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Open-Ended Courses

Section 8.80.11 of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL defines open-ended courses as permanent courses, "where subject matter may vary between offerings." Seminars, workshops, colloquia, special problems and special topics are all included under the term open-ended courses. Independent study and directed study courses are not included in this category.

Departments planning to offer open-ended courses should familiarize themselves with sections 8.81.20 through 8.81.22 of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL. These sections outline the procedures to be followed each time an open-ended course topic is offered.

After approval by a department of each offering of an open-ended course topic, a copy of the title, subtitle, and description forwarded for schedule authorization to the Office of Enrollment Services via the dean of the college in which the department resides. Topics must be reviewed by the dean, who will ensure that overlap exists between specific topics and existing courses before authorization is forwarded to the Office of Enrollment Services.

Specific topics may be offered three times. After three offerings, the topic may not be offered unless it is approved through the appropriate channels as either a permanent course or as a permanent topic within an open-ended course and shall be included in the University Catalog.