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Temporary Courses

These courses, designated by the suffix "X", may be offered no more than twice and only during a two-year period following their approval and must meet certain criteria which are outlined in 8.80.12 of the UNIVERSITY MANUAL.

Temporary courses (except for 1 credit lower-level undergraduate University College mini-courses taught during the fall or spring semester) must be approved by the Curricular Affairs Committee and/or the Graduate Council after they have been approved by the Department and College Dean. Prior to action by the Curricular Affairs Committee and/or the Graduate Council, all proposed temporary courses will be published in a TEMPORARY COURSE NEWSLETTER and a seven-day period will be provided for interested faculty members to register comments with the Chairperson of the Curricular Affairs Committee and/or the Chairperson of the Graduate Council.

The Temporary Course Newsletter is published on the last work day of each month, as required, throughout the year. Temporary course proposals received by the 25th of the month will be included in that month's edition of the Temporary Course Newsletter. Temporary Courses at the graduate level may not be considered by the Graduate Council during the summer months. For specific dates see Curricular Deadlines.

Send electronic originals to (Copies of temporary courses proposals are sent to Sheila Black Grubman, Faculty Senate Office and/or the Graduate School Office).

Temporary Courses into Permanent Courses

In its review of temporary courses, the CAC will focus primarily, but not exclusively, on the examination of overlaps with courses offered outside the college from which the proposal originates.

With respect to proposals for permanent courses which have been offered previously as temporary courses, the CAC will request the following information in addition to the formal Course Proposal as part of its review:

  • A detailed syllabus (outline will not be acceptable);
  • Enrollment and grade distribution for the X course;
  • An evaluation of the X course highlighting changes that will be made from the original Temporary Course Proposal or reasons no changes will be necessary;



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