Report of the Program Quality Review Oversight Group

October 25, 2000


The Faculty Senate established the Program Quality Review Oversight Group as part of the program quality review legislation adopted by the Faculty Senate on April 23, 1998. This group, which comprises the Chair of the Graduate Council, the Chair of the Curricular Affairs Committee, and the Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate, is charged with oversight of the University's program quality review process. The 2000-01 oversight group, Marian Goldsmith, Chet Hickox and Janett Trubatch, met on October 20 with Vice Provost Blair Lord and Faculty Senate Coordinator Sheila Black Grubman, who have the responsibility for the implementation of the program quality review process.

After discussing the progress of the 1998-99 and the 1999-00 program quality reviews, the group agreed that the description of the program quality review report should be clarified before initiating the 2000-01 reviews.

The PQR Oversight Group recommends that the Faculty Senate approve the following:


* Change section 8.86.30 as follows (additions are in green):

8.86.30 Report. In general terms, the report prepared as a result of a program quality review should have four basic parts: a descriptive section; an evaluative section; a recommendations section; and a summary section. These are described in 8.86.31-34 below. The program faculty, in consultation with the steering committee, shall prepare the sections described in 8.86.31-33. The section described in 8.86.34 shall be prepared by the steering committee.

* Sections 8.86.31-33 remain the same:

8.86.31 Description. The descriptive section may be comprised largely of departmental material produced on an annual basis such as past annual reports, supplemented by curricular proposals submitted since the last review, updated vitae of all tenure-track faculty members and other personnel, other than graduate assistants teaching on a part-time and/or non-continuing basis, the latest accreditation report, if applicable, and such other documentation as the department considers pertinent. The Program Review Steering Committee shall determine what specific information may be used or must be included in the descriptive section. (See 8.86.21).

8.86.32 Evaluation. The members of the program, in cooperation with their Program Review Steering Committee, shall use the information contained in the descriptive section to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the program including a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the teaching, research, service, and/or other creative accomplishments of the faculty.

8.86.33 Recommendations. On the basis of the assessments made in the evaluative section, the members of the program, in cooperation with their Program Review Steering Committee and the Dean or academic administrator to whom the program director or chair reports shall develop a plan to help direct the future efforts of the program. The plan should include: goals, steps to be taken to achieve those goals, and a timetable.

* Add the following new section 8.36.34:

8.86.34 Summary. The Steering Committee shall prepare a short summary of the most important points in the report and any observations or thoughts on the evaluation and recommendations contained in the report. These observations shall serve as a peer assessment of the process and its outcome and shall be conveyed with the report as described in 8.86.40-41.

7-Year Program Cycle