The Graduate School



At meeting No. 384 held December 13, 2002, the Graduate Council considered and approved the following curricular matters which are now submitted to the Faculty Senate for information or confirmation as indicated.

I. Matters of Information

A. College of Pharmacy

1. Department of Applied Pharmaceutical Science

a. Temporary Course:

APS 555X Quality in Medication Use (3)

This course will examine issues involving the quality in use of medications, from the perspective of both the patient and provider. Specific topics include drug misuse, overuse and under-use; and the application of quality improvement theory. (Lec) Pre: Graduate student status, or pharm undergrad at least 4th year status.

B. College of Arts and Sciences

1. Departments of Library Science and English

Reduce the number of credits required for students concurrently pursuing a Master of Library and Information Studies and a Master of Arts in English by six credits in each program. Students would complete 36 credits in Librarianship and 24 credits in English for a total of 60 credits (previously approved (December 2001), and standard practice for any student pursuing two master's degrees)

II. Matters Requiring Confirmation by Faculty Senate

A. College of Human Science and Services

1. Department of Human Development and Family Studies

a. Changes:

Change prerequisites for courses below to read: Pre: Permission of instructor

HDF 563 Marital and Family Therapy I

HDF 564 Marital and Family Therapy II

HDF 578 Ethical, Legal and Professional Concerns in Family Therapy

2. Formally abolish the MA in Home Economics

B. College of Environmental and Life Science

1. Change:

NRS 600 Graduate Seminar in Natural Resources &endash; change description and prerequisite to read:

Presentation of proposed, ongoing, or completed research by NRS graduate students. Discussion among graduate students, faculty, and staff, with emphasis on research design, methods and interpretation of results. (Sem) Pre: Graduate standing in NRS. All graduate students must enroll at least twice; full time students are expected to enroll each Spring.

2. Formally abolish the MS in Geography, MS in Plant Pathology and Ph.D. in Plant Pathology