrent or prior completion of NUR503 and permission of instructor.            
NUR 561 Gerontological Nurse Practitioner I (3)
Theories of aging, age-related changes, and health problems of older adults focusing on assessment, diagnosis, therapeutic, and preventive strategies with healthy older adults and those with minimal functional limitations.  (Lec. 3).  Pre:   NUR500, 508, and permission of instructor.

NUR 562 Gerontological Nurse Practitioner I, practicum (3)
Application of theoretical knowledge and skills for development of gerontological nurse practitioner strategies emphasizing health promotion and illness management of healthy older adults, those with minimal functional limitations, and families.  (Practicum).  Pre: Previous or concurrent with NUR561 or permission of instructor.

NUR 563 Gerontological Nurse Practitioner II (3)
Theoretical knowledge and skills for development of strategies for care of older adults with complex health problems and functional limitations at the individual, family, group, organization, and community level.  (Lec. 3).  Pre: NUR 562.

NUR 564 Gerontological Nurse Practitioner II, practicum (6)
Development of gerontological nurse practitioner competency in care of older adults with complex health problems and functional limitations focusing on strategies at the individual, family, group, organization, and community level.  (Practicum).  Pre: Previous or concurrent enrollment in NUR563.

   C.  College of Human Science and Services
         1.  School of Education
              a.    Changes:        

Transcript Statement Proposal:        

The following statements are proposed to appear on the transcripts of all students who complete an approved teacher education program:

“This student has completed a state-approved educator preparation program under the terms of the Interstate Agreement for the Qualifications of Educational Personnel.  The education programs at the University of Rhode Island are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).”    

In addition to these statements, the transcript would show all specific programs, including grade spans, completed by a student.  For example, Elementary Education 1-6, Mathematics 7-12.