Resolution #08-09--11


On May 14, 2008, the Faculty Senate of the University of Rhode Island adopted the following resolution in honor of Celest A. Martin Chairperson of the Faculty Senate for 2008-09


Whereas: Chairperson Celest A. Martin has served the Faculty Senate with diligence, tenacity, grace, and good humor; and


Whereas: She has demonstrated her ability as a strong and skillful leader in the face of a variety of challenging circumstances and kept her head while some about her were losing theirs; and


Whereas: She has represented the faculty's interests and concerns and enhanced the shared governance process through:


      Her consistent advocacy for matters of concern to the faculty at meetings of the JSPC and elsewhere,


      Her service as a member of the Presidential Search Committee


      Her attendance at meetings of the Board of Governors


      Her work with the Provost to establish a series of Faculty Forums to enhance collaboration and a sense of community between and among faculty


      Her participation in the deliberations of the Ad Hoc Committee on the site of the Research Park


Therefore, Be It Resolved that the 2008-2009 Faculty Senate expresses its appreciation to Celest A. Martin for her warmth, wisdom and outstanding service to the Senate and the faculty as a whole.