Resolution #00-01-8 

On May 10, 2001, the Faculty Senate adopted as a resolution the following recommendations of the 2000-01 Library Committee:

That the Faculty Senate endorse the Library Committee's proposal that the Provost's Office earmark at least $3,000 from its discretionary faculty development funds for Library faculty and staff to attend conferences and training institutes relating to the evolving "21st Century Library" during the next three years. This should be over and above the current level of budget amount allocated for this purpose.

That the Faculty Senate urge the President to identify sufficient funding to fulfill Goal III, Objective and Outcome #7 of his Three Year Strategic Plan which requires the President to "Support enhancements of library capital and academic information systems" and to "Achieve funding goals for library and information technology". Funding goals were identified and recommended in Resolution #99-00--6 last year.

Report of the Library Committee for 2000-01.