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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Temporary Course Newsletter

February 27, 2004

The following temporary course has been proposed this month:

ARH 465X*/565X (or APG 465X/565X) Seminar in Cultural Heritage (3)
Investigates how global development, commercialization, and conflicts affect humankind's cultural heritage. Examines some ethical issues and legal strategies for protecting cultural sites, artifacts, and traditional folkways. (Lec. 3) Pre: at least 3 credits at the 300-level in anthropology, art history, or history; or permission of the instructor.

ARH 475X*/575X Classical Archaeology: Critical Approaches to the Greek and Roman Past (3)
Study of material remains of ancient Greek and Roman (and related) cultures. Critical analysis of art, artifacts and architecture with attention to changing approaches to interpreting antiquity. (Seminar) Pre: at least 3 credits at the 300-level in art history, history or anthropology; or permission of instructor.

*APPROVED (Curricular Affairs Committee)

Faculty members who wish to register comments have seven days to contact Charles Kaufman, Chairperson, Curricular Affairs Committee (X4-4564) and/or Janett Trubatch, Chairperson, Graduate Council (X42262).

The Temporary Course Newsletter is distributed on the last weekday of each month, as required, throughout the calendar year. Proposed temporary courses received by the 25th of the month will be printed in that month's edition of the Temporary Course Newsletter.