Faculty Senate

Report of the Executive Committee on "Vice President for Administration"


In May 2002 Article VII of the Constitution of the Faculty Senate was amended by referendum of the general faculty to read as follows:

3. Proposals for changing titles of ex officio members of the Faculty Senate shall be submitted to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. If in the judgment of the Committee, a title change is of a nature such that incorporating it into the Membership Article (III) of this Constitution does not require a referendum, the Committee shall report this finding to the Faculty Senate, together with a recommendation for an appropriate change of the Membership Article. Unless specified otherwise in the recommendation, the change shall become effective upon a two-thirds majority vote of the senators present and eligible to vote. The recommendation may not be voted upon at the meeting at which it is first moved.

4. Any member of the Senate may challenge a finding of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee that a change of the title of an ex officio member of the Faculty Senate can be incorporated into the Faculty Senate Constitution without a referendum. Such a challenge may be presented only prior to the actual vote on the change. If the challenge is upheld by a majority of the senators present and eligible to vote, the title change shall be submitted to the referendum process as outlined in Article VII, 1 and 2, of this Constitution.

This summer at the request of President Carothers, the Board of Governors for Higher Education approved the change in title of the Vice President for Business and Finance to "Vice President for Administration. Following is President Carothers' rationale for the title change from his memorandum on administrative reorganization:

The role of the vice president for business and finance has changed in recent years, with a much broader scope of responsibility evolving. As we take on more enterprises, and as our partnerships with public and private companies and agencies grow, the vice president takes on more executive responsibility for managing these diverse activities. In addition to the Alton Jones Campus, we now have both the Ryan Center and the Boss Arena as enterprise accounts, and within the timeframe of this plan we intend to establish a research corporation and explore seriously the establishment of a University sponsored retirement community. More partnerships of the kind evolving with Amgen are likely, as the state anticipates our more aggressive involvement in building the economy of our state. While the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs is the chief academic officer of the University and second to the President in the line of authority and responsibility, it is neither appropriate nor possible for her to take on these new areas.

Therefore it is my intent to rename the business vice president's position as the "Vice President for Administration," signifying the responsibility of this vice president for the overall management of the University, accountable to the Provost for support of the academic mission and to the President for everything else.

The Executive Committee agrees that the Vice President should remain an ex officio member of the Faculty Senate and any change in the Constitution or By-Laws that refers to the "Vice President for Business and Finance" should be changed to "Vice President for Administration" in accordance with Article VII, paragraph 3 and therefore recommends:

That the Faculty Senate approve the change in title from Vice President for Business and Finance" to "Vice President for Administration" in all documents referring to ex officio members of the Faculty Senate, including, but not limited to, the membership article of the Faculty Senate Constitution (Article III).*























*NOTE: This change may not be voted upon until the next meeting of the Faculty Senate and requires a two-thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote.