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Temporary Course Newsletter

October 31, 2002

The following temporary course has been proposed this month:

BMS 540X Drug Metabolism Methods (2)
Critical analysis of techniques used in drug and xenobiotic metabolism research, including assay design (enzyme source, analytical methods, kinetics), prototype assays, individual variation (phenotype, genotype), and computational prediction of metabolism. (Lec. 2) Pre: BCH 581 or 582 or permission of instructor. APPROVED.

BSL 433X Transportation Law (3)
The legislative and judicial roles in creating and regulating roads, bridges, air traffic, waterways, and mass transit. (Lec. 3) Pre: 333, 600, or MBA 530. APPROVED.

COM 365X Media Bias in America (3)
Examines the principal arguments for and against the presence of bias in the American media. Starts with the premise that the media are shaped by social, political, and economic forces. Critical analysis of those factors that may cause either intentional or unconscious bias. (Lec. 3) Pre: junior or senior standing and permission of instructor. APPROVED.

GEO 150X Stratigraphy and the Geological Timescale (4)
Introduction to geological time and stratigraphy: history, theory, and practice. The geological timescale is developed. Introduction to geological field methods in context of reconstruction of Earth history. (Lec. 3; Lab. 2) Pre: 100, 103 or permission of instructor. APPROVED.

MAF 526X Management of Marine Protected Areas (3)
Examination of ecological, political, legal, and social factors in establishing and managing marine protected areas. Case studies of MPA efforts highlight interrelationships among interest groups, institutions, and legislation. (Lec. 3) APPROVED.

NFS 360X Nutrition in Exercise and Sport (3)
Relationships among diet, physical activity, health and performance. Metabolism and requirements of nutrients in physically active individuals. Applications to energy balance, body composition, various population groups, fitness levels and conditions. (Lec. 3) Pre: 207, PEX 275 and/or BIO 242. APPROVED.

PSC 310X Introduction to Public Policy (3)
Examination of the policymaking cycle that presents six generic approaches to designing policy using case studies to illustrate these approaches including crime, war on drugs, welfare reform, tobacco settlement, etc. (Lec. 3) Pre: 113 and 116. APPROVED.

Faculty members who wish to register comments have seven days to contact Charles Kaufman, Chairperson, Curricular Affairs Committee (X4-4564) and/or Janett Trubatch, Chairperson, Graduate Council (X4-2262).

The Temporary Course Newsletter is distributed on the last weekday of each month, as required, throughout the calendar year. Proposed temporary courses received by the 25th of the month will be printed in that month's edition of the Temporary Course Newsletter.



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