The Graduate School


REPORT NO. 2000-2001-6


At meeting No. 367 held February 2, 2001, the Graduate Council considered and approved the following curricular matters which are now submitted to the Faculty Senate for information or confirmation as indicated.

I. Matters Requiring Confirmation by Faculty Senate

A. College of Arts and Sciences and Environmental and Life Sciences

1. Departments of Biological Sciences, Biochemistry Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Fisheries Animal and Veterinary Science, Natural Resources Science and Plant Sciences

a. Cross-list

BIO 508 Seminar in Biological Literature - cross-list as:

BIO/BCH/MIC/AVS/NRS/PLS 508 Seminar in Biological Literature

B. College of Engineering

1. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

a. Change:

CVE 586 Geotechnical Design of Water Containment Systems - change title to read:

CVE 586 Geotechnical Design of Waste Containment Systems

2. Department of Electrical Engineering

a. Change:

ELE 509 Introduction to Random Processes - change prerequisite to read:

Pre: MTH 451 (or equivalent) and knowledge of calculus, linear systems, and transform methods.

3. Department of Chemical Engineering

a. Change:

Change number of thesis credits allowed in the Master's program in Chemical Engineering to 6-12 credits.

4. Retain (four-year rule):

CHE 530 Polymer Chemistry

CHE 531 Polymer Engineering

CHE (OCE) 537 Advanced Materials Engineering

CHE 641 Transport Phenomena II

CHE 643 Fluid Dynamics

5. Delete (four-year rule):

CHE 540 Phase Equilibria

CHE 573 Mechanical Metallurgy

CHE 644 Process Heat Transfer

CHE 647 Mass Transfer I

CHE 648 Mass Transfer II

CVE 655 Finite Element Analysis in Civil Engineering II

CVE 665 Advanced Topics in Structural Dynamics

C. College of Human Science and Services

1. Department of Human Development and Family Studies

a. Changes:

Remove "PSY 300 or STA 308 or equivalent" as an admission requirement

Add HDF 437 to the list of courses for the family studies sub-specialization

HDF 550 Vocational Information and Career Development - change credits to "1-3"

Change the College Student Personnel curriculum to require one credit of HDF 550 in place of the one-credit special topics course.

D. College of Arts and Sciences

1. Retain (four-year rule):

MTH 516 Algebra II

PSC 544 Democracy and Its Critics

PSC 582 Special Topics Seminar

PSC 584 Seminar in Advanced Comparative Theory

E. College of Business

1. Retain (four-year rule):

MKT 615 Marketing Research

2. Delete (four-year rule):

MKT 631 Advertising Management

F. College of Environmental and Life Sciences

1. Delete (four-year rule):

MIC 641 Physiology of Bacteria

G. Graduate School of Oceanography

1. Delete (four-year rule):

OCG 606 Aquatic Community Ecology

OCG 667 Advanced Phytoplankton Seminar