Resolution #00-01-6

On February 22, 2001, the Faculty Senate adopted the following resolution:

Charles Daniels has served the University of Rhode Island community for more than 35 years. During that time, Charlie has

*Crossed the digital divide, often in both directions on the same day

*Endured the slings and arrows of anxious faculty baffled by burned out bulbs and disconnected cables

* Survived balky equipment, blown fuses, power outages, missing take-up reels, and even temporary incarceration by the campus police

* Soldiered happily on with the best and worst of student help

* Played deus ex machina in more classroom productions than can be counted

Through it all, Charlie has been the good and kind heart and the very soul of the University's classroom media enterprise.

On this, the occasion of Charlie's retirement, we, the Faculty Senate of the University of Rhode Island, extend to him our deep gratitude for a job extraordinarily well done and our warmest wishes for a long, prosperous, and joy-filled life.