RESOLUTION #02-03--2

On March 20, 2003, the Faculty Senate adopted the following resolution by unanimous vote:

WHEREAS: Dana R. Kester, Professor of Oceanography and a member of the University faculty for 34 years, died on March 16, 2003.

WHEREAS: Professor Kester was foremost an analytical chemist whose scholarship focused on ocean waters, marine environmental quality, and ocean processes in global change. Recently, he worked on the integration of in situ measurements with remote sensing observations. In the course of his research, he authored and co-authored over 125 peer reviewed journal articles, books, and book chapters. Professor Kester enjoyed going to sea and participated in 24 cruises totaling 435 days on the water. Before his death, he was working with State, National, and International agencies and non-governmental organizations to study hypoxia in Narragansett Bay and coastal China.

WHEREAS: Professor Kester served his profession and his University with distinction. He had twice served as acting Dean of the Graduate School of Oceanography and once as acting Dean of the Graduate School. He had served on numerous University committees and was a member of the Faculty Senate, coordinator of the Vetlesen Lecture Series on Climate, and chair of an ad hoc committee for the Faculty Senate on research and graduate education. Professor Kester had been a member of the National Academy of Sciences Marine Board, Intergovernmental Ocean Commission US delegate, and WMO and UNESCO committees. He served a 2-year special assignment to NOAA. He was a noted editor, reviewer and contributor to professional society journals and citizen publications.

WHEREAS: Professor Kester was major professor for 10 M.S. and 15 Ph.D. students, served on the thesis committees of 15 others, and supervised 14 undergraduate students in research. He was supervising 3 graduate and 2 undergraduate students. The course he developed and taught on Ocean Chemical Distributions integrated all oceanography sub-disciplines. It was considered a "must take" by GSO students and perhaps more importantly by their advisors. Sabbatical leaves took him to universities in England, Hong Kong and China.

WHEREAS: Professor Kester was an international leader in Oceanography and a significant contributor to the University. His research, service, teaching, and mentorship are missed but will live on in the memory of his students and colleagues.

BE IT RESOLVED: the faculty of the University of Rhode Island acknowledges Professor Dana R. Kester's contributions to the University community and mourns his passing, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: this resolution be approved by the University of Rhode Island Faculty Senate and presented to his family as an expression of our sincerest sympathy.