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Temporary Course Newsletter

May 31, 2001

The following temporary course has been proposed this month:

BIO 264X Introductory Ecology Recitation (1)
Application of lecture material to basic and applied problems in ecology. Exercise will include problem solving, computer simulation, and experimental design. (Lab. 2) APPROVED.

COM 446X Media Theory (3)
Examines major concepts and theoretical approaches to the study of media. Includes perspectives pertaining to media institutions, media texts, and media audiences. (Lec. 3) Pre: junior standing or permission of instructor. APPROVED.

FIN 430X Global Currency Valuation and Trading (3)
In-depth examination of the foreign exchange market (FX). Foreign exchange investing and trading. Features a "Trading Room" simulation. (Seminar) Pre: 322, 301 or permission of instructor. APPROVED.

MUS 109X Basics of Singing (1)
Basic singing technique, tone production, interpretation and introduction to song literature. (Lab. 2) Open to all students. May be repeated for credit. APPROVED.

NUR 540X Designing and Evaluating Evidence-Based Health Care Programs (3)
Prepares health care professional to use evidence-based methods for developing and evaluating programs in health care organizations. (Seminar) Pre: 505, its equivalent or permission of instructor. APPROVED.

Faculty members who wish to register comments have seven days to contact Chet Hickox, Chairperson, Curricular Affairs Committee (X4-4318) and/or Janett Trubatch, Chairperson, Graduate Council (X4-2262).

The Temporary Course Newsletter is distributed on the last weekday of each month, as required, throughout the calendar year. Proposed temporary courses received by the 25th of the month will be printed in that month's edition of the Temporary Course Newsletter.



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