The Graduate School


REPORT NO. 2000-2001-9

At meeting No. 371 held April 20, 2001, the Graduate Council considered and approved the following curricular matters which are now submitted to the Faculty Senate for information or confirmation as indicated.

I. Matters Requiring Confirmation by Faculty Senate

A. College of Environmental and Life Sciences

1. Department of Community Planning

a. New Course:

CPL 554 Community Development Funding and Subsidies (3) Analysis of strategies to access capital markets, protect the public good and induce public benefits. Financial planning and feasibility analysis for government-subsidized development projects. Not for graduate credit in the College of Business. In alternate years. (Sem)

b. Suspend (four-year rule):

CPL 536 International Comparisons in Urban and Regional Planning

CPL 541 Urban and Rural Housing Policy

CPL 692 Special Problems in Planning

2. Department of Fisheries, Science and Technology

a. New Course:

FST 531 Fisheries Stock Assessment (3) A quantitative approach to describing the processes of fish growth and mortality, the estimation of stock size, the prediction of stock yield and management practices. Spreadsheets and other microcomputer applications will be used for analysis and modeling. (Lec 2/Lab 3) Pre: 415, STA 409 or permission of instructor.

B. College of Human Science and Services

1. School of Education

a. New Course

EDC 555 Quantitative Thinking and Applications for Education (3) Basic logic and techniques of quantitative data analysis. For Education Ph.D. students planning to conduct applied research in educational settings, this course provides foundations of receptive and expressive literacy. This course satisfies the prerequisite for EDP 625, but cannot be used for program credit. (Lec) Pre: Admission to joint URI-RIC Ph.D. in Education program. (Spans both summer sessions)

a. Changes:

EDC 508 Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development &endash; change description to read:

Curriculum development of interdisciplinary units for schools. Focus is on grade-level units, which incorporate multiple subject areas. Both individual and group projects required.

EDC 518 Teaching Science in the Elementary School &endash; change description to read:

Emphasis on methods and materials for use in the teaching of science in technology, life, earth, space and physical science topics. Pre: Permission of instructor

EDC 520 Teaching of Arithmetic &endash; change title and description:

EDC 520 Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School

.....underlying the teaching of mathematics in the elementary school;....available for the classroom teacher of mathematics.

EDC 570 Elementary School Curriculum &endash; change prerequisite to read:

Pre: 529 or equivalent.

2. Department of Human Development and Family Studies

a. Change:

HDF 553 Higher Education Practicum &endash; change grading method to S/U

C. College of Arts and Sciences

1. .Department of Biological Sciences

a. Change:

BIO 508 Seminar in Biological Literature &endash; add ASP to crosslisting and change prerequisite to read: Pre: Graduate standing or permission of the instructor

2. Department of English

a. Change:

Change the requirement for the specialization in rhetoric and composition studies in the M.A. to:

Delete ENG/WRT 520, ENG 645, and add ENG/WRT 524

Change the requirement for the specialization in rhetoric and composition studies in the PhD to:

Delete ENG/WRT 520, and add WRT 647

Change the general program requirements for the MA and PhD in English to include ENG 510 and 514

D. Graduate School of Oceanography

1. Change:

OCG 652 Marine Geophysics &endash; change course number to OCG 552 (GEO 452)

2. Suspend (four-year rule):

OCG 644 Global Paleoclimatology

OCG 646 Deep-Sea Sediments and Processes