The Graduate School


REPORT NO. 2000-2001-7


At meeting No. 368 held March 2, 2001, the Graduate Council considered and approved the following curricular matters which are now submitted to the Faculty Senate for information or confirmation as indicated.

I. Matters Requiring Confirmation by Faculty Senate

A. College of Human Science and Services

1. Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Design

a. Changes:

TMD 524 Social and Psychological Aspects of Textiles and Clothing &endash; change title and description to read:

TMD 524 Cultural Aspects of Dress 3 Seminar in social, psychological, and cultural aspects of dress. Symbolic interaction and other dress-relevant theories concerning individual motivation and group interaction.


TMD 532 Consumer Behavior in Fashion Retailing &endash; change number and prerequisite to read:

TMD 452 Pre: TMD 232 and 332 or permission of instructor


TMD 540 Special Problems in Textiles and Clothing &endash; change prerequisite to read:

Pre: Permission of chairperson. May be repeated once.


TMD 542 Fashion Promotion &endash; change number and prerequisite to read:

TMD 442 Pre: TMD 232 and 332 or permission of instructor.

Change program requirements to read (changes underlined): For the textile science specialization, TMD 503 and 510; a statistics course. For the specializations focusing on historic textiles and costume, textile conservation, and cultural analysis, TMD 510, 520, 500 or 524, and a supervised internship............For the fashion merchandising specialization, TMD 510 and 524; six credits to be selected from TMD 432, 442, or 452; a statistics course.

2. School of Education

a. Retain (four-year rule):

EDC 504 Adult Basic Education

EDC 508 Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development

b. Delete (four-year rule):

EDC 534 Mathematics in the Secondary School

c. Suspend (four-year rule):

EDC 538 Teaching the Gifted and Talented

EDC 577 Organization and Administration in Elementary School

EDC 593 Teaching Social Studies in the Secondary School

B. College of Arts and Science

1. Department of Languages

a. Delete (four-year rule):

CLS 510 Introduction to Comparative Literature

2. Department of Economics

a. Delete (four-year rule):

ECN 512 History of Economic Analysis

ECN 538 International Economics

ECN 544 International Financial Economics

ECN 552 Monetary Theory and Policy

ECN 566 Economic Planning and Public Policy in Developing Nations

ECN 575 Introduction to Mathematical Economics

ECN 599 Master's Thesis Research

b. Suspend (four-year rule):

FRN 501 Advanced Composition

FRN 513 Seminar in Medieval Literature

FRN 533 Seminar in Seventeenth-Century Literature

FRN 544 Seminar in Eighteenth-Century Literature

FRN 555 Seminar in Nineteenth-Century Literature

FRN 564 Seminar in Modern Poetry

FRN 565 Seminar in Twentieth-Century Theatre

FRN 566 Seminar in Twentieth-Century Prose

FRN 599 Master's Thesis Research

2. Department of Statistics

a. Change:

STA 513 Statistical Quality Assurance &endash; change prerequisite to read:

Pre: IME 411

C. College of Nursing

1. Add:

NUR 590 Directed Study and Practice in Advanced Clinical Nursing 3 In-depth and supervised clinical practice in a specialized area of nursing. (Independent Study) Pre: Graduate standing and permission of graduate faculty.

D. College of Engineering

1. Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

a. Retain (four-year rule):

MCE 564 Advanced Vibrations

MCE 666 Non Linear Mechanics

MCE 671 Theory of Elasticity II

b. Suspend (four-year rule):

MCE 646 Radiation Heat Transfer