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Scenes from Faculty Senate

University Manual


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Absence: attendance requirements, 8.39.10-13; leave of absence, 8.42.20; making upwork, 8.51.11-14.

Abolition of Programs: process, 8.87.10-11

Academic Affairs: see Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Academic Credits: see Credits.

Academic Advising: see University College.

Academic Deans: duties, 3.20.10-11.

Academic Freedom: political activity, 6.11.16; see also American Association of University Professors, Freedom of Expression.

Academic Integrity: cheating defined, 8.27.10; instructor's responsibility, 8.27.16-21; plagiarism, 8.27.11-12; students accused of academic dishonesty, 8.27.20-21; written work and examinations, 8.27.13-15.

Academic Planning: See Joint Committee on Academic Planning.

Academic Program Review: committee, 5.86.10-12, confidentiality, 5.86.13; definition of academic program, 8.86.10; instrument, 5.86.10, 8.86,12; meeting with the provost, 8.86.14; reports, 8.86.13.

Academic Program Review Committee: membership, 5.86.11; responsibilities, 5.86.10.

Academic Programs: abolition, 8.87.10-11; suspension, 8.87.12.

Academic Progress of Freshmen: reporting, 8.54.20. Academic Records: changes, 8.56.10-11; off-campus credits, 8.38.14; procedure, 8.50.10; reinstatements, 8.25.10-16; reporting, 8.54.10-12; retention by instructors, 8.52.20-21; see also Academic Standards, Credits, Grading, Incompletes, Pass/Fail.

Academic Standards: dismissal, 8.23.12, 8.24.10-16; effect of incomplete, 8.23.13; graduate, 5.16.34; probation, 8.23.10-12, 8.24.11; reinstatement, 8.25.10-16 transfer students, 8.13.12-14, 8.17.10-11.

Academic Standards and Calendar Committee: purpose, 4.20-22 of Senate By-Laws.

Accessibility: for physically disabled students, 8.46.11; policy on accommodations for qualified students with disabilities, Appendix G #92-2; procedures, 6.40.10-21.

Accidents: reporting, 10.60.10.

Accommodations: policy for handicapped employees, Appendix G #91-1; policy for qualified students with disabilities, Appendix G #92-2; procedures for students, 6.40.10-21.

Accounting Office: payment orders, 10.10.15.

Accreditation: see Student Learning, Outcomes Assessment and Accreditation.

Adjunct Professor: defined, 7.11.22.

Additional Compensation and Release Time for Non-Faculty Employees: policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Administration: duties of vice president, 2.13.11, 2.40.10-2.49.10.

Administration of Grants, Contracts and Gifts: policy, Appendix G #00-1

Administrative Officers: appointment, 2.14.10; identified, 2.11.10-11; President, 2.11.10, 2.15.10; succession, 2.13.10-12.

Administrative Policies, Establishment of, Appendix G #80-1.

Administrative Staff: identified, 2.12.10; committee service, 5.10.10; family privileges, 8.40.10-11; see also Leaves of Absence, Vacation.

Administrator Evaluation by Faculty: committees, 5.76.10-12; confidentiality, 10.90.15; coordinator, 4.4 of Senate By-Laws; establishment, 10.90.13; dissemination of results, 10.90.14; participation in, 5.76.12; procedure, 10.90.11-13; purpose, 10.90.10; review letters, 10.90.12.

Administrator Evaluation Committees: constituent groups, 5.76.12; establishment, 5.76.10; membership, 5.76.11.

Administrator Evaluation Coordinator: responsibilities, 4.4 of Senate By-Laws.

Admissions: duties of Dean of Admissions, 2.22.20, 5.70.10; early admissions candidates, 8.12.20; graduate, 5.16.31; high school seniors, 8.12.40-42; matriculating students, 8.10.10; performance based, 8.11.20; policy, 8.10.20-22; procedures for undergraduates, 8.11.10-20; special admissions, 8.12.34; removal of deficiencies, 8.21.14; special, 8.12.34; transfer students, 8.13.11-14; see also Classification of Applicants

Admissions Advisory Committee: membership, 5.77.11; purpose, 5.77.10; recommendations, 5.77.10; reports 5.77.12.

Adult Education: see Continuing Education.

Advanced Manufacturing, Institute for: described, 3.70.10.

Advance Sick Leave: policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Advanced Placement: provisions, 8.12.30-33.

Advanced Standing: see Advanced Placement, Transfer Students.

Advancement: duties of director of advancement services, 2.83.10. See also University Advancement.

Advertising for Non-Classified and Faculty Positions: policy, Appendix G #99-2.

Advertising Solicitation: regulations, 9.11.11.

Advisers: Student organizations, 6.12.18, 9.12.13; workload, 4.62.17; University College, 3.21.22.

Advising Day: scheduling, 8.70.21

Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and Diversity: duties of director, 2.91.10.

Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity Committee: membership, 5.54.11; purpose, 5.54.10; Senate representatives, 5.54.12; subcommittees on sexual harassment and racial and ethnic harassment, 5.54.20-21.

Affirmative Action: See Sexual Harassment Policy; Discrimination.

Agricultural Experiment Station: duties of director, 3.50.11; programs, 3.50.10.

Agricultural Extension Service: see Cooperative Extension Service.

Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Continuing Education: see Continuing Education.

Alton Jones Campus: See W. Alton Jones Campus.

Alumni Association: member of Athletics Advisory Board, 5.14.14.

Alumni Relations: duties of director, 2.83.10.

American Association of University Professors: academic freedom statement, 6.11.10-15.

Annual Leave: policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Animal Care and Use: See Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

Appeals Board: see University Appeals Board.

Appeals: faculty heard, 2.20.13; procedure for students on academic matters, 8.26.10-13; procedure for students in conduct process, 9.21.29-30, 9.24.11.

Appointments: administrative officers, 2.14.10; administrative staff, 2.12.10; administrative with faculty status, 4.12.11; assistant provost, assistant vice presidents, assistant and associate deans, 2.14.20-25; clinical faculty, 4.13.10; coaching, 4.12.13; department chairperson, 7.30.10; College of Continuing Education, 4.60.14, 7.72.10-13; faculty, 3.21.10, 4.11.10, 4.61.10-12; faculty equivalency, 4.12.14; family relationship, 7.12.10; Summer Session, 4.60.14; temporary and part-time, 4.12.12; see also Reappointment, Salary.

APRC: see Academic Program Review Committee.

Articulation/Transfer: Board of Governors Policy, Appendix F.

Arts and Sciences, College of: departments, 3.21.11.

Assessment: general education, 4.69 of Faculty Senate By-Laws. See also Learning Outcomes Oversight Committee; Student Learning, Outcomes Assessment and Accreditation.

Assistant Professor: promotion, 7.23.12; rank, 7.10.10; resignation or retirement, 7.46.11; tenure, 7.43.14-15.

Assistant Provost: appointment, 2.14.20-25; duties, 2.21.10.

Assistant Vice Presidents: appointment, 2.14.20-25; business services, 2.41.10; public affairs, 2.92.10; student affairs, 2.61.10, 2.62.10.

Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs: duties, 2.92.10

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students: duties, 2.61.10

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Residential Life: duties, 2.62.10

Articulation/Transfer: Board of Governors Policy, Appendix F.

Associate Professor: promotion, 7.23.12; rank, 7.10.10; resignation or retirement, 7.46.11; tenure, 7.43.12-13.

Associate Vice President for Development: duties, 2.81.10.

Association of American Colleges: statement of principles, 6.11.10-15; statement on tenure, 7.41.10.

Athletes: responsibility for academic advising program for, 3.21.21.

Athletics Advisory Board: meetings, 5.14.15; membership, 5.14.11-14; purpose, 5.14.10; report to the faculty senate, 5.14.16. role in final examination scheduling, 5.14.10.

Athletic Development: duties of director, 2.84.10. See also University Advancement.

Athletics: duties of director, 2.92.10; eligibility, 9.12.10-13; off-campus playing restriction, 9.12.12; scheduling during final examinations, 8.51.30-31, 5.14.10.

Attendance Requirements: absences, 8.39.10-12; responsibility, 8.39.10.

Audiovisual Policy--Copyrights: outlined, Appendix G #84-1.

Auditors: defined, 8.35.10.

Auditors, Internal: duties, 2.48.10.

Auxiliaries: duties of Vice President for Student Affairs, 2.60.10.


Bachelor of General Studies: see BGS Committees, General Studies.

Benefits: policy on survivor benefits, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

BGS Committees: Curriculum, 5.80.10-12; Scholastic Standing, 5.81.10-11; Special Faculty, 5.80.13.

Biotechnology Center: described, 3.68.10.

Blue Cross: see Hospitalization Plans.

Board of Governors for Higher Education: Articulation/Transfer Policy, Appendix F; authority, 1.12.10; delegation of powers, Appendix A; Education Act of 1981, 1.10.10-11; organization and composition, 1.11.10; powers and duties, 1.13.10; salary control, 7.56.10.

Board of Regents for Education: see Board of Governors for Higher Education.

Board of Trustees: see Board of Governors for Higher Education.

Boards: see by name.

Budget: dean's responsibility, 3.20.10; duties of director, 2.44.10; preparation, 10.10.10-12; process for University, 10.80.10-13; reports to the Senate, 5.56.13; 11.1-2 of Senate By-Laws.

Budget and Financial Planning: duties of director, 2.44.10.

Building Committees: described, 5.42.10.

Bureaus: defined, 8.90.10; establishment, 8.90.20; faculty evaluation, 8.90.40; new program review, 8.85.10-30; non-affiliation, 8.90.12; permanent authorization, 8.90.22; review, 8.90.30; temporary authorization, 8.90.21.

Business Administration, College of: 3.21.12.

Business and Economics Research: see Research Center in Business and Economics.

Business and Finance: See Administration.

Business Procedures: budgets and purchasing, 10.10.10-15; interdepartmental services, 10.12.10-12; outside services, 10.12.13; requisitions, 10.11.10-11; responsibility of deans and directors, 10.10.10-12; see also Payroll, Controller.

Business Services: duties of Assistant Vice President, 2.41.10-14

By-Laws of the Faculty Senate, Appendix C: amendment, 12.1; committees, 6.1-3; disposition of Senate action, 10.1-7; election of officers, 5.17; election of Senators, 2.1-9; limitation of debate, 7.2; parliamentary authority, 9.1; powers and duties of committees, 4.1-16; powers and duties of officers, 3.1-9; quorum and meetings, 7.1-3; rights and responsibilities of senators, 1.1-3; voting, 8.1-2; see also Constitution of Faculty Senate.


Calendar: academic year, changes, 8.70.13-14; 8.70.20-22; fall semester, 8.70.30; preparation 8.70.10-14; spring semester, 8.70.40; summer session, 8.70.11.

Campus Master Plan Review Team: membership, 5.40.12; responsibilities, 5.40.10, 5.40.13.

Campus Master Plan: described, 5.40.11.

Campus Security and Parking Advisory Committee: membership, 5.47.11; purpose, 5.47.10; requests, 5.47.12-13.

Candidacy for Public Office: policy, Appendix G #84-3.

Candidates' Travel: policy, Appendix G #82-11.

Capital Planning and Design: duties of director, 2.41.17.

Capital Projects: duties of director, 2.41.16.

Career Services: duties of director, 2.69.10.

Catering: policy, Appendix G, #07-1; See also Dining Services.

Centers: continuing authorization, 8.90.22; defined, 8.90.10; establishment, 8.90.20; faculty evaluation, 8.90.40; new program review, 8.85.10-30; non-affiliation, 8.90.12; review, 8.90.30; temporary authorization, 8.90.21.

Center for the Humanities: described, 3.96.10-13; evaluation, 3.96.20.

Center for Molecular Toxicology: described, 3.75.10-12

CEU's: defined, 8.44.10; procedures, 8.44.15.

Changes: Manual, Chapter 11, see also Faculty Senate Constitution and By-Laws.

Chaplains: described, 2.75.10

Cheating: see Plagiarism.

Classes: delayed convening rule, 8.46.13; scheduling, 8.46.10-12; see also attendance requirements.

Classification of Applicants: advanced placement, 8.12.30-33; auditors, 8.35.10; college level examination program, 8.15.10-24; disadvantaged students, 8.10.21; early admissions, 8.12.20; employees' families, 8.40.10-12; freshman candidates, 8.12.11- 42; high school seniors, 8.12.40-42; interinstitutional exchange programs, 8.10.50; military personnel and dependents, 8.10.20; New England Board of Higher Education, 8.10.40; non-matriculating students, 8.19.10-17; performance based admissions, 8.11.20; special admissions, 8.12.34; transfer students, 8.13.10-14; visiting students, 8.14.10; veterans, 8.18.10.

Classrooms: joint classroom steering committee, 5.84.10-12; use, 10.61.10-11.

CLEP Examinations: general examinations, 8.15.10-14; subject examinations, 8.15.20-24.

Clinical Faculty: appointments, 4.13.10; defined, 7.11.23-26.

Clinical Services: duties of director, 2.67.11; see also Health Services.

Coaches: appointments, 4.12.13; defined, 7.11.20.

Coastal Institute: purpose, 3.84.10.

Coastal Resource Center: purpose, 3.65.10.

College Faculties: jurisdiction, 4.32.10-11; meetings, 4.50.11-12; membership, 4.50.10; voting, 4.50.13.

College of Continuing Education: see Continuing Education.

Colleges of the University: 3.10.10, 3.21.11-23, 3.40.10.

Complaint Process for Discrimination: described. Appendix G #85-1.

Commencement Committee: purpose, 5.34.10.

Commission on the Status of Women: See President's Commission on the Status of Women.

Commissioner of Higher Education: delegation of authority, Appendix A.

Committees: joint committees, 5.70.10-5.81.10; of the Faculty Senate, 5.90.10, Section 4 of By-Laws; of the General Faculty, 5.60.10; of the Graduate Faculty, 5.65.10-43; of the President, 5.11.10-5.55.10; of the University, 5.11.10-5.81.11; see also by name, Councils and Boards.

Communications: duties of director, 2.82.10.

Community Service: responsibility of Curricular Affairs Committee, 4.81 of Senate By-Laws

Commuter Students: absences, 8.39.13.

Competitive Grants Advisory Committee: membership, 5.71.11; purpose, 5.71.10.

Compensatory Time: policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Computing and Information Technology: policy on acceptable use, Appendix G #04-1

Conduct: employees, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition); faculty, 6.11.15; student, 6.12.10, 9.18.10 students off-campus, 9.24.10-11; see also University Conduct Board.

Conferences: duties of Manager of Conference and Special Program Development, 2.47.10.

Conflict of Interest: policy, Appendix G #95-1; policy on nepotism and conflict of interest, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Constitution, By-Laws, and University Manual Committee: purpose, 4.25 of Senate By-Laws; insertion of changes, 11.10.12.

Constitution of the Faculty Senate, Appendix B: amendment, VII.1; authority, Preamble; executive committee, V.1; meetings, VI.1-4; membership, III.1; name, I.1; officers, IV.1-2; powers, II.1-6; see also By-Laws of Faculty Senate.

Continuing Education: Alan Shawn Feinstein College of, 3.40.10; departmental authority, 7.72.11-13; duties of Vice Provost for Urban Programs, 3.40.12-16, 8.19.15; 8.19.17; leaves of absence, 7.72.10; lines of authority, 7.72.10; non-credit courses, 8.45.10; non-matriculating students, 8.19.15, 8.19.17; portfolio development course, 8.36.31-32; programs, 3.45.10; teaching appointments, 3.40.12, 3.40.16, 4.60.14, 7.72.11-12; teaching salaries, 7.53.10, 7.53.12, 7.72.10; see also General Studies.

Continuing Education Unit Courses (CEU's): defined, 8.44.10; regulations, 8.44.11-14; responsibilities of instructor or coordinator, 8.44.15.

Contracts, Policy for the Administration of: Appendix G, #00-1.

Contract Year: defined, 10.20.12.

Controllers: duties, 2.45.10-14; duties of assistant controllers, 2.45.12; duties of associate controllers, 2.45.11; financial policies, 10.15.10.

Controversial Persons: guidelines, 6.14.10-17.

Cooperative Extension Service: duties of director, 3.51.10.

Copyright: audiovisual copyright policy, Appendix G #84-1; defined, 10.42.10, ownership, 10.42.15-18.

Council for Outreach: membership, 5.35.11; purpose, 5.35.10.

Council for Research: membership, 4.56 of the Senate By-Laws; meetings, 4.57 of the Senate By-Laws; purpose, 4.55 of the Senate By-Laws; responsibilities, 4.58 of the Senate By-Laws; see also Research.

Council on Sustainability: See President's Council on Sustainability.

Counseling Center: duties of director. 2.61.30.

County Agents: faculty equivalency, 4.12.14; no tenure, 7.43.17.

Courses: approval, 8.81.10; content, 8.81.80; deletion of, 8.81.62-63; failure, 8.55.10; general education, 8.21.11; intensive short courses, 8.32.10-13, 8.81.35; limitations, 8.81.60-62; multiple section, 8.81.80; new, 4.60.11, 8.81.10; non-credit, 8.45.10; not originating in a college, 8.81.50; numbering, 8.30.10; open-ended, 8.81.20-22, 8.81.50, 8.81.70; pass-fail option, 8.37.10-16; permanent, 8.80.11; portfolio development, 8.36.31-32; procedures, Appendix E; repeating, 8.33.10-13, 8.55.11; required, 8.21.12; scheduling, 8.81.50; student registration, 8.33.10; S/U credit, 8.53.30; temporary, 8.80.12, 8.81.30-31, 8.81.60-61; temporary University College mini, 8.81.30; work completion, 8.51.12; writing intensive, 8.81.40-43; see also Failures, scholastic.

Credits: advanced placement, 8.12.30-33; deficiencies, 8.21.14; defined, 8.31.10; eight-year limit, 8.21.15; examination, 8.36.20-23; graduation requirements, 8.22.10; Honors Program, 8.61.11-14, 8.63.10-11; limits, 8.21.10, 8.23.11, 8.38.10-14; non-classroom activity, 8.36.10; 8.36.30-36; normal maximum rate, 8.32.10; other institutions, 8.38.14; policies, 8.38.10; see also Pass/Fail, Veterans.

Credit Union: eligibility, 10.22.10.

Criminal Investigation: see Laboratories for Scientific Criminal Investigation.

Cum Laude: see Distinction.

Curricular Affairs Committee: duties, 4.75-76, 4.80-82; of Senate By-Laws, 3.95.11; membership, 4.77-80 of Senate By-Laws; new programs, 8.85.10.

Curriculum: change of, 8.17.10-11; faculty responsibility, 4.32.10; Faculty Senate policy, 4.32.10; new, 8.85.10-30; procedures, Appendix E; requirements, 8.21.10.


DCB: see Diving Control Board

Dean of Students: duties of assistant vice president for student affairs and dean of students, 2.61.10; membership on committees, 5.73.12. See also Discipline.

Dean of the Graduate School: duties, 2.27.10, 3.30.11-16.

Deans, Academic: duties, 3.20.10-11; internal transfer, 8.17.10; promotion process, 7.21.11-7.22.10.

Deans' Council: duties, 5.12.11; membership, 5.12.10.

Dean's List: requirements, 8.57.10.

Degree Programs on the Providence Campus: approval, 8.88.10.

Degrees: faculty responsibility, 4.32.10, 4.40.11; graduate, 5.16.31, 5.16.35; honorary, 5.12.17; posthumous, 8.22.50-51; two degrees, 8.22.20; two major fields, 8.22.21-22; see also Graduation.

Demonstrations: controversial persons, 6.14.10-17; student, 6.12.14, 6.12.19.

Department Chairpersons: appointment, 7.30.10; duties, 3.21.10, 4.60.10; promotion process, 7.21.10-7.22.10; staffing responsibility, 4.60.14-15; work loads, 4.62.10-17.

Department Faculties: courses, 4.60.11; disputes, 4.63.10-11; evaluation of candidates, 4.60.10-15, 4.61.10-11; outside activities, 4.63.11; procedures for staffing continuing education courses, 7.72.11-13; secretarial assistance, 4.65.10; voting, 4.60.12; work loads, 4.62.10-17.

Departments: listed, 3.21.11-17.

Design for Manufacturability Center: described, 3.70.30.

Development: duties of associate vice president, 2.81.10.

Dining Services: duties of administrator, 2.64.10.

Disabilities: policies on accommodation for handicapped employees and for qualified students with disabilities, Appendix G #91-1, #92-2; procedures for students, 6.40.10-21.

Discipline: administrative action, 9.21.15, 9.21.25; appeals, 8.27.17-18, 9.21.29-30, 9.24.11; athletic eligibility, 9.10.10-12; cheating, 8.27.17-19; disciplinary action, 9.20.10; dismissal, 8.23.12, 8.24.10-16, 9.25.18; judicial action, 9.22.10-18; mediation, 9.25.10; probation, 8.23.10-12, 8.24.12, 9.22.14, 9.22.16; records, 9.21.31; regulations, 9.20.10; suspension, 8.27.19, 9.22.17, 9.23.10; see also University Appeals Board, University Conduct Board.

Discrimination: process for complaint, Appendix G #85-1

Dismissal, Classified Employees: policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Dismissal, Faculty: chairperson's responsibility, 3.21.10; College of Continuing Education, 7.72.10; dean's responsibility, 3.20.10; due process, 7.40.12-7.41.11; notice, 7.21.11, 7.24.10; unused vacation, 7.65.16.

Dismissal, Student: cheating defined, 8.27.10; defined, 9.22.18; scholastic, 8.23.12, 8.24.10-16; see also Academic Standards; Discipline.

Distinction: described, 8.22.40.

Diversity: general education requirement, 8.20.24; see also Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and Diversity; Diversity Week Committee.

Diversity Week Committee: described, 5.38.10.

Diving Control Board: charge, 5.27.10; membership, 5.27.11.

Diving Safety Officer: see Diving Control Board.

Dropping a course: provisions, 8.34.10.

Drug and Alcohol Task Force: membership 5.62.11; purpose, 5.62.10.

Drug Use on Campus: policy statement, 6.30.10-13.


Early Admission: provisions, 8.12.20.

Early Course Registration: process, 833.15-19.

Early Drop Courses: provisions, 8.34.10.

Economic Development: See Vice President for Research and Economic Development.

Education Act of 1981: establishing Board of Governors for Higher Education, 1.10.10-11; see also Board of Governors for Higher Education.

Eight-Year Rule: credit towards graduation, 8.21.15.

Emergencies: policies and procedures for research laboratories and other special facilities, Appendix G #97-1; policies and procedures for snow storms and certain emergencies, Appendix G #83-2.

Emergency Suspension: described, 9.23.10.

Emeriti Faculty: rank and privileges, 7.10.11-12.

Employee Assistance Program: outlined, Appendix G #80-2.

Employees: courses, 8.40.10-12; policy on conduct of, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Employee Relations: see Personnel Services.

Employment: policy on relatives and minors, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition); policy for students, Appendix G #81-1; policy on pre-employment records check, Appendix G, #91-2.

Engineering, College of: departments, 3.21.13; duties of dean, 3.52.11.

Enrolled - No Grade Reported, described, 8.53.13.

Enrolled - No Work Submitted: described, 8.53.12.

Enrollment Services: academic records, 8.50.10, 8.54.10-12; cash deposits, 10.10.14, duties of director 2.22.30-34, 4.20.12, outside services, 10.12.13, responsibility, 2.22.30-34, 8.33.10, 8.33.12, 8.80.13; summer session grades, 3.41.11; internal transfer, 8.17.10; see also Registration.

Entrance requirements: college responsibility, 4.32.10; removal of deficiencies, 8.21.14; University College, 8.16.10-15; see also Admissions.

Environment and Life Sciences, College of the: departments, 3.21.17; duties of dean, 3.20.11; faculty equivalency appointments, 4.12.14.

Equal Opportunity: see Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Committee, Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and Diversity.

Equity Council: described, 5.36.10-16

Ethics and Public Service, John Hazen White Sr. Center: described: 3.86.10.

Exchange Programs, International: policy for students: Appendix G #82-10.

Executive Assistants to the President and Directors of Planning Services, duties, 2.90.10; 5.70.10-11.

Exit Interviews: policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).


Facilities Planning: see Capital Planning and Design.

Facilities Services: duties of director, 2.41.11

Faculty: see Appointments, faculty; College Faculties; Department Faculties; General Faculty; Graduate Faculty.

Faculty Advisers: student organizations, 6.12.18, 9.12.13; workload consideration, 4.62.17, University College, 3.21.22.

Faculty Equivalency: appointments, 4.12.14.

Faculty Institute on Writing: administration, 3.95.11; purpose, 3.95.10; role of subcommittee on student writing, 3.95.11.

Faculty Salary: see Salaries.

Faculty Senate: amendment to UNIVERSITY MANUAL, 11.10.10-11; authority, 4.30.10; By-Laws, Appendix C; Constitution, Appendix B; scope, 4.30.10.

Faculty Senate Committees: 5.90.10; Section 4 of Senate By-Laws; see also by name.

Failures, scholastic: cheating, 8.27.17; make-up work, 8.56.13, 8.55.11-14; quality point computation, 8.55.10; reporting, 8.54.11; see also Academic Records; Academic Standards, Discipline.

Family Relationship: policies on nepotism and on relatives and minors, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition); regulations, 7.12.10.

Fees: adjustment, 8.43.20; indebtedness policy, Appendix G #85-2; late registration, 8.33.20; part-time students, 8.41.10; refunds, 8.43.10.

Feinstein Center for a Hunger Free America: described, 3.59.10.

Feinstein Center for Service Learning: described, 3.85.10.

Feinstein College of Continuing Education: See Continuing Education.

Field Trips: charges, 10.33.11; faculty or staff presence, 10.33.12; liability waiver, 10.33.12; procedure, 10.33.10.

Fields of Study: major, 8.20.50; minor, 8.20.60-63.

Final Examinations: scheduling, 8.51.20-27; scheduling of athletic events, 8.51.30-31; security, 8.51.40; repository, 8.51.50.

Financial Aid: duties of Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, 2.22.11; student employees, 10.21.10. See also Enrollment Services.

Fiscal year: defined, 10.10.10.

Foundation: see URI Foundation; URI Research Foundation.

Fraternities: see Vice President for Student Affairs.

4-H agents, faculty equivalency: 4.12.14; see also Cooperative Extension Service.

Freedom of Expression: controversial persons, 6.14.10-17; faculty, 6.11.10-15, 6.12.11; policy, 6.10.10; students, 6.12.10, 6.12.12-20.

Freedom of the Press: endorsement, 6.12.15.

Freshmen: academic progress, 8.54.20.

Fringe Benefits: eligibility policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Fund Raising: policies, 10.70.10-16; students, 9.11.12.


General Counsel: duties, 2.93.10.

General Education: administration and evaluation of program, 8.20.25; assessment, 4.69 of Senate By-Laws; courses, 8.20.22; diversity overlap, 8.20.24; proficiency examination, 8.20.19; portion of degree program, 8.20.30, purpose, 8.20.10; requirements, 8.20.11-8.20.24; skills, 8.20.10, 8.20.23-24.

General Faculty: administrative appointments, 4.12.11; clinical appointments, 4.13.10; coaching, 4.12.13; committee service, 5.10.10; equivalency appointments, 4.12.14, 7.10.10; exclusion, 4.11.14; family privileges, 8.40.10-12; family relationship, 7.12.10; governance, 4.10.10; graduate study, 6.11.19; jurisdiction, 4.32.10-11; meetings, 4.40.10-16; membership, 4.11.10-13; organization, 4.20.10-13; powers, 4.40.16; processions, 4.64.10; rank, 7.10.10; resignation or retirement, 7.46.10-11; salary levels, 7.50.10; special-status appointments, 4.12.10; teaching excellence, 6.11.20; temporary and part-time appointments, 4.12.12; transfer status, 4.11.13; unsatisfactory work, 7.21.13; voting membership, 4.21.10; see also Appointments, faculty; Dismissal, faculty; Promotions; Reappointment; Salaries; Tenure.

General Studies: committees for Bachelor of, 5.80.10-13, 5.81.10-11; responsibilities of vice provost for urban programs, 3.40.12, 3.40.15-16; faculty, 4.80.10-11.

Gerontology: program, 3.61.10.

Gifts: academic implications, 10.48.10; application, 10.48.10. See also Policy for the Administration of Grants, Contracts and Gifts, Appendix G #00-1; Policy on the Acceptance of Non-Cash Gifts Other Than Real Estate, Research and Library Donations, Appendix G, #00-2.

Governors: See Board of Governors for Higher Education.

Grading: appeals procedure, 8.26.13; changes, 8.56.10-11; criteria, 8.52.10; definitions, 8.53.10; enrolled - no work submitted, 8.53.12; freshmen, 8.54.20; incomplete, 8.53.20-21; no grade submitted, 8.53,13; no work submitted, 8.53.12; pass/fail, 8.37.10-17 quality points, 8.53.11; reinstated students, 8.25.14-16; S/U courses, 8.53.30; withdrawal, 8.42.11-12; see also Academic Standards; Failures, scholastic; Incompletes.

Graduate Assistants: appointment, 4.61.11, 7.80.10-11; defined, 7.11.12; duties, 7.80.13; stipend, 7,80.12; supervision, 7.80.14-15.

Graduate Assistantships: allocation, 7.81.10-11; apportionment and assignment, 7.80.10; description of duties, 7.83.10-11.

Graduate Council: meetings, 5.65.20-26; membership, 5.65.10-19; powers, 5.65.30-43.

Graduate Faculty: committee of, 5.65.10-43; membership, 4.70.10; meetings, 4.70.11-13; powers, 4.71.10-11; review of Graduate Council decisions, 5.65.40.

Graduate Research Assistants: appointment, 7.11.13, 7.80.10; duties, 7.80.16-17; stipend, 7.80.18.

Graduate School: duties of associate deans, 3.30.16; duties of dean of the graduate school, 2.27.10, 3.30.11-15, 10.49.11; fellowship-scholarship program, 3.30.14; nonmatriculating students, 8.19.13; programs, 3.30.10; see also Graduate Council.

Graduate School of Oceanography: programs, 3.31.10; duties of dean, 3.31.11.

Graduate Student Association: Graduate Council member, 5.65.10.

Graduate Students: sponsored research, 10.49.11.

Graduate Studies: see Dean of the Graduate School.

Graduation: eight-year rule, 8.21.15; requirements, 8.21.10, 8.22.10; senior year in residence, 8.22.11; time limits, 8.21.15; two major fields, 8.22.21-22; with distinction, 8.22.40; see also Degrees.

Grants: academic implications, 10.48.10; applications, 10.47.10, 10.48.10; policy for the administration of, Appendix G #00-1.

Grievance Procedures: policy for non-union employees, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition); process for discrimination complaint, Appendix G #85-1.

Guidelines for Hiring Non-Classified and Faculty Positions: policy, Appendix G #87-1.


Handicapped Employees: policy on reasonable accommodation, Appendix G #91-1.

Handicapped Students: accessibility, 8.46.11; policy on accommodation of qualified students with disabilities, Appendix G #92-2; procedures, 6.40.10-21.

Harassment: policy on sexual, Appendix G #83-19; grievance policy on sexual, Appendix G #85-1; racial and ethnic harassment and sexual harassment subcommittees, 5.54.20-21.

Health Benefits: eligibility for temporary faculty, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Health Professions Advisory Committee: described, 5.50.10.

Health Services: duties of director, 2.67.10; employee injury, 10.60.10.

High School Seniors: admissions procedures, 8.11.10-11; 8.12.40-42.

Hiring Guidelines: policy for non-classified and faculty positions, Appendix G #87-1.

Home Demonstration Agents: faculty equivalency, 4.12.14.

Honorary Degree Committee: charges 5.60.11; membership, 5.60.10.

Honors Program: content, 8.61.10-13; department and college responsibilities, 8.65.10-13; director, 2.22.60; objectives, 8.60.10-15; not required of faculty, 8.64.11; program direction and development, 8.64.10-14; requirements, 8.63.10-12.

Honors Program and Visiting Scholars Committee: coordinator, 4.43 of Senate By-Laws; purpose, 4.40 of Senate By-Laws; director, 4.42 of Senate By-Laws; distinguished scholars series, 4.44 of Senate By-Laws, powers and responsibilities, 8.64.10-14.

Hospitalization Plans: deductions, 10.20.11; membership form, 10.20.10.

Housing and Residential Life: See Vice President for Student Affairs and Director Residential Life.

Humanities, Center for: described, 3.96.10-13; evaluation, 3.96.20.

Human Resources: duties of assistant vice president, 2.42.10.

Human Science and Services, College of: departments, 3.21.14.

Human Services, Center for: described, 3.83.10.

Human Subjects: policy and procedures for the protection of, Appendix G #84-2; see also Institutional Review Board.


IACUC: see Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

IDP: purpose, 3.57.10.

Illnesses, Life-Threatening: policy, Appendix G #89-1.

Impacted Status: described, 8.16.16.

Incompletes: defined, 8.53.20; effect on standing, 8.23.13; removal, 8.53.21; reporting, 8.53.21.

Indebtedness to the University: policy, Appendix G #85-2.

Infirmary: duties of Director of Health Services, 2.67.10; employee injury, 10.60.10.

Informational Changes for University Bulletin: see Appendix E.

Information Resources Council: membership 5.22.11; purpose 5.22.10, reporting, 5.22.12.

Information Technology Services: office of, 3.43.10.

Injuries: employee claims, 10.60.10.

Institutes: defined, 8.90.10; establishment, 8.90.20; faculty evaluation, 8.90.40; new program review, 8.85.10-30; non-affiliation, 8.90.12; permanent authorization, 8.90.22-23; review, 8.90.30; temporary authorization, 8.90.21.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee: charge, 5.26.10; membership, 5.26.11.

Institutional Review Board: charge, 5.25.10; conflict of interest, 5.25.12; membership, 5.25.11. See Human Resources.

Instructional Development Program: director, 2.22.50, 4.6 of Senate By-Laws; purpose, 3.57.10.

Instructor: no tenure, 7.43.16; promotion, 7.23.10-11; rank, 7.10.10.

Intellectual Property: defined, 10.40.14; policy. 10.40.10-27; Appendix H.

Intellectual Property Committee: membership, 5.30.11; purpose, 5.30.10.

Intercollegiate Competition: eligibility, 9.12.10-13; see also Athletics, Coaches.

Interdepartmental Services: procedures, 10.12.10-12

Intergovernmental Personnel Act: policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Interinstitutional Student Exchange Program: defined, 8.10.50.

Internal Transfer: procedure, 8.17.10.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program: credit policy, 8.12.25, Appendix F Part II

International Business, Institute for: described, 3.80.10.

International Center for Marine Resource Development: program, 3.62.10.

International Education, responsibility for Office of, 3.21.21

International Exchange Programs: policy for undergraduate students, Appendix G #82-10.

Internships and Experiential Education: responsibility for Office of, 3.21.21.

IRB: see Institutional Review Board.

IRC: see Information Resources Council.


JCAP: see Joint Committee on Academic Planning.

JCSC: see Joint Classroom Steering Committee.

Joint Appointments: described, 4.60.20; limited, 4.60.22; renewal, 4.60.23; unlimited, 4.60.21.

Joint Classroom Steering Committee: charge 5.85.10-12, membership, 5.85.10.

Joint Committee on Academic Planning: duties, 5.70.10; membership, 5.70.11; recommendations and reports, 5.70.12.

Judicial Action: described, 9.22.10-18.

Judicial Board: see University Judicial Board.



Laboratories: use, 10.61.10-11.

Laboratories for Scientific Criminal Investigation: program, 3.53.10.

Labor Relations: see Human Resources.

Labor Research Center: described, 3.69.10

Layoffs: policy for classified employees, Appendix G #83-16.

Learning Assistance Center: responsibility for, 3.21.21.

Learning Outcomes Oversight Committee: charge, 5.84.10-12; membership, 5.84.13.

Leaves of Absence: applications, 7.60.10-17; Board of Review, 7.60.12; classified employees, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition); College of Continuing Education, 7.72.10; deferred leave, 7.61.15; graduate study, 7.60.16, 7.61.11; long-term, 7.60.13; military duty, 7.61.16; personal, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition); return to duty, 7.60.16, 7.61.12, 7.64.10; sabbatical for administrators, 7.60.15, 7.62.10-14; sabbatical for faculty, 7.61.10-20; service credit, 7.61.17, 7.63.13; short-term, 7.60.10; sick leave, 7.63.10-15; Appendix G (not available in 11th edition); terminal, 7.62.15; undergraduate students, 8.42.20; without pay, 7.60.15; see also Vacation.

Lecturer: defined, 7.11.11, 7.11.15; faculty status, 4.12.12.

Legal services: see General Counsel.

Librarians: faculty status, 7.10.10; ranks, 7.10.10.

Libraries: duties of Dean of University Libraries, 3.42.11; purpose, 3.42.10.

Library: dissertations deposited, 10.51.11; examinations repository, 8.51.40.

Library Committee: purpose, 4.50 of Senate By-Laws.

Licensing, responsibility for: outlined, 10.43.11.

Life Insurance: payroll deductions, 10.20.11.

Life-Threatening Illnesses: policy, Appendix G #89-1.

Limited Period Positions: policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

LOOC: see Learning Outcomes Oversight Committee.


Magna Cum Laude: see Distinction.

Major Fields of Study: defined, 8.20.50.

Make-up work: absence, 8.39.11, 8.51.10-14; commuters, 8.39.13; disciplinary action, 8.39.12, 8.56.13; failures, 8.55.11; incompletes, 8.53.21, 8.56.11.

Manual: changes, 11.10.10-13; committee, 4.25 of Senate By-Laws; editor 11.10.13.

Marine Advisory Service: program, 3.63.10.

Marine Resources: see New England Marine Resources Information Program, Marine Advisory Service, Center for Ocean Management Studies.

Marshal: appointment, 4.20.11; duties, 4.20.13.

Master Plan: see Campus Master Plan; Campus Master Plan Review Team.

Matriculating students: defined, 8.10.10; reinstatement, 8.25.10-18.

Mediation: intellectual property review, 10.40.26; student disciplinary process, 9.25.10.

Medical service: see Health Services.

Memorial Union and Student Involvement: duties of director, 2.66.10, 5.17.12; see also Memorial Union Advisory Council.

Military Science: veteran's credit, 8.18.10.

Military service: credit for, 8.18.10; see also Undergraduate Transfer Policy, Appendix F.

Minor Fields of Study: application for, 8.20.63 defined, 8.20.60; restrictions, 8.20.61-62.

Misconduct in Scholarship and Research: policy, Appendix G #92-1.

Molecular Toxicology, Center for: described, 3.75.10-12.

Monthly Payroll: policy, Appendix G #82-1.

Multicultural Student Services: duties of director, 2.71.10.


National Collegiate Athletic Association: rules, 9.10.13.

National Student Exchange: responsibility for, 3.21.21.

Nepotism and Conflict of Interest: policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

New England Board of Higher Education Compact: student classifications, 8.10.40.

New Positions: policy on advertising for, Appendix G #99-2; policy on candidates' travel, Appendix G #82-11; policy on posting, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition); policy on request for, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

New Programs: coordinating and review committees, 8.85.11-17; classification, 8.85.30; defined, 8.85.10; evaluation criteria, 8.85.20-24; no new funding, 8.85.31.

News and Information: general, 10.62.10; duties of director of communications, 2.82.10; see also University Advancement.

New Student Programs: responsibility for, 3.21.21.

No Grade Reported: see Enrolled-No Grade Reported.

Non-Classroom Activity: awarding credit, 8.36.10; prior learning assessment, 8.36.30-34.

Non-Smoking: policy, 10.61.11, Appendix G #93-1.

Non-Credit Courses: policy, 8.45.10.

Non-matriculating Students: defined, 8.19.10; policies, 8.19.10-15.

Northeast Journal of Business and Economics: content, 3.56.10.

No Work Submitted: see Enrolled - No Work Submitted.

NR: See Enrolled-No Grade Reported.

Nursing, College of: described, 3.21.15.

NW: see Enrolled - No Work Submitted.


Oceanography: programs, 3.31.10; duties of Dean of Graduate School of Oceanography, 3.31.11.

Ocean Management Studies, Center for: program, 3.66.10.

Off-Campus Conduct: jurisdiction of student judicial system, 9.24.10-11.

Office of Higher Education: purpose, Appendix A.

Ombud: 2.39.10; compensation and release time, 2.39.18; conflict of interest, 2.39.20; responsibility, 2.39.13; powers, 2.39.16; primary task, 2.39.14; student assistant, 2.39.19; term of office, 2.39.12.

Open-ended courses: defined, 8.81.10; rules governing, 8.81.20-22

Operating Executive Committee: membership and purpose, Appendix A.

Options: approval process, 8.20.72; described, 8.20.70-71.

Organizational Outline: Appendix D.

Outcomes Assessment: see Learning Outcomes Oversight Committee; Student Learning, Outcomes Assessment and Accreditation.

Outreach: Council for, 5.35.10-11; see also Vice President for Research and Economic Development.

Oversubscribed Programs: procedures, 8.16.16.

Overtime Pay: policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).


Pacific Basin Capital Markets Research Center: described, 3.81.10.

Parking Committee: see Campus Security and Parking Committee.

Parliamentarian of General Faculty: appointment, 4.20.11.

Parliamentary Authority: described, 4.50.10.

Parliamentary procedures: Faculty Senate, Appendix C, 9.1; general faculty meetings, 4.40.14.

Partnerships: defined, 8.90.10-11; establishment, 8.90.20; faculty evaluation, 8.90.40; new program review, 8.85.10-30; non-affiliation, 8.90.12; permanent authorization, 8.90.22-23; review, 8.90.30; temporary authorization, 8.90.21.

Pass/Fail: courses, 8.37.11; eligibility, 8.37.10-12; grading, 8.37.16-17, 8.37.14-15; procedure, 8.37.12-13, 8.37.15.

Patents: See Intellectual Property.

Patent Committee: see Intellectual Property Committee.

Payroll, Faculty and Staff: contract year, 10.20.12; deductions, 10.20.11; duties of manager, 2.45.13; new employees, 10.20.10, 10.20.13; paydays, 10.20.15; procedure, 10.20.10-16; resignations, 10.20.14; see also Salaries.

Payroll Policy, monthly: described, Appendix G #82-1.

Payroll, Student: procedure, 10.21.10.

Personal Financial Education, Center for: described, 2.62.10.

Personnel Services: duties of director, 2.42.11.

Petitions: students, 4.32.10, 5.16.33, 8.26.10-13.

Pharmacy, College of: departments, 3.21.16.

Physical Plant: duties of director of facilities and operations, 2.41.11; work orders, 10.12.10.

Placement: see Career Services.

Plagiarism: instructor's responsibilities, 8.27.16-19; judicial action, 8.27.17-19; student's responsibilities, 8.27.10-15.

Planning: duties of directors of planning services, 2.90.10, 5.70.10-11; office described, 3.45.10.

Police: controversial persons, 6.14.15, 6.14.17.

Police and Security, duties of director, 2.41.13.

Policies, University: Appendix G.

Political Activity: see Public Office, Students.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow: defined, 7.11.28; policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Posthumous Degrees: eligibility, 8.22.50; presentation, 8.22.51.

Posting of New and Vacant Positions: policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Pre-Employment Security Records Check: policy, Appendix G #91-2.

President: administrative officer, 2.11.10, 2.15.10; authority, 2.10.10, succession, 2.13.10-12.

President's Commission on the Status of Women: described, 5.39.10; membership, 5.39.11.

President's Council on Sustainability: described, 5.45.10; membership, 5.45.11.

Prior Learning Assessment: administration of, 8.36.33; credit for, 8.36.30, 8.36.35; faculty role, 8.36.34; fee for portfolio evaluation, 8.36.36; portfolio development, 8.36.31-32; report to Faculty Senate, 8.36.37; role of Curricular Affairs Committee, 4.82 of Senate By-Laws.

Probation: academic standards, 8.23.10-12; disciplinary, 9.22.16; nonmatriculating students, 8.19.14; procedure, 8.24.10-12; residence, 9.22.14.

Processions: faculty duties, 4.64.10; marshal, 4.20.13; placement, 4.11.11.

Professor: rank, 7.10.10; resignation or retirement, 7.46.10-11; tenure, 7.43.10-11.

Proficiency Examinations: for general education requirements, 8.20.19; policy and procedures, 8.36.10-13.

Program Review: see Academic Program Review, Academic Program Review Committee.

Programs: abolition, 8.87.10-11; degree programs on Providence Campus, 8.88.10; new, 8.85.10-31; existing, 8.86.10-14; suspension, 8.87.10; see also Academic Program Review; Academic Program Review Committee; New Programs.

Promotions: annual review, 7.20.10-12; chairperson's responsibility, 3.21.10, 7.21.11-13; College of Continuing Education, 7.72.10; criteria, 7.22.10; dean's responsibility, 3.20.10, 7.21.11-13; eligibility, 7.23.10-13; family relationship, 7.12.10; not automatic, 7.23.11-12; policy for non faculty employees, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition); process, 7.21.10-13.

Property: duties of director of property and support services, 2.41.15.

Protection of Human Subjects: policy, Appendix G #84-2.

Providence Campus: see Providence Campus Undergraduate Initiative Committee; Vice Provost for Urban Programs.

Providence Campus Undergraduate Initiative Committee: membership 5.83.11; purpose 5.83.10; reports, 5.83.12.

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs: duties, 2.20.10-19; duties of assistant, 2.21.10. See also Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Services, Vice Provost for Information Technology Services; Vice Provost for Urban Programs.

Publications: copyright, 10.45.11; duties of director, 2.83-11; rights, 10.40.27; 10.50.10.

Public Affairs: see Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs.

Public Information: see News and Information.

Public Office: policy on holding, Appendix G #84-3.

Public Relations: See University Advancement.

Public Safety: see duties of director, 2.41.13.

Public Service: See John Hazen White Sr. Center for Ethics and Public Service.

Purchasing: duties of director, 2.41.14; see also Business procedures.


Quality Points: computation of failures, 8.55.10; for "distinction," 8.22.40; graduation requirements, 8.22.10; transfer students, 8.13.13; see also Academic Standards.

Quality Review of Programs: see Academic Program Review, Academic Program Review Committee.


Racial and Ethnic Harassment: subcommittee of affirmative action & equal opportunity committee, 5.54.20-21.

Radio Spectrum Policy: policy, Appendix G #03-1.

Rank, Faculty: listed, 7.10.10.

Reading Days: defined, 8.50.20; minimum requirement, 8.51.25, 8.70.22.

Reappointment: department chairpersons, 7.30.10; instructor, 7.23.10; notice of non-reappointment, 7.24.10; see also Appointments.

Reasonable Accommodation for Handicapped Employees: policy, Appendix G#91-1.

Records: changes, 8.56.10; progress of freshmen, 8.54.20; reporting, 8.54.10-11; retention by instructors, 8.52.20-21.

Recruitment of Students for Employment and Volunteer Positions: policy, Appendix G #90-1.

Refunds: policy, 8.43.10.

Regents: See Board of Governors for Higher Education.

Registrar: see Enrollment Services.

Registration: auditor, 8.35.10; deletion from roster, 8.33.13; drop and add, 8.33.11, 8.34.10; early,; employees, 8.40.10-12; employees' families, 8.40.10-12; late fee, 8.33.20; other institutions, 8.38.14; refunds, 8.43.10; requirements, 8.33.10; withdrawal, 8.42.10-13; see also Enrollment Services.

Relatives and Minors, Employment of: Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Released Time: Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of Faculty Senate, Article IV.2 of Senate Constitution; Chairperson of Curricular Affairs Committee, 4.77 of Senate By-Laws; Coordinator of Honors Colloquium, 4.41 of Senate By-Laws; Director of Honors Program, 4.42 of Senate By-Laws; Ombud, 2.39.18; policy for non-faculty employees, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Religious Activity: freedom to organize, 6.12.13; see also Chaplains.

Religious Observance: policy, 6.20.10-11; making up missed work for, 8.51.11.

Repeating Courses: policy, 8.33.30-32.

Requisitions: procedure, 10.10.10-12.

Research: application for grants and contracts, 10.47.10; criterion for promotion, 7.22.10; duties of vice president for research and economic development 2.50.10-13; emergency procedures, Appendix G #97-1; evaluation by chairperson, 3.21.10; freedom to conduct, 6.11.11-13; graduate students engaged in sponsored research, 10.49.11; misconduct policy, Appendix G #92-1; non-affiliation with centers, 8.90.12; ownership, 10.40.14-18; policy, 4.62.16; publication rights, 10.40.27,10.50.10; sponsored research defined, 10.49.10; work-load consideration, 4.62.16. See also URI Research Foundation; Appendix H.

Research and Development: projects and procedures, 10.40.10-10.43.15.

Research Assistant: defined, 7.11.17, 7.11.19; no tenure, 7.43.18.

Research Associate: defined, 7.11.17-18; no tenure, 7.43.18.

Research Center in Business and Economics: program, 3.56.10.

Research, Council for: duties, 4.58 of Senate By-Laws; membership, 4.56 of Senate By-Laws; meetings, 4.57 of Senate By-Laws; purpose, 4.55 of Senate By-Laws; see also Centers, Research.

Research Foundation: see URA Research Foundation.

Research Vessel, small: policy, Appendix G #03-3.

Research Fellow: see Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

Residential Life: see Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Residential Life.

Residency: students, 8.10.20.

Resignation: policy, Appendix G #83-17; refund of salary payments, 10.20.14; result of illness, 7.63.14; under tenure, 7.46.10-11; unused vacation, 7.65.16.

Resource Development, College of: see Environment and Life Sciences, College of.

Retirement: payroll deductions, 10.20.11; policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition); state system, 7.70.10; TIAA, 7.70.10-13, transfer credit, 7.70.13; under tenure, 7.46.10-11.

Rhode Island Public Institutions of Higher Education: transfer students, 8.13.13; Appendix F.

Rhode Island Water Resources Center: See Water Resources Center.

Robotics Center: described, 3.70.20.

Room Entry and Search Procedure: policy, Appendix G #86-1.

ROTC: 8.41.10; veteran's credit, 8.18.10.


Sabbatical Leave: see Leaves of Absence.

Safety: non-smoking policy, 10.61.11, Appendix G #93-1.

Safety and Risk Management: duties of director, 2.41.12.

Salaries, Faculty: annual review, 7.20.10-11; appeal procedure, 7.55.10; contract year, 10.20.12; College of Continuing Education, 7.50.11, 7.72.10; family relationship, 7.12.10; levels, 7.50.10; nondistinction of sex, 7.54.10; Summer Session, 7.50.11; suspension by Board of Governors, 7.56.10; see also Payroll.

Sales and Services: to outside agencies, 10.12.13; to students, 10.13.10; see also Business Procedures.

Scheduling: responsibility, 2.22.30; see also Classes, Examinations.

Schmidt, Charles T. Labor Research Center: 3.69.10

Scholarship and Research: policy on possible misconduct, Appendix G #92-1.

Scholastic Discipline: procedure, 8.24.10-16; reinstatement, 8.25.10-16.

Scholastic Integrity: expectations, 8.27.10-16; infractions, 8.27.17-19.

Scholastic Standing: faculty responsibility, 4.32.10.

Scholastic Standing Committees: authorized, 4.32.10; functions, 8.24.10-8.25.16.

Sea Grant program: described, 3.60.10.

Second Grade Option: procedures, 8.33.32.

Secretary of the General Faculty: appointment, 4.20.11; duties, 4.20.12.

Secretarial Assistance: departmental, 4.65.10.

Security: duties of director of police and security, 2.41.13; see Campus Security and Parking Committee, Pre-Employment Security Records Check Policy.

SEDA: See Space Enhancement, Design and Allocation Committee.

Senate: see Faculty Senate.

Senior Year: residency requirements, 8.22.11.

Service Learning, Feinstein Center for: described, 3.85.10.

Sexual Harassment: policy, Appendix G #83-19; subcommittee of affirmative action & equal opportunity committee, 5.54.20-21. See also Discrimination Complaint Process for the University of Rhode Island.

Sick Leave: policies, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Skills: general education, 8.20.10; 8.20.23-24.

Small Research Vessel: policy, Appendix G #03-3.

Smoking: policy on non-smoking, Appendix G #93-1, 10.61.11.

Snow Storms: policies and procedures, Appendix G #83-2.

Social Regulations Committee: see Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee.

Social Security: membership, 7.70.14.

Sororities: see Vice President for Student Affairs.

Space Allocation and Utilization: policy, Appendix G #05-1.

Space Enhancement, Design and Allocation Committee: membership, 5.41.11; purpose, 5.41.10.

Speakers: controversial persons, 6.14.10-17; freedom to select, 6.12.17, 6.13.10.

Special Academic Programs: duties of Dean of University College and Special Academic Programs, 3.21.21-23.

Special Assistant: defined, 7.11.15-16.

Special Instructor: defined, 7.11.15-16.

Special Programs for Talent Development: duties of Director, 2.72.10.

Sponsored Research: defined, 10.49.10; graduate student policy, 10.49.11.

Sports Information: duties of assistant director, 2.62.11.

SPTD: see Special Programs for Talent Development.

Staff: see Administrative staff.

Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate: 5.90.10, Section 4 of Senate By-Laws.

State Employees Credit Union: membership, 10.22.10.

State Employees' Retirement System: described 7.70.10; see also Retirement Policy.

Strategic Planning: See Joint Strategic Planning Committee, Planning.

Student Affairs: duties of vice president, 2.13.11, 2.60.10-2.72.10; faculty status of vice president, 4.12.11. See also Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students; Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs an Director of Residential Life.

Student Conduct: community standards of behavior, 9.18.10, 9.21.10; policies, 9.21.10-30; see also University Appeals Board, University Judicial Board.
Student Development: see Student Affairs.

Student Employment: graduates, 7.80.10-7.81.13; graduate student payroll policy, Appendix G #03-2; part-time, 2.67.10; pay schedule, 5.60.10; payroll, 10.21.20; policy, Appendix G #81-1.

Student Financial Aid: duties of vice provost for academic affairs, 2.22.20; student employees, 10.21.10. See also Enrollment Services.

Student Housing: see Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs an Director of Residential Life.

Student Involvement: duties of Director of Memorial Union and Student Involvement, 2.66.10, 5.17.10.

Student Judicial System: see Discipline, Student Conduct, University Appeals Board, University Conduct Board.

Student Leadership Development, Center for: described, 8.37.10.

Student Learning, Outcomes Assessment and Accreditation, duties of director, 2.22.70; see also Learning Outcomes Oversight Committee.

Student Life: see Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.

Student Organizations: faculty advisers, 6.12.18; finances, 9.11.13; freedom to organize, 6.12.13-14; off-campus activity, 6.12.19; recognition of, 9.10.10-11; regulations, 9.11.10-13; speaker selection, 6.12.17, 6.13.10; see also Students.

Student Orientation Advisory Committee: membership, 5.43.11; purpose, 5.43.10.

Student Petitions: academic, 8.26.10-12; faculty responsibility, 4.32.10.

Student Recruitment for Employment or Volunteer Positions: policy, Appendix G#90-1.

Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee: membership, 5.73.12; purpose, 5.73.10-11; reports, 5.73.13.

Students: advertising solicitation, 9.11.11-12; associations, 6.12.13; field trips, 10.33.10-12; freedom of the press, 6.12.15; freedoms and responsibilities, 6.12.10-20, 9.13.10-11; fund raising, 9.11.12; government, 6.12.14; organizations, 6.12.17-18, 9.11.10-13, 9.13.10-11; payroll, 10.21.10; petitions, 4.32.10, 5.16.33, 8.26.10-13; policies for, 9.19.10; political activity, 6.12.19-20; scheduling events, 9.11.11; standards of behavior, 9.18.10; see also Student Organizations.

Student Services Auxiliaries: duties of vice president for student affairs, 2.60.10,

Student Services for Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Continuing Education: duties of director, 2.70.10.

Study Abroad: administrative responsibility for, 3.21.21.

Subrecipient Monitoring: policy, Appendix G #99-1.

Succession: in absence of President, 2.13.10-12.

S/U Courses: defined, 8.53.30.

Suma Cum Laude: see Distinction.

Summer Session: limit on credits, 8.38.13-14; programs, 3.40.11; teaching opportunities, 4.60.14-15; teaching salaries, 7.50.11.

Survivor Benefits: policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Suspended courses: described, 8.81.63.

Suspension, Classified Employees: policy on dismissal and suspension, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Suspension of Programs: procedure, 8.87.12.

Suspension, Student: cheating defined, 8.27.19; defined, 9.22.17; emergency, 9.23.10; registration conditions, 8.33.12; see also Discipline, Conduct.


Talent Development: See Special Programs for Talent Development.

Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA): described, 7.70.10-13; see also Retirement Policy.

Teaching Assistant: defined, 7.11.14, 7.11.16.

Teaching Effectiveness: criterion for promotion, 7.22.10; dean's responsibility, 3.20.10; department chairperson's responsibility, 3.21.10.

Teaching Effectiveness Committee: purpose, 4.60 of Senate By-Laws.

Teaching Load: workload, 4.62.10-17.

Telecommunications and Information Marketing Research Institute: purpose, 3.82.10.

Tenure: Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Continuing Education, 7.72.10; definitions, 7.42.10-13; dismissal, 7.41.10-11; due process, 7.40,12-7.41.11; eligibility, 7.43.10-18; family relationship, 7.12.10; not automatic, 7.45.10; principles, 7.40.10-12; resignation or retirement, 7.46.10-11; withholding of, 7.44.10; see also Rank

Temporary and Part-Time Appointments: described, 4.12.12; eligibility for health benefits, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Testing: examination policy, 8.51.10-11.

Textbooks: selection responsibility, 8.81.80.

TIAA-CREF: described, 7.70.10-13; see also Retirement Policy.

Titles: faculty ranks and privileges, 7.10.10-12; non-faculty, 7.11.12-28; faculty equivalent appointments, 4.12.14.

Topics courses: see Open Ended Courses.

Trade Secret: defined, 10.46.10; owner, 10.46.11.

Traffic: See Director of Security.

Transcripts: issuance, 2.22.30; transfer, 8.13.11.

Transfer Students: admission, 8.13.10-12; conditional status, 8.17.11; credits, 8.13.13; curriculum change, 8.17.10-11; policy, 8.13.10; Rhode Island Public Institutions of Higher Education, 8.13.12; transcripts, 8.13.11; within the University, 8.17.10-11; see also Undergraduate Transfer Policy, Appendix F, Veterans.

Transportation Center: see URI Transportation Center.

Travel: authorization, 10.30.10-11; reimbursement, 10.31.10-11.

Trips: See Field Trips, Travel.

Trustees: see Board of Governors for Higher Education.

Tuition Waiver: policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition).

Tutoring: faculty, 7.53.10; student pay rates, 5.60.10.


Undergraduate Students: international exchange policy, Appendix G #82-10.

University Advancement: duties of vice president, 2.80.10-2.84.10.

University Appeals Board: membership, 5.75.11-12; procedures, 9.21.29-30, 9.24.11; purpose 5.75.10.

University Bookstores: duties of administrator, 2.63.10; operation, 10.13.10.

University College: 3.21.20; duties of dean, 3.21.21; admissions, 8.16.12; advising staff, 3.21.22-23; students, 8.16.12-16; temporary mini courses, 8.81.30.

University College and General Education Committee: administration and evaluation of general education program, 8.20.23; purpose, 4.65 of Senate By-Laws; membership, 4.66-67 of Senate By-Laws; faculty request, 4.68 of Senate By-Laws.

University Faculty: see General Faculty.

University Judicial Board: membership, 5.74.11-12; hearing panels, 5.74.20- 21; procedures, 9.2.10-28; purpose, 5.74.10.

University Libraries: duties of dean of university libraries, 2.25.10; 3.42.11; purpose, 3.42.10.

UNIVERSITY MANUAL: changes, 11.10.10-13; committee, 4.24 of Senate By-Laws; editor, 11.10.13.

University Sanctioned Events: make-up policy for absence because of, 8.51.12.

University Year for Action: see Internships and Experiential Education.

Urban Agents: equivalency appointments, 4.12.14.

Urban Programs: duties of vice provost, 3.40.12-16. See also Continuing Education.

URI Foundation: competitive grants, 5.71.10.; development and licensing, 10.43.10-11; patent management, 10.43.15.

URI Research Foundation: board of directors, 3.50.20-21; described, 3.50.10-12; development and licensing, 10.43.10-11; patent management, 10.43.15.

URI Transportation Center: described, 3.72.10-12.


Vacancies: offices of administration, 2.14.10; guidelines for hiring, Appendix G #87-1; policy on advertising, Appendix G #99-2; posting of vacant positions, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition) see also Succession.

Vacation: administrators, 7.65.11-12; classified, 7.65.15; faculty, 7.65.10-13; notice to Human Resource Administration, 10.20.16; policy, Appendix G (not available in 11th edition); unclassified, 7.65.14; unused time, 7.65.16.

Vector-Borne Diseases, Center for: description, 3.90.10-12.

Veterans: credit for military service, 8.18.10; see also Undergraduate Transfer Policy, Appendix F

Vice President for Administration: duties, 2.40.10-2.49.10.

Vice President for Research and Outreach and Economic Development: duties, 2.50.10-13, 3.50-20.

Vice President for Student Affairs: duties, 2.60.10-2.72.10.

Vice President for University Advancement: duties, 2.80.10-2.83.10

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs: 2.22.10-70.

Vice Provost for Information Technology Services: duties; 2.24.10; 3.43.10-11.

Vice Provost for Urban Programs; duties, 2.26.10; 3.40.12-16.

Visiting Faculty: defined, 7.11.21.

Visiting Scholars: invitational procedure, 7.90.11-12; privileges, 7.90.10.

Visiting Students: defined, 8.14.10.

Vocational Counseling: see Career Services.

Volunteer Positions: policy on student recruitment for, Appendix G, #90-1.


W. Alton Jones Campus: duties of director, 2.49.10.

Water Resources Center, Rhode Island: administrative responsibility, 3.20.12; director, 3.20.13; described, 3.58.10.

Watson House Committee: duties, 5.31.10.

White Sr., John Hazen, Center for Ethics and Public Service: described, 3.86.10

WI: See Writing Intensive Courses.

Wireless Network: policy, Appendix G #03-1.

Withdrawal: procedure, 8.42.10-13.

Worker's Compensation: policy, Appendix G #83-20.

Work Loads: policy, 4.62.10-17.

Working Out of Classification: policy, Appendix G #83-14.

World Wide Web: policy, Appendix G #02-1.

Writing Intensive Courses: described, 8.81.40-43; role of Curricular Affairs Committee, 4.80 of Faculty Senate By-Laws.






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