The Graduate School


REPORT NO. 2000-2001-4


At meeting No. 366 held November 17, 2000, the Graduate Council considered and approved the following curricular matters which are now submitted to the Faculty Senate for information or confirmation as indicated.

I. Matters of Information

A. College of Nursing

1. Temporary Course:

NUR 517X Psychopharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice Nursing (II, 3) Integration of psychopharmacotherapeutics and decision-making theories with human pathophysiology utilizing case management approach to prescription of medications. Discussion of ethical, legal, professional issues related to advanced practice psychiatric nursing role. (Lec) Pre: Graduate standing in nursing or permission of instructor. Ferszt, Bennett

B. Correction to Curricular Report 2000-2001-01

Section I, paragraph C. Courses deleted during the summer under the four-year rule BIO 551 should read BIO 571

II. Matters Requiring Confirmation by Faculty Senate

A. College of Pharmacy

1. Department of Biomedical Sciences

a. Add (New)

BMS 545 Applied Toxicology (I, 2) A two-credit lecture course dealing with cases of common toxic syndromes caused by drug overdose or exposure to environmental agents. Antidotes/patient decontamination measures will be surveyed. Patient case studies will be discussed. (Lec) Pre: BMS 322, 455, 521 or permission of instructor. Zawia

B. College of Nursing

1. Add (New):

NUR 523 Contemporary Thanatology (SS, 3) Interdisciplinary approach to trends, problems, theories, and strategies in thanatology. Explores effects of professional's personal beliefs and attitudes on care provided to dying clients across the lifepsan and their families. (Sem) Pre: Baccalaureate degree or senior standing with permission of instructor. Staff

NUR 524 Exploring Loss Through Creative Arts Therapy (II, 3) Exploration and assessment of the merits of incorporating creative arts processes (imagery, story, metaphor, music, and movement) with individuals who are experiencing loss, grief and dying. (Sem) Pre: Baccalaureate degree or senior standing with permission of instructor. Miller, Staff

NUR 525 Spirituality of Loss and Death for the Helping Professions (I, 3) Examination of major belief systems and spirituality during loss, death and grief. Emphasis on spiritual issues and ethnic, cultural, gender and developmental stage. Role of professional dealing with spiritual concerns. (Sem) Pre: Bacalaureate degree or senior standing with permission of instructor. Miller

NUR 526 Loss Across the Lifespan (SS, 3) Content provides a basis both for personal development and professional growth. Personal experience, selected readings, and personal reflections will provide direction for examining the multidimensional aspects of loss. (Sem) Pre: Baccalaureate degree or senior standing with permission of instructor. Ferszt

NUR 529 Topics in Thanatology (I, II, SS, 1-3) Selected areas of study pertinent to loss, dying and grief. Instruction may be offered in class seminar or clinical settings according to specific needs and purposes. May be repeated for credit with a change in topic. (Sem) Pre: Baccalaureate degree or senior standing with permission of instructor. Staff

2. Delete (four year rule):

NUR 564 Advanced Clinical Study of Nursing Practice in Parent-Child Health

C. College of Arts and Sciences

1. Retain (four year rule):

GER 987, 988 German Play Production

MTH 599 Master's Thesis Research

SPA 584 Interpretations of Modern Spain

SPA 590 The Hispanic Presence in the United States

2. Delete (four year rule):

PSC 568 Jurisprudence

3. Department of Physics

a. Change:

Change the requirements for the Ph.D. in Physics by deleting PHY 660 as a required course.

D. College of Engineering

1. Delete (four year rule):

CVE 556 Variational Methods in Structural Engineering

MCE 623 Advanced Kinematics II

MCE 652 Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics

MCE 654 Fluid Mechanics III

MCE (CVE) 668 Theory of Shells

E. College of Enviornmental and Life Sciences

1. Delete (four year rule):

CPL 693 Special Problems

CPL 694 Special Problems

MTC 592 Special Problems in Hematology

F. Graduate School of Oceanography

1. Delete (four year rule):

OCG 681 Marine Pollution

G. Charles T. Schmidt Jr. Labor Research Center

1. Retain (four year rule):

LRS 520 Labor Union Government and Structure

H. College of Human Science and Services

1. Delete (four year rule):

EDC 535 Classroom Observation and Evaluation